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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 9 - She’s Already Married to Me

Chapter 9: She’s Already Married to Me

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Wei Lenan saw Huo Jinyao and gawked at him. He looked back and forth at Huo Jinyao and Su Qingsang. “Are you...are you really going to marry him?”

Huo Jinyao looked at Wei Lenan’s shocked face and pushed his hand away. “Excuse me. She’s not just going to marry me, she’s already married me.” Huo Jinyao stepped back and pushed Su Qingsang’s shoulder against him. “We had our wedding ceremony just now.”

This is crazy, this is really crazy. Wei Lenan stared at Su Qingsang. “Qingsang, I don’t think you love him. You don’t even know who this man is and what he does, and you’re going to be this careless? You...”

Although the Wei family wasn’t as powerful as the Li family, or even the Su family, they were still considered to have high status in Lin City. Who is this Huo Jinyao nobody?

“In the past, people always got married before they started dating.” Su Qingsang had an indifferent look in her eyes and looked as if she didn’t even care for Wei Lenan’s words. “They got along just fine.”

“Qingsang. You...”

“Don’t worry, I’m the who got married and I’m the one who chose the groom. This has nothing to do with you,” Su Qingsang interrupted Wei Lenan as if she knew what he was going to say, and she took Huo Jinyao’s hand. “Let’s go. We still have to give our toasts.”

“Did you hear that?” Huo Jinyao raised his eyebrows and looked at Su Qingang with a defying gleam in his eyes.

Wei Lenan was livid, but he felt intimidated by how much taller Huo Jinyao was compared to him and thought about the strength that he had used when he pinched him earlier.

Wei Lenan tried to go after them again, but right before Huo Jinyao walked away, he raised his fist at Wei Lenan. That made Wei Lenan too afraid to catch up to them and he just stood there in a daze.

However, Wei Lenan’s anger was none of Su Qingsang’s business. As they turned the corner, she was about to let go of Huo Jinyao’s hand, but that Huo Jinyao grasped her hand even tighter. “We are married now.”

Su Qingsang’s lips twitched. She spent only half a day with him and already noticed that he really liked to take advantage of situations.

Huo Jinyao had originally worn a white tuxedo but he changed into a black one. Su Qingsang had also changed from her white wedding dress to a red one. They entered the banquet hall holding hands—one in black outfit and the other in red.

When giving toasts, couples usually had to start at the main table. At the main table, there were Su Chenghui, Li Qianxue, and her siblings Su Peizhen and Su Yuxin. There was another person at that table—Su Peizhen’s fiancé, Chou Yanbo. Su Peizhen had a sour expression on her face and it got worse when she saw the two heading over with wine in their hands. She was the beloved daughter of Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue, and had gotten whatever she wanted ever since she was young. The only thing that went against her wishes was Su Qingsang’s existence.

Su Qingsang was born around the same time as Su Peizhen. They were born only a few days apart. What did that mean? It meant that Su Chenghui had betrayed her mother and their marriage early on. On top of that, the evidence of this betrayal was left in the Su family, right in front of Li Qianxue’s eyes. What was more tortuous than that?

As for Wei Lenan, Su Peizhen knew about him a little bit. She knew that he was the boss of a small company and that he didn’t have a big future ahead of him. He probably wanted to marry Su Qingsang so he could get get closer to the Su and Li families. Su Peizhen could care less about this type of person.

But what about this Huo Jinyao? His family background seemed to be quite average, but he was bold. He dared to go against her.

Su Peizhen disliked Su Qingsang and she disliked Huo Jinyao even more. Huo Jinyao was really good looking, even better looking than Chou Yanbo. Even if he wasn’t rich, a handsome man like him shouldn’t have fell for an illegitimate daughter and a nobody like Su Qingsang.

Su Peizhen watched as Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao raised their glasses to her parents and said words of blessings. She watched as Su Qingsang’s glass of wine appeared in front of her eyes.

Chou Yanbo was about to stand up out of courtesy, but Su Peizhen just sat there. Not only did she not get up, she also pulled Chou Yanbo’s hand and forced him to sit back down.

Su Peizhen did not get a glass of wine; she also forced Chou Yanbo to put down his glass of wine that he had picked up earlier. It was clear she wanted to humiliate Su Qingsang by defying her.

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