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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 27 - You Had A Nightmare.

Chapter 27: You Had A Nightmare.

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

When she was a little girl, she hadn’t actually understood the meaning of “illegitimate daughter.”

“Su Qingsang, can you give it back to me?”

“No. I picked it up, so it is mine now.”

Su Peizhen had been stubborn, and she had been too. She had been all alone. She had thought that, with this doll accompanying her, she wouldn’t have felt so lonely. That is why she had refused to give it back to her.

“You wait and see.”

Su Peizhen had left and had never asked her to give it back again. Su Qingsang had thought that this drama had been over.

When she had come back from kindergarten one day, however, the first doll in her life, the doll that had accompanied her for an entire month, had been cut into pieces.

The dress on the doll had been torn into pieces. The arms and legs had been pulled off and the doll’s head had been twisted off.

What was even more frightening was that the doll had been painted with red paint, which had looked like the blood spilling out of the doll.

The “blood” had dyed her sheets red. Su Qingsang, who had been five years old at that time, had been scared.


Su Qingsang sat up and looked around the room in total darkness, gasping.

She patted her chest, then tried to get out of bed and pour herself a glass of water. The lamp next to the bed, however, was switched on.

“Are you okay?”

Su Qingsang was shocked by the sudden sound. She quickly retreated a bit and almost fell out of the bed.

Fortunately, her waist was held by a fast hand. Without it, she would have definitely fallen.

“What happened?”

Seeing Huo Jinyao’s face helped her recover. She looked around the room that she was very familiar with and finally remembered that she had already gotten married.

Yes, she had gotten married. The groom was a man who seemed to have nothing but a handsome face.

She licked her lips and pushed his hand away.

“Are you OK?” Huo Jinyao asked her again.

Su Qingsang could not utter a word, so she just shook her head and went to get off the bed. Huo Jinyao moved faster than her though.

He got out of bed and poured a cup of warm water, then placed it in her hands. “What happened? Did you just have a nightmare?”

Su Qingsang looked at him and took the water without saying anything. With warm water flowing into her throat, she really felt much better than she had a moment ago.

She actually hadn’t dreamt of the doll for a long time. In fact, she had benefited from the doll incident.

After that, Su Chenghui had seemed to have finally become sympathetic towards her. Every time he had bought toys for Su Peizhen, he would buy her one.

Although the toys given to her had always been completely inferior to Su Peizhen’s, she had at least began to have toys of her own.

Having her own toys, however, hadn’t ended very well.

Thinking of some moments from the past, she became a bit gloomy. She was a person who liked memories.

“What dream did you have?” Huo Jinyao asked.

Su Qingsang finally focused on this man.

Last night, they had gone out for dinner together. After they had come back, the man started going rogue again.

When she had finished her paper and been ready to sleep, she had found that her bed was occupied by Huo Jinyao.

She had tried to drive him to the guest room outside, but he had refused firmly.

“We are married, we’re husband and wife. Of course, we have to sleep together.”

Su Qingsang could not control him. Fortunately, other than holding her and sleeping like he had the other day, his behavior hadn’t crossed the line. If it had, she might not be able to touch him.

“Dreams are the opposite of reality.” Huo Jinyao added. As she remained silent, he took the empty cup from her hands and put it aside.

He gazed at her face carefully, the worry on his face seemed to be genuine.

Su Qingsang made eye contact with him and it shocked him a bit.

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