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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 21 - Its Easier to Welcome Him Home Than to Send Him Away

Chapter 21: It’s Easier to Welcome Him Home Than to Send Him Away

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang decided that it would be best to clarify what was on her mind. “Huo Jinyao, when I asked you to marry me the other day, I was out of my mind. You helped me get out of my predicament and I’m thankful for that, but we’re not right for each other.”

She continued, “If you want a woman who will spend the rest of her life with you, who will assist you, and raise your children, I am not the right woman for you.”

“You don’t have to do those things, because I don’t need you to,” Huo Jinyao said.

“I think that after some time, we can just get a divorce. After all, when we got married yesterday, we both knew that the marriage wasn’t going to last. We are nothing more than a...” Before the words “fake couple” came out of her mouth, Huo Jinyao placed his hand on top of hers. His fingers were slender and his hand was extremely warm. Su Qingsang was taken aback by his gesture and looked up at him instinctively.

“I won’t get a divorce,” Huo Jinyao stated firmly. His response left Su Qingsang speechless for a moment.


“You are my wife and we are married. So, we won’t get a divorce,” Huo Jinyao interrupted.

Su Qingsang didn’t know how to respond to that. At that moment, Huo Jinyao looked like a completely different person; his eyes seemed sincere and he looked unusually serious, and...

Huo Jinyao’s stare startled Su Qingsang a bit, but before she could pull her hand away, he let go of her first. “Besides, I’m unemployed now and I’m counting on you to be the breadwinner.”

Huo Jinyao couldn’t stay serious for more than a few seconds and his expression changed back to a playful one. “Besides, you said that I helped you out a lot. So don’t even try to drive me away.”

“You...” This man is just too much, she thought.

Su Qingsang had no idea what to say. She felt a little nervous under Huo Jinyao’s intense stare. Who knew this guy just pretended to be serious?

Su Qingsang was neither disappointed nor upset. She had calmed herself down, so now she felt content. She had never witnessed a happy marriage in her life and it seemed as though the love stories that she had read about only existed in books. Thus, if Huo Jinyao just wanted her for the money, she had nothing to worry about. To Su Qingsang, that kind of relationship felt safe and secure. She just hoped that he wasn’t serious about her.

After calming down a little, Su Qingsang went back to enjoying the delicious meal on the table. She had lived in the Su family since she was a little girl. Her whole life, she had been an honest person, so she had developed a habit of eating quietly. However, Huo Jinyao did not seem to care about that. Every so often, he kept pouring soup into her bowl.

Su Qingsang felt very uncomfortable. She was a doctor and a neat freak, so she hated sharing food. The thought of exchanging saliva was unbearable to her.

“I can serve myself. Just eat your own food,” Su Qingsang said.

“You are my wife, of course, I have to serve you food.” That playful look remained on his face.

Su Qingsang slightly wrinkled her eyebrows. She wanted to tell him that she thought it was unhygienic, but decided to keep it to herself.

“I finished my dinner. Enjoy your food.” She put down the bowl and intended to go and finish up her essay. However, Huo Jinyao reached out his hand to stop her.

“What?” Su Qingang asked.

“I need the key and the entrance card.” Huo Jinyao looked at Su Qingsang as if he was stating the obvious. “I still have some luggage left at the hotel I want to bring it over here. So shouldn’t you give me the card and the key?”

Su Qingsang moved her lips to say something, but then she suddenly realized one thing: it was easier to welcome him home than to send him away. At the moment, it would be hard for her to get rid of Huo Jinyao; it was clear that he wouldn’t leave her alone.

After this realization, Su Qingsang once again chose to keep her thoughts to herself.

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