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Tomodachi no Imouto ga Ore ni Dake Uzai

Volume 1, Intermission: Mashiro’s feelings

Volume 1, Intermission: Mashiro’s feelings

Being wrapped up in a comfy blanket on top of a bed makes you want to spend an eternity there. It’s like being a seashell on the beach. Not opening up to the outside, just getting swallowed up by the incoming waves. 𝙞n𝐧𝚛e𝚊𝑑. 𝗰o𝐦

That’s what Mashiro thought, and what she still thinks even now.

—Of course, she knew very well that she couldn’t keep going on like this. Precisely because she knew this, she transferred.

Mashiro really felt happy when she was reunited with Aki once more. Well, their first meeting after all these years was the worst it could possibly be. Him seeing Mashiro’s plain underwear that she had never wanted him to see was such a shock that she wanted to die—

Even so, Mashiro was incredibly happy to be able to see him again and to exchange words with him. She should’ve been able to guess, but Aki hadn’t changed at all.

“This Friday, I really want Mashiro to come to our welcoming party—”

On the way to school. At school. In front of Mashiro’s house… Mashiro’s chest hurt from remembering Aki’s face every time he had invited her. She knew that he didn’t have any ill intentions with his meddling. She knew that even after such a long time without seeing him.

After all, what he had accomplished continued to protect Mashiro even from far away. That was why she always wanted to take that one step forward. Mashiro believed that when she could stand next to him, she might be able to change as well.

—But reality is cruel.

That female Kouhai, standing next to Aki… Who is that?

Mashiro doesn’t know her.

Mashiro knew about Kohinata Ozuma and Kageishi Sumire beforehand. When Aki was talking with father, she had overheard those names. But she didn’t hear anything about a cute girl like her. It was like he was trying to show off his girlfriend.


No, that’s nothing more than groundless envy.

Mashiro’s feelings were just getting the better of her due to the length of time she had spent apart from him. Iroha is just his friend’s little sister, so there’s no reason to falter.

Honestly, when Father brought up his fake boyfriend idea, Mashiro could’ve jumped for joy. She could have made a victory pose inside her heart. Though it was embarrassing, her happiness was ten times stronger than that. That’s exactly why her feeling of despair was even greater when Mashiro saw that girl suddenly standing next to Aki.

Even Mashiro herself thought that this was laughable.

Things weren’t going smoothly with her classmates, and she had started to hate the walk to school—

By pure coincidence, Mashiro had found out about the “Fifth Floor Alliance.”

“‘Are you a stalker?’… What’s up with that? Are you an idiot, Mashiro?”

Mashiro was selfish with her Father in order to get closer to Aki again. She managed to get into the same school using unfair methods, and she even got the room next to him — and she was the one calling him a stalker?

Mashiro herself is the greater stalker, really.

Mashiro hates herself for using abusive language towards Aki out of jealousy.

Mashiro hates herself for bluntly refusing the chance she received to become closer to him.

Mashiro hates the fact that there’s another girl who Aki is on close terms with.

Mashiro hates herself for going this far to change schools, yet not changing anything about herself.

She hates so much about herself.

“Friday… Tomorrow, huh…?”

Turning over on the bed, Mashiro stared at the wall next to her. Past that wall was room 502. Past that might be Aki’s bed that he’d be sleeping in, but there was no way for Mashiro to check.

Hiding her mouth with the blanket, Mashiro muttered the following words.

“She won’t go to that drinking party…”

If it was Mashiro and Aki, everything would work out.

But if it’s a place filled with other people, then Mashiro can’t. She would just get swept along in that place. Even the right to talk to Aki would be stolen away from her. If that happened, she would be surrounded by strangers. In an environment where fun is forced upon you, she would feel like a loner all over again.

…Mashiro doesn’t want that. Mashiro definitely won’t accept the invitation. Even if she were invited countless times by the one she loves most dearly, she definitely won’t accept it.

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