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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 892

Chapter 892: Chapter 078: the ending of the whole novel

Su Peizhen already knew what Ling Jing was going to do.

This madman, no matter what or what he wanted to do, he would never tell her in advance. He had always been the one who could do whatever he wanted.

Being together was like this, breaking up was like this, and proposing was also like this.

In front of her eyes, she had no way to blame Ling Jing for taking matters into his own hands. She could only watch as he walked towards her step by step.

Ling Jing held the small velvet box in his hand and looked at Su Peizhen.

“I know that there are many things that I haven’t done well enough, but I will work hard. I will work hard to do better.”

“I also have no way to promise you that I will love you forever. Because forever is too long, but I can guarantee that I will love you for one day as long as I live.”

“I also know that our beginning is not very happy. So I want to give us a chance, a new beginning.”

“My Name Is Ling Jing. I am twenty-five years old this year. Su Peizhen, I love you. Please marry me.”

He was talking about Ling Jing. There was nothing else. He was just a simple ling jing. Opening the box in front of him, the ring inside was dazzling. The huge diamond was very dazzling.

Ling Jing knelt down on one knee and raised the ring. “Give me a chance, and I’ll give you a chance.”

“Marry him, marry him.”

Since Ling Jing proposed, there had been people surrounding him. This time, it had reached its peak.

During the off-duty hours, there were also many housewives who were not attracted to the off-duty workers. Many young girls’eyes were already starting to show stars. They clapped their hands vigorously.

Su Peizhen looked at the ring and was not in a hurry to reach out her hand.

She was not moved by the surrounding voices of people marrying him. She just looked at Ling Jing.

She did not speak, but Ling Jing could understand the expression in her eyes.

He pointed to the side where someone was holding a cell phone and recording. “Today, I am kneeling here. Every word I say is my oath. I am responsible for every word I say.”

He turned his gaze and looked at Su Peizhen. “You can keep the video. If I don’t do it, I can do whatever you want with it.”

“I can also sign a contract. All the property under my name will be yours.”

“Enough.”Su Peizhen could already hear the jeers around her. “Get up.”

“You agree first.”

“You get up first.”

“If you don’t agree, I won’t get up. I can always kneel here.”

“Marry him, marry him.”

The voices around her continued. Su Peizhen bit her lip. She glared at Ling Jing. This was where she worked, and he pushed her to such a position..

“Are you forcing me?”

“No.”Ling Jing shook his head. “I’m asking you to recognize your own heart. I know you love me.”


“Since you’re so confident.”Su Peizhen was almost angered by him and laughed. “That’s good. If you kneel here for three days, I’ll agree to it.”


Ling Jing nodded and did not object. Su Peizhen heard the sighs around her. There were also many whispers.

The general content was not difficult to guess. It was just that she did not know what was good for her.

But on what basis? He wanted to propose, and she wanted to marry him? Didn’t he like acting? Then Act. She wanted to see if he could act to the end.

She turned around and went upstairs without any reluctance. When she pressed the elevator button, she met the gaze of others and glanced back coldly.

The little girl was frightened by her. She shrank her neck and instinctively moved a step to the side.

Su Peizhen ignored her and went upstairs to settle the rest of her business before tidying it up to the point of no return.

The sky outside had already started to darken. Su Peizhen planned to go home.

The elevator could go directly to the underground parking lot, but Su Peizhen’s hand gently touched the ground floor.

It was just an accident, she thought. She just accidentally pressed it.

They reached the first floor very quickly, but there were still a lot of people outside. No, there were even more people than before.

Because it was time to get off work. That man was still there.

He was half-squatting, looking in the direction of the elevator.

“Wow, so affectionate.”

“What a handsome man.”

“If he wanted to marry me, how could I bear to let him kneel?”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m willing to pay him.”

“He’s really handsome.”

“Have you noticed? His eyes are so charming.”

Su Peizhen listened to the words around her expressionlessly, her hands hanging by her side clenched into fists.

Finally, she took a deep breath, squeezed past those people, and walked to Ling Jing’s side.

“Have you had enough fun?”

“You’re back?”

Ling Jing looked at Su Peizhen, he looked a little aggrieved. “Don’t worry. I promised you that I would kneel for three days. However, can you help me buy a meal? After all, if I get up to buy a meal, it would violate the rules you said.”


Su Peizhen looked at him. “You get up.”

“No. If you don’t agree to marry me, I won’t get up.”

“You get up first.”

“I don’t...”

“If you get up, I’ll agree to you.”


Ling Jing’s eyes lit up. He wanted to stand up, but he fell to the ground.

“You –“Su Peizhen squatted down at once. “What’s wrong with you?”

“My leg is numb.”Ling Jing looked at Su Peizhen and didn’t forget to pass the ring on his hand over. “You promised me.”

This guy was really going to eat him up.

Before Su Peizhen could say anything, Ling Jing hurriedly put the ring on Su Peizhen’s finger.

“You promised me. You Can’t go back on your word.”

“I said, get up.”

“My legs are numb.”Ling Jing felt very wronged. Su Peizhen resisted the urge to go crazy and reached out to help him up. “Is this okay?”

“I need you to kiss me more to get better.”

When Ling Jing said this, Su Peizhen gritted her teeth. “Ling Jing, don’t Push Your Luck.”

“I didn’t.”Ling Jing had an innocent look on his face. “Poor me. I knelt for more than an hour without a drop of water. Poor me. I’m hungry, thirsty, and tired. I can’t even get a Kiss...”

With her lips sealed, Su Peizhen kissed him on the back of his words.

There was applause around him, but Ling Jing couldn’t care less. His heart was blooming, and he felt that the whole world was bubbling with pink bubbles.

He was so happy that he wanted to get high. Soon, he turned the tables and took the initiative.

Su Peizhen couldn’t breathe because of his kiss. She was still worried about where she was, so she gently pushed his chest.

Ling Jing let go of her and held her in his arms. His Chin was pressed against her neck, and there was a hint of excitement in his seemingly smiling eyes. “Woman, you are mine.”

It was a simple declaration. From now on, Su Peizhen couldn’t think of escaping anymore.

Su Peizhen’s body stiffened for a moment, but it was only for a moment. Very soon. She relaxed.

She was his, and vice versa, he was also hers.

In this lifetime, she could also be sure that she would not be moved by a second man. She could also be sure that she really could not forget and could not let go of Ling Jing.

Since that was the case, why bother?

That was it. Very good.


On the other end, someone posted the scene of Ling Jing proposing marriage on Weibo.

Soon, it was known by Quan Rong City.

Su Qingsang and Su Chenghui were fine, but Su Peizhen had always had an idea. If it was her own idea, there was nothing to say.

However, the Ling family was not the same.

Ling Xin looked at the video in front of him and then looked at the research materials on Su Peizhen on the table. He felt suffocated and angry.

“What is this? What is going on?”

He looked at Liu Xiyun. “If he wants to get married, I can’t control him, right?”

“My Son is old and has his own ideas. Don’t care too much.”

“Why don’t I Care?”Ling Xin was very angry. “Have you seen this woman’s experience? What is that? She has been in prison. If Ling Jing wants to marry such a woman, do you agree?”

“Is it useful if I don’t agree?”Liu Xiyun looked at him. “I want to disagree, but Ling Jing gave me this opportunity. Do you not agree?”

“Anyway, I don’t agree.”Ling Xin was furious. “A woman who has been in prison wants to marry into our family? Dream on.”

“Don’t talk about prison every now and then. How many of your subordinates have been in prison before?”

“How can it be the same?”

“I don’t see anything different.”Liu Xiyun poured a cup of tea, she put it in Ling Xin’s hand. “You, don’t be angry.”. Her son said last time that he didn’t care about this property. I’ve seen that girl before. She’s a nice person. And she can earn money. Don’t think that you won’t agree. Don’t forget. She has someone backing her.”

“So what if there are people? I...”

“You what?”Liu Xiyun saw that he didn’t drink the tea she poured, but she wasn’t angry. “If you want to object, then continue to object here. Anyway, I don’t have time to object. I’m still waiting to drink my wife’s tea and carry my grandson.”

“What do you mean? Do you want me to go to the door and propose marriage? Let them agree to marry their daughter to Ling Jing?”

“If you can really do that, maybe your son will come back.”

“It’s better if he doesn’t come back. If you have the ability, don’t come back for the rest of your life.”

Ling Xin went upstairs in a huff. Liu Xiyun looked at the old man’s angry back and drank a mouthful of tea calmly. Then, she asked the maid to bring out the almanac.

She had to pick a good day later.


Su Peizhen sat in the car and looked at Ling Jing, who had been smiling without stopping. She was a little speechless.

“Can you stop smiling?”

“No. I’m happy.”

Su Peizhen resisted the urge to roll her eyes. “I said yes. I just agreed to marry you. I didn’t promise you when the wedding will be held. If your performance displeases me, I’ll go back on my words at any time.”

“Don’t worry. There won’t be a chance for you to go back on your word.”

Ling Jing looked at the red light in front of him as he spoke. He stopped the car and leaned over to kiss Su Peizhen on the cheek. “I’ll prove it to you tonight. How satisfied can I make you?”

“Ling Jing.”was what she said the same thing?

“I said I’ll work hard to make you satisfied. Where are your thoughts? Of course, if you want to be satisfied in that aspect, I can do it too. Don’t worry, I guarantee you’ll be satisfied.”

Ling Jing blinked his eyes, and Su Peizhen’s lips moved. Forget it. In terms of shamelessness, she was really not his match.

However, she suddenly thought of something.

“Ling Jing, you’re actually only twenty-five years old?”

How many years younger than her? She had always thought that he was only one or two years younger than her.

“So What? A third-year girl hugging a golden brick. Don’t You Like It?”

“I. . .”

“It’s useless even if you don’t like it. It’s too late.”

Seeing that Su Peizhen still wanted to say something, Ling Jing came over again and kissed her on the cheek.

“Don’t worry. I’ve checked. Women are the best combination for men and women. Because in a few years, when you are thirty like a wolf and forty like a tiger, I, who is a few years younger than you, will be able to satisfy you.”

“Ling Jing.”

Could he not drag everything into that matter?

“I’m here. What advice does wife have?”

“Don’t call me wife. Also, the light is green.”

Ling Jing stepped on the accelerator,



“Wife –”

“Ling Jing, you’re So Annoying.”

“Call me husband.”


“Call me husband. Quickly.”

“I said I won’t call you hubby. Anyway, I’m not a hubby yet.”

“I’ll see if you call me hubby tonight.”


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