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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 6 - Why are You Here

Chapter 6: Why are You Here

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang was very troubled, but with the situation in front of her right now, it wasn’t time for her to be troubled. The makeup artist had already finished her makeup, and her wedding dress was in the dressing room. She just needed to put it on and she would be all set to head to the banquet hall.

Huo Jinyao’s eyes smiled as he watched Su Qingsang’s face go from pretty to beautiful. “I’ll wait outside for you while you get ready.” Huo Jinyao’s words made Su Qingsang felt uneasy; this was a wedding, not a game.

After Huo Jinyao closed the door, Shi Mengwan rushed in front of Su Qingsang. “Qingsang, what’s going on? Who is that Huo Jinyao? How come I’ve never heard you mention him before?”

“I...” Su Qingsang didn’t know how to reply to Shi Mengwan’s question and used the excuse of changing her clothes to think about whether or not she should continue with the wedding. After she had zipped up the wedding dress, she turned around and saw a beautiful bride in the mirror.

Su Qingsang looked at Shi Mengwan and grabbed her hands. “I had found out that Wei Lenan had cheated on me yesterday. That Huo Jinyao was standing beside me coincidentally, so I proposed to him and he agreed.”

“...” Shi Mengwan was so speechless that her gaping mouth could fit in an egg.

“But I...” Regretting it now, Su Qingsang didn’t have time to finish her sentence and say those three remaining words. She heard a clear female voice outside of the dressing room, “Who are you? Why are you here?”

The door opened and Su Peizhen was standing there eyeing Huo Jinyao up and down.

“He...” Su Qingsang had just started to explain, but Su Peizhen had already come in and stood in front of Su Qingsang.

“Su Qingsang, where’s Wei Lenan? Isn’t he the groom today?” Su Peizhen asked. When they had set the date for the wedding, everyone knew and had also met a few times. The wedding was about to start, but the groom was missing. Su Peizhen couldn’t help but be on the edge.

Su Peizhen and Su Qingsang’s physical looks were of two different types. Su Qingsang took after Su Chenghui’s looks, but not completely, and looked like she had a sweet temperament. Su Peizhen didn’t look like Su Chenghui or Li Qianxue; her features were beautiful and sharp. At this moment with her eyebrows raised, she had an air of menace to her.

“Could it be that you didn’t want to get married in the beginning? Did you put on this act on purpose? You just still want to be with Chou...”

“Elder sister,” Su Qingsang spat out those two words as she repressed her anger, “I will get married today, and this isn’t an act.” Su Peizhen was Li Qianxue’s daughter by blood, and she was not interested in fighting with her.

“Then where’s Wei Lenan? This wedding is about to start in less than half an hour, how come he hasn’t arrived yet? Or is it that he abandoned you? He doesn’t want you anymore?” Su Peizhen’s words carried a mocking tone. In all honesty, she was the angel daughter of the Su family and didn’t take care of an illegitimate daughter like Su Qingsang. Su Qingsang was just an additional person to feed, and she didn’t care for her at all. But what Su Qingsang did wrong was to think about her man, and this was unforgivable. Now that she saw that there was no groom at the wedding, naturally she would think that Su Qingsang had lied.

“You said it wrong. It’s not Lenan who doesn’t want Qingsang, but it’s Qingsang who doesn’t want Lenan anymore,” Huo Jinyao said as he walked over, and put an arm around Qingsang’s shoulders.

Su Qingsang’s wedding dress was strapless, so they made skin-to-skin contact when Huo Jinyao put his hand there. Su Qingsang felt a bit awkward and wanted to dodge his arm, but because of Su Peizhen, she stopped. But no matter how one looked at her, she appeared stiff.

With that, Huo Jinyao held her and said to Su Peizhen, “I will be the person marrying Su Qingsang today.”

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