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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 8 - This Man, he says it Pretty Naturally

Chapter 8: This Man, he says it Pretty Naturally

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang was the illegitimate daughter of the Su family, so naturally, her wedding wasn’t very grand. But even if Su Chenghui didn’t think much of this daughter, there were still a lot of guests that came for the bride, who was still a daughter of the Su family.

The guests included relatives of the Su family, some friends in the business, some people with statuses that below the Su family’s, and even people who wanted to build relations with the Su family. All those guests filled up more than 20 tables.

The wedding prelude began to play, and Su Qingsang didn’t have the chance to turn back anymore.

“We are gathered here today for Wei...” the MC started to speak and met the groom’s gaze.

“Huo Jinyao.”

“Huh?” The MC stared back blankly.

“My name is Huo Jinyao,” Huo Jinyao repeated. He had a calm smile on his face and had one arm wrapped around Su Qingsang’s waist. He had a mighty aura about him that made it hard for people not to agree with him.

The MC took a few moments to come to his senses, then realized that today’s groom wasn’t the same man who came to set the wedding date last time. The MC was very experienced and immediately reacted. He awkwardly cleared his throat. “We are gathered today for Mr. Huo Jinyao’s and Miss Su Qingsang’s wedding...”

The light shone on Su Qingsang’s face, and as she listened to the MC’s speech and looked at all the people down there, she felt that this wedding wasn’t very realistic. But this unrealistic wedding was going very smoothly.

The smoothness of the wedding continued until the ceremony had finished and Su Qingsang had gone back to the dressing room to change her outfit. She was about to head back to the banquet hall when someone rushed in front of her.

“Qingsang, Qingsang.” Su Qingsang was so surprised by Wei Lenan who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere that she took a few steps back.

“Why did you come?”

“Today’s our wedding, of course, I have to come,” Wei Lenan said as if he was offended. He didn’t sleep well the night before and wasted half a day talking, but he still couldn’t persuade Li Rongrong to get an abortion. He was very pissed off and called the doctor early the next morning to schedule the procedure. He didn’t know that Li Rongrong had secretly heard his call and ran away early in the morning. He spent some energy to find Li Rongrong and finally found her. As it stood, he had already sent her to the hospital to get the procedure. He knew he didn’t have time and hired two people to watch over Li Rongrong to make sure that she got the abortion before she could leave. Thus, when he rushed to the Four Seasons Restaurant, he saw that the wedding ceremony had already begun, and he began to panic.

Wei Lenan reached out to grab Su Qingsang’s hand. With his scraggly beard, he appeared very rough. “Qingsang, it was my fault yesterday. It’s my entire fault. Marry me, alright? We will go announce the wedding over again right now. Don’t worry, I’ve already had people make Li Rongrong get an abortion, so there will be no one to affect us. Really.”

Su Qingsang stared at Wei Lenan who was speaking and trying to persuade himself with his own words at the same time. For a second, she thought that she had heard wrong. How did she not know that Wei Lenan had such a shameless side to him?

“Move.” Su Qingsang didn’t want to continue talking with Wei Lenan anymore and walked past him. But that Wei Lenan had not given up yet and reached out his hand to grab her. Right now, the Wei family and all the relatives of the Wei family knew that he was going to marry Su Qingsang. This a marriage with the Li family with the Li family, and he would never let Su Qingsang leave just like that. But before his hand touched Su Qingsang, someone pinched it. The person who pinched his hand had a strong grip, and it was strong enough to make him contort his face in pain.

“What do you want with my wife?”

Su Qingsang had thought that she was going to be grabbed by Wei Lenan, but she was baffled to see Huo Jinyao standing in front of her. She sighed in relief. However, Huo Jinyao’s next words made her choke on her own saliva.

Wi-wife? This man, he says it pretty naturally, Su Qingsang thought.

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