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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 26 - Nightmare

Chapter 26: Nightmare

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Don’t worry. Visiting your family isn’t a big deal for me, okay?” Huo Jinyao reached out and held her hand. “We’re married now, so of course your parents are now my parents and your family is my family. I will get along with them just fine.”

Su Qingsang didn’t believe a single word he said. She didn’t forget how Huo Jinyao poured a glass of wine on Su Peizhen.

Su Peizhen let it pass solely because it wasn’t appropriate for her to flip out at their wedding. Things wouldn’t go so easily when they would visit Su Qingsang’s parents the next day. She even had reason to suspect that it was Su Peizhen who told Su Chenghui to make the call and tell her to come home. Probably.

Staring at Huo Jinyao’s confident face, Su Qingsang felt helpless. “Promise me you’re not going to make trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I promise you I won’t.” Huo Jinyao smiled brightly. Make trouble? Of course, he wouldn’t. However, if anyone was to provoke him, there was no guarantee he would keep his promise.

Su Qingsang didn’t sleep very well that night. She dreamed of her childhood. She had lived in the Su family’s mansion for as long as she remembered. In fact, Su Qingsang had never understood why Li Qianxue had let her live in Su Mansion if she didn’t want her around.

Wouldn’t it have been easier to send her to an orphanage or to raise her outside of Su Mansion? Considering the Su family’s power and wealth, they could’ve easily gone with either option. However, Li Qianxue had raised her—an illegitimate daughter—in her own name and had given her a Su surname.

As for Su Qingsang’s living conditions, she obviously never even thought of comparing hers with Su Peizhen’s. The room where she had lived was at the end of the corridor and she was allowed to have meals with Li Qianxue.

There were people who took care of her everyday life, but she led a ghost-like existence in the Su Mansion.

There were things that Su Qingsang had never understood as a child but learned as she grew up.

When she was five years old, she liked one of Su Peizhen’s dolls. Su Peizhen had many dolls similar to this one, but Su Qingsang had none. The doll that she had liked was Su Peizhen’s favorite doll at the time. It was a very pretty, little pink princess.

The princess was always in Su Peizhen’s hands. Although Su Qingsang really wanted to play with her doll, she didn’t dare to express it out loud. Su Peizhen had a lot of toys and even though she liked this one at the time, it was just temporary entertainment.

Very soon, she rejected the little princess doll. Su Peizhen asked the butler, Nanny Zhang, to throw it away. At that time, Nanny Zhang was busy talking to someone and she threw the doll on the edge of the sofa in the living room.

Su Qingsang happened to see that right as she was passing by. No one was around and the doll was carelessly thrown in the corner.

She was only five years old and seeing the doll made her extremely happy. So she picked it and took it to her room. Su Qingsang was overjoyed, for it was her first ever doll and it didn’t matter that it was thrown away by Su Peizhen. That’s when she noticed that the doll’s clothes were torn. That must’ve been why Su Peizhen threw it away.

Su Qingsang didn’t mind that and carefully stitched it up. She poked some of her fingers with a needle in the process.

That night, she was very happy and slept for a whole night with the doll in her arms. Since she thought that Su Peizhen wouldn’t want the doll back, she didn’t even think of hiding it.

For a whole month, she had played with the doll every day and had slept with it every night. Then one day, Su Peizhen found the doll. She claimed that the doll was hers. Su Qingsang argued that she picked it up after Su Peizhen threw it away.

Su Peizhen insisted that she should give it back to her. “I won’t give any of my things to you, even if I throw them away.”

“But you threw it away already, why do you care if I take it?” Su Qingsang was stubborn. She held the doll tightly, unwilling to give it back to Su Peizhen.

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