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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 22 - I Really Dont See That

Chapter 22: I Really Don’t See That

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Although Su Qingsang didn’t want Huo Jinyao to move in, it was clear that she couldn’t change the situation as she saw Huo Jinyao put down his luggage outside her bedroom door.

It was decided that Huo Jinyao was officially moving in. Su Qingsang could only say, “There’s a guest room over there, so just put your luggage there.”

Su Qingsang stepped forward to stop Huo Jinyao from opening her bedroom door. She knew her struggles were useless, but she didn’t want Huo Jinyao to invade her private space. This was not the hotel room or the living room. This was her bedroom and she had always slept here alone.

“We are husband and wife, how can we sleep in separate rooms?” Huo Jinyao didn’t seem to notice the reluctant expression on Su Qingsang’s face. He even reached out, held her shoulders, and put his face close to hers. “Do not worry. I don’t snore.”

Who cares if he snores? Su Qingsang was livid. This guy is really good at distracting people.

“Huo Jinyao...” Before she could finish her sentence, Huo Jinyao pushed open the bedroom door.

“Rest assured, I’m a good sleeper. You already know that form last night.”

Last night? The image of her sleeping in Huo Jinyao’s embrace flashed through Su Qingsang’s mind. She felt uncomfortable.

Huo Jinyao had already carried his luggage into her room.

“Huo Jinyao.” Su Qingsang quickly followed him.

“Not bad.” Huo Jinyao had never been in her room before and now he was glancing at the whole room. The room wasn’t big, but it was very clean and tidy. The nude pink wallpaper had a warm feminine touch to it, and so did the pink bedding. There was a large bay window with thick, soft cushions on it. When the wind blew the curtains that were the same pink color as the wallpaper, he could smell a faint aroma floating in the air. It was the same fragrance he had smelled on her last night.

Huo Jinyao’s face softened, but Su Qingsang, who was standing behind him, didn’t see that. She only saw that Huo Jinyao carried his luggage, took a look around the room, and went towards her closet. She tried to stop him, but he took two big steps and was already in her closet.

Su Qingsang felt uncomfortable once again. Her closet wasn’t messy. She didn’t have a lot of clothes since she spent most of her time in the hospital. Her clothes were mainly simple and comfortable. She also tidied up her closet and organized her clothes quite regularly. After all, she was a doctor and liked to be clean.

However, last night Su Qingsang came back home late and was very tired. On top of that, she left in a rush yesterday morning. Therefore, some undergarments were randomly tossed out in the closet.

Su Qingsang had originally planned to wear a strapless bra under her wedding dress, but then she remembered that the dress had an inner lining and put the bra back in the closet. Since she was in a hurry, she didn’t have time to clean up her closet and left a pile of bras in plain sight.

She quickly reached out and tried to put away her undergarments, but Huo Jinyao moved faster. He effortlessly picked up one of the bras with his slender hands. At the sight of the thin black fabric in his strong hands, Su Qingsang’s face and neck turned red.

“Give it back.” She reached out to grab it, but Huo Jinyao turned it over and looked at the bra size.

Huo Jinyao raised his eyebrows and his eyes gleamed with mischief. He looked at her body.

Yesterday he saw her wearing a wedding dress, so he knew that she has a good figure. She was slim and shapely. But...


I really don’t see that, he thought.

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