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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 30 - These People Are Really Interesting

Chapter 30: These People Are Really Interesting

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang didn’t expect the Su family would pull such a trick. Was this Wei Lenan’s doing or the Su family? Interesting... It was really interesting.

She saw him, so did Huo Jinyao, undoubtedly. Huo Jinyao turned around and looked at her, but did not see any emotion other than disdain in her eyes.

“Dad, Aunt, I’m back.” Su Qingsang called Li Qianxue ‘aunt’. Li Qianxue showed deep disgust towards her. So even calling her ‘aunt’ was like there was a fishbone stuck in the throat.

Li Qianxue looked extremely indifferent. Su Chenghui wasn’t ardent either. Su Peizhen and Su Yuxin sat motionlessly. Light mockery emerged on Su Peizhen’s face. She sat beside Qiu Yanbo, who was next to Wei Lenan.

The eyes of this group of people fell on Huo Jinyao. Compared with the different looks of these people, Huo Jinyao’s expression seemed much more relaxed. He stepped forward with his gifts and stood before the coffee table, looking at Su Chenghui.

“Dad, Aunt.” He addressed them the same way Su Qingsang did, then put the presents down. “These are gifts for everyone. I don’t know what you like, so I just bought some things randomly.” He took the presents out and placed them in front of Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue. Not only did he prepare gifts for them, but also for Su Peizhen and Su Yuxin.

Su Chenghui glanced at the gifts on the table. He looked less serious than just a moment ago. “You really put effort into this.”

“Of course.” As Huo Jinyao spoke, he pulled Su Qingsang into his arms. His intimate behavior made Su Qing very uncomfortable, but in this situation, she could only force herself to go along with him.

“Now that I’m married to Qingsang, Qingsang’s family is my family.” Huo Jinyao turned to Su Qingsang with gentle eyes. “Right?”

“Yes.” Su Qingsang forced up the corners of her mouth and smiled grudgingly. Family? These people don’t treat me like a family member. But at this time, I would never say such a thing.

“Sit down.” The gifts were very expensive, but Su Chenghui didn’t care about superficial etiquette. This son-in-law pays such attention to giving us valuable gifts. I can see he is a good person, he thought.

Su Peizhen sneered and said, “Huo Jinyao, are these gifts fake?” Not to mention anything else, the bracelet from Emerald Pavilion Huo Jinyao gave Li Qianxue was very valuable.

Everyone knew that the jewelry from Emerald Pavilion was expensive. A bracelet normally cost over one or several hundred thousand RMB. How could a clerk at such a small company afford it?

“What Miss Su said was really interesting,” Huo Jinyao said calmly and looked at Qiu Yanbo. “The Emerald Pavilion seems to be owned by Master Qiu. Master Qiu is the most qualified to say if it’s fake, isn’t he?”

“My brother-in-law, you’re way too courteous,” Qiu Yanbo’s said emotionlessly. “Now that we’re family, just call me by my name.”

Su Chenghui looked at his daughter and then back to Su Qingsang. “Sit down, don’t stand there.”

Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao sat down. Did it mean Su Chenghui accepted Huo Jinyao?

Wei Lenan became somber. He did not want this result.

“Qingsang.” Wei Lenan walked up to Su Qingsang. He sat down directly next to her on the sofa before she could react, then held her hand. “Qingsang, I’ve already known it.”

What do you know? Su Qingsang felt confused, forgetting to pull out her hand for a moment.

Wei Lenan glanced at Huo Jinyao smugly, then at Su Qingsang with deep affection. “I know it’s a fake marriage between you and him. I’m the person whom you love. We are supposed to be together.”

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