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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 3 - Are You Crazy

Chapter 3: Are You Crazy

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Su Qingsang had spoken fast, it was still expressed very clearly. That last question, “Will you marry me?” echoed in the hallway. Wei Lenan immediately rushed over when he heard it, grabbed Su Qingsang and pulled her behind him.

“Qingsang, are you crazy?” Wei Lenan stared at Su Qingsang in disbelief. He could not believe the nonsense she was spouting. “Do you know what kind of person he is? You’re going to marry him just like that? Su Qingsang, you...”

“Let go.” Su Qingsang was not in the mood to continue to be meddling around with this man who cheated even before they got married. “It’s none of your business.” she flung her hand back, but Wei Lenan was very pissed off and his grip was very strong.

Su Qingsang’s wrists were red and she couldn’t break free from his grasp. The man who Su Qingsang had just proposed to gently reached out his hand and pinched Wei Lenan’s wrist with his strong and slender fingers. Wei Lenan didn’t have a choice but to release his grip from the pain. Su Qingsang looked at the redness on her wrist and threw Wei Lenan a dirty look.

“Qingsang, you...”

“I am Huo Jinyao.” The man stepped forward and stood in front of Su Qingsang. “I am 30 years old, not married yet, and I am willing to marry you.”

Su Qingsang looked at the man’s face. His face was calm, and he spoke of marriage as if he was talking about the weather.

She was a doctor and she had chosen to take classes in psychology during college, but she could not make out what Huo Jinyao was feeling based on his current expression. She had no idea whether he was joking or being serious. But his words gave her a feeling of being unable to back down.

“Qingsang, you can’t agree to it. I’ve told you, I...” Wei Lenan was still shouting behind her, and Su Qingsang couldn’t bear to keep listening. She stretched her hands out to Huo Jinyao with an air of giving it her all, and said, “Thank you for your willingness to marry me. You must show up tomorrow at 5:30 at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Lin City please.” In her voice, there was an imperceptible tone of hesitance. This decision was the boldest decision that she had ever made in her life.

“5:30 tomorrow at Four Seasons Restaurant. Alright, I got it.” Huo Jinyao stretched out his hand and took Su Qingsang’s hand. “Don’t worry, I will show up on time. He repeated what she had said, and this helped Su Qingsang feel more at ease. When a person repeats what another person said, it helps the person remember it. She thought she was being abnormally irrationally.

Without having calmed down yet, her phone rang. “Doctor Su, the pregnant lady with pregnancy-induced hypertension that we took in yesterday is about to give birth. Director Zhang and Director Chen have already gone to the operation room. Where are you?”

“I’ll come right away.” Su Qingsang’s face suddenly became serious once she heard the voice on the phone. She hung up and bowed her head at Huo Jinyao. “Sorry, I have an operation...”

“No worries.” Huo Jinyao smiled. “Go do your thing. I will show up on time tomorrow.”

“Thank you.” She was grateful for him helping her resolve the issue, regardless if he was going to show up tomorrow.

Su Qingsang didn’t stay around any longer and rushed towards the operation room. She ran really fast and went around the opposite corner of the hallway in the blink of an eye.

Wei Lenan could not believe that Su Qingsang made a big life decision with such ease. He just couldn’t believe that she would change boyfriends so easily. He turned around and saw that the man was still standing there and quickly blocked Huo Jinyao’s way.

“Don’t be so pleased. She is just saying those things. She won’t marry you tomorrow.”

Huo Jinyao had wanted to leave but stopped, and his gaze swept across Wei Lenan’s face. “I can’t promise that she’ll marry me, but one thing that I am very clear of is that she definitely won’t marry you.”

“You...” Wei Lenan’s expression was not pretty, but Huo Jinyao ignored it, passed right by him, and went out. He left Wei Lenan standing there in his feelings of hatred with the intention of going to find Su Qingsang to talk to her again. But at this time, Wei Lenan’s phone rang.

Li Rongrong had begun to feel anxious since she had been waiting for him for a long time. With a cold face, he turned and walked toward the patient room. In his heart, he was trying to figure out how he could get Li Rongrong to abort the baby.

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