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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 7 - Being Aggressive

Chapter 7: Being Aggressive

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“You...” Su Peizhen’s eyes swept over Huo Jinyao. His custom handmade tuxedo made him look prim and proper. But while she pondered, she realized that although the Li family was of high status, she had never seen this man at any events in Lin City, which meant that this man was either from Lin City was just a nobody.

“Are you from Lin City?”

“Not necessarily.”

“What do you mean by that? It’s either a yes or a no.”

“My father is from Lin City, but my mother isn’t.”

Su Peizhen’s lips trembled. How is that an explanation?

“May I ask your surname?”

“My surname is Huo. My name is Huo Jinyao.”

Huo? Su Peizhen thought about it for a long time, but couldn’t think of any rich person in Lin City with the surname Huo. She didn’t want to be mistaken so she asked again, “Mr. Huo, what’s your employment status?”

“It can’t be considered a high position; I just work for a small business.”

The look of disdain in her eyes grew as Su Peizhen listened to Huo Jinyao’s words. “Oh, is that right? Just now you said that Su Qingsang didn’t want Wei Lenan anymore and that she is going to marry you? Then what about you? Do you also agree?” This man would agree to this type of situation where the groom was changed halfway? she wondered.

“Of course I agree. Why else would I be here today?”

Su Peizhen nodded. She looked at Su Qingsang as if she wanted to say something, then smirked. “If you want to get married to Su Qingsang, then naturally, our Su family won’t oppose it. But I need to clarify a few things beforehand. All of the properties that the Su family has right now belong to my mother’s side of the family. Su Qingsang is just an illegitimate daughter, so you won’t get any benefits from marrying her. Unless she lied to you on purpose and you didn’t know? You thought that you could build relations with the Su family after marrying her?”

Although Huo Jinyao didn’t seem like a rich man, his looks were superior. Even Chou Yanbo lost a few points to him in that aspect. Su Peizhen was in a bit of a bad mood. How can an illegitimate daughter like Su Qingsang find such a decent man? Even if he didn’t have money, it still put her in a bad mood. If she said these things out loud, it definitely wouldn’t be modest of her.

Su Qingsang’s expression didn’t look too good either, and even Shi Mengwan, who was standing behind her, looked as if she was about to do something to Shi Peizhen.

This damn woman. She’s always looking for a chance to talk bad about Su Qingsang. What’s so great about being Li Qianxue’s daughter? Shi Mengwan thought.

Su Qingsang looked miserable. When she had brought Wei Lenan to meet the Su family, Su Peizhen had said the same things before. And today, she said the same things again straight to Huo Jinyao’s face. She had never felt ashamed of her identity, but Su Peizhen’s words made her seem like a liar who had tricked Huo Jinyao.

Su Qingsang was about to say something, but Huo Jinyao gently gave her shoulder a quick squeeze. He smiled and looked at Su Peizhen. “Who said there are no benefits to marrying Su Qingsang?” He turned to look at Su Qingsang as he said, “It would be the biggest honor of my life to able to marry Qingsang.”

Su Qingsang stared blankly for a second then made eye contact with Huo Jinyao and saw the gentleness in his eyes. For a moment, she saw Huo Jinyao as her lover with whom she had been in love with for many years.

But heaven knew that they had only just met yesterday.

Whether Huo Jinyao was just putting on a show or if he had other intentions, at that moment, Su Qingsang was wholeheartedly thankful that he was on her side.

“Is that so?” Su Peizhen had been talked back to. Her expression after being humiliated definitely didn’t look too good. “If that’s the case, then I will bless you guys a long and lasting marriage in advance.”

“Thank you.” Huo Jinyao smiled calmly. “We definitely will.”

Su QIngsang was speechless as she looked at Huo Jinyao’s smile. How thick-skinned did one have to be to act like this?

Su Qingsang didn’t have time to consider whether or not Hup Jinyao was thick-skinned or whether what he said was a lie or the truth when Li Qianxue and Su Chenghui appeared. Once again, she didn’t have the chance to tell the truth. She was pushed by the group of people, and with her hand held, entered the stage for the wedding ceremony.

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