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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 4 - Of Course She Would be Unwilling

Chapter 4: Of Course She Would be Unwilling

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang spent a long time performing yesterday’s operation. When the operation had ended, it was already nighttime. Tired out, Su Qingsang had immediately fallen asleep the moment she put her head down. She had already called off work before, so she didn’t need to go to work today. Therefore it was alright for her to sleep in. But once she had awoken from the tiredness from the day before, and saw the marked event on her calendar, she finally remembered that today was her wedding day.

Su Qingsang shook her head and went to the bathroom to wash up. She found it troubling to see that she looked fine in the mirror. She had proposed to a man yesterday out of impulsiveness. But just thinking about it, she knew that the man would not take it seriously, and she wouldn’t either.

If that was the case, then where could she go to find a groom to complete the wedding today? Did she really have to go back and forgive Wei Lenan then marry him?

No. Even if she were to be beaten to death, she still wouldn’t. But the wedding will just be reduced to shambles then?

Her expression darkened again when she thought of some things. Her mood remained bad until she received a call from her good friend, also her bridesmaid for today, Shi Mengwan.

Su Qingsang rushed to Four Seasons Restaurant to find that Shi Mengwan had already arrived.

“How come you came so late? Do you still know that you’re the bride today?” Shi Mengwan runs a bridal shop, and Su Qingsang’s wedding dress was from her store. Shi Mengwan had customized the dress based on her figure and aura.

“Yes, I know.” Su Qingsang smiled at Shi Mengwan and went into the dressing room with her. Shi Mengwan took a look at the banquet hall outside of the restaurant. The decorations were about done, but the guests haven’t started to arrive yet. It was fine that the guests hadn’t arrived yet, but none of Su Qingsang’s parents or relatives had shown up yet.

She saw that Su Qingsang had sat down in front of the dresser and that the makeup artist had started to put makeup on her. She went up and stood behind Su Qingsang.

“Where’s your man? Look at the time already, how come he isn’t here yet?” She didn’t want to mention Su Qingsang’s parents because she didn’t want Su Qingsang to be unhappy. But what about that Wei Lenan? He had begged Su Qingsang to date him, and today they were about to get married; but how come he still hasn’t arrived at this hour?

“I don’t know.” Su Qingsang was not sure if Wei Lenan would show up or not. She had humiliated him yesterday. Maybe he would come, maybe he wouldn’t.

“You don’t know? Qingsang, you...”

“Mengwan, if there is not groom today, will you be willing to walk down the aisle with me?”

“What are you saying? How come there will be no groom?” Shi Mengwan was taken back by Su Qingsang’s words. “What do you mean? Tell me clearly.”

“It means yesterday, I found out that Wei Lenan cheated on me. I’ve broken up with him already. So today, he likely, maybe, perhaps, probably won’t come?”

Su Qingsang’s expression was so calm and Shi Mengwan wanted to explode.

“What? Say that again? Wei Lenan cheated? He...”

“Alright,” Su Qingsang ignored the shocked look and widened eyes of the makeup artist, and just looked at Shi Mengwan, “You haven’t answered me. Are you willing to walk the aisle with me?” She had thought about this beforehand. Shi Mengwan was also a beauty, but this beauty had a pair of thick eyebrows that made her look handsome. In addition, with her tall height and short hair, if she was to put on a man’s suit and walk around with her, it should be able to do the trick.

Although her parents knew Shi Mengwan and would definitely recognize her. But the others wouldn’t be able to tell, right?

“Of course, I...” She was willing. But having two women walking the aisle together? What kind of joke is this?

“Of course she isn’t willing.” A voice interrupted Shi Mengwan. That sudden, clear male voice made Su Qingsang and the others turn their heads toward the door in unity.

Huo Jinyao stood by the door in a white suit. He was different from yesterday when he was wearing just casual clothing. He appeared more mature, and the generous cut of the white suit accentuated his tall and strong build.

He held a bouquet of white roses in his hands and leaned against the door. When he saw two women fix their gazes on him in unison, he straightened up and walked towards Su Qingsang step by step.

“Why would she need you to walk the aisle with her when she has me?”

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