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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 20 - I’m Not Picky

Chapter 20: I’m Not Picky

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Huo Jinyao called her name smoothly, “Qingsang.”

Su Qingsang glanced at his calm and relaxed expression. She was about to ask him not to call her by her own name, but she swallowed her words.

It was just a name so he could just say it. After all, this marriage wasn’t going to last. She saved her work and stood up.

After she left the room, Su Qingsang saw that there were four dishes and a bowl of soup on the dining table. She hesitated for a moment, then turned around to look at him. “You can cook?”

He didn’t seem like the question. Huo Jinyao’s face suddenly grew awkward. “I just ordered food.”

Su Qingsang walked closer and observed the dishes. It was delivery all right. After all, she didn’t cook much and there weren’t many ingredients in her fridge.

Huo Jinyao smiled and said, “If you want, I can cook for you next time.”

Su Qingsang sat down in the chair and looked at him. “Are you sure?”

“Of course.”

What’s so hard about cooking? Huo Jinyao thought to himself.

“Today is my first day here, so I don’t know how everything is organized in the kitchen.” This implied that he intended to find out where everything went.

Su Qingsang nodded her head, believing him.

She had no idea how to cook. Although the Su family wasn’t very nice to her, they didn’t torture her or let her be a maid.

Afterwards, in order to leave her family sooner, she only focused on school and basically lived there, and always ate at the school’s cafeteria. As for cooking, she could only make noodles.

“Although it’s takeout, it should still taste good. But if you don’t like it, we can order something else since I don’t know what you like to eat.”

Huo Jinyao’s behavior of fishing for compliments made Su Qingsang feel awkward. “It’s fine. I’m not picky.”

She was just an illegitimate daughter of the Su family, so what right did she have to be picky? Therefore, Huo Jinyao really didn’t need to act this way.

Huo Jinyao sat down next to her, filled a bowl with soup and placed it in front of her. It was way too polite.

Su Qingsang felt extremely uncomfortable, but Huo Jinyao didn’t seem to notice and continued talking, “Let me know if you have something that you love to eat. We can eat that tonight.”

“I already told you that I’m not picky.” She was very busy and really didn’t have time to spare on trivial things like food.

Huo Jinyao looked confused as he stopped talking and looked at her cold expression. He tilted his head to look at her observingly. “Are you unhappy?”

“No.” She was the one who wanted to get married; she didn’t have an excuse to put a slap to Huo Jinyao’s face. But she wasn’t used to having another person by her side.

She didn’t do these things even with Wei Lenan, despite the fact that they were going to get married in a few months.

“But you clearly look unhappy,” Huo Jinyao pressed on.

Huo Jinyao’s careless behavior gave Su Qingsang a headache, and she replied, “I’m not unhappy.”

She saw that Huo Jinyao was a bit startled by her, so she made her voice sound a bit gentler. “You’re a grown man. You really don’t need to do all of this.”

She had lived with the Su family ever since she could remember. With her existence, it was clear that Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue’s relationship wasn’t the best.

It wasn’t just the Su family. Su Qingsang had seen many couples who had relations with the Su family act all lovey-dovey in front of people, but in reality, their relationships weren’t what they seemed to be.

This was also one of the reasons why she agreed to marry Wei Lenan. She had no expectations for love and no expectations for men either. Her plan was to just live with a man, so it didn’t matter who the man was going to be. If it wasn’t going to be Wei Lenan, then it would be Huo Jinyao.

Did it matter who she was living with?

In fact, she thought that a cold and indifferent relationship between Su Chenghui and Li Qianxue was a normal one.

“You don’t have to do these things.” She thought for a second and added, “Huo Jinyao, we both know that we are only a couple on the surface. You don’t have to do these things.”

There would be no use in doing them.

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