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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 2 - Just Lacking a Groom

Chapter 2: Just Lacking a Groom

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Qingsang, I...” Wei Lenan was so anxious and tried to hold Su Qingsang’s hand again.

Su Qingsang avoided it again and her expression grew colder. She had gentle features, with long slender eyebrows, an oval egg-shaped face. Her eyes like the crescent moon, her nose high and cute, and her lips were red and her teeth were white. Her skin was white and blushing. Her looks were of the ideal woman. But right now, her face showed no trace of gentleness, and her sharp eyes made Wei Lenan retract his hand. “I was drunk that night. I didn’t do it on purpose. Qingsang, listen to me...”

“She’s even calling you ‘husband’? You’re telling me that you were just drunk?”

“I really was drunk. I didn’t think that just that one time, whatever that, I...” Wei Lenan raised his hands as if he wanted to explain properly but Su Qingsang did not have the patience to continue to listen.

“That’s alright. You didn’t think that you’d be drunk, but now you’re awake, right?” Su Qingsang’s serious expression and the white coat that lined her body made Wei Lenan lose his momentum.

“Qingsang, I...”

“I give you and miss Li Rongrong my blessings. As for our wedding tomorrow, it’ll be canceled.” She had already noticed that there were a few people looking towards them in the hallway while they were talking. Su Qingsang’s mood went south again. She didn’t want to walk towards her own office, so she chose a path with few people.

Wei Lenan stood still for a second and chased after her again. “Qingsang, are you kidding? We are all prepared, and now you tell me that you want to cancel it?” Friends and relatives of both sides had been notified. The wedding venue was already reserved. Do you want to cancel it now? he thought.

Qingsang didn’t want to continue being tangled up in this, but Wei Lenan blocked her way once again and said, “Qingsang, you have to think clearly. Do you really want to cancel the wedding? Aren’t you afraid of your parents blaming you?”

Qingsang’s expression changed a little. Everything else could be dealt with, but regarding her parents... She thought about the original reason why she had decided to marry. To be honest, she really did want to leave that house, but a man like Wei Lenan... She wouldn’t want him even if she were to be beaten to death. She felt really gross.

“Qingsang, forgive me this one time. I swear, I won’t do it again. I promise. I can have her abort the baby. Listen to me, I...” Wei Lenan seemed to have seen her have a change in thought and tried to explain fretfully, but Su Qingsang did not have the patience to listen. Even if she wanted to leave that house, she still wouldn’t want to be with a man like Wei Lenan.

At that time, she saw Wei Lenan as a polite, reserved, and an honest man. But who would’ve thought that an honest man like this would actually do something like this?


Wei Lenan didn’t give up and tried to grab Su Qingsang’s hand again. “Qingsang, I swear, I really...”

Su Qingsang found it annoying and despicable. She stretched out her arms to push Wei Lenan without giving it any thought, but she didn’t think that Wei Lenan would reach out another hand to try to grab her, pulling her with him.

Su Qingsang wanted to dodge, but her whole body fell to the side. She thought that she would fall, but she had fallen onto someone.

Su Qingsang didn’t have time to balance herself and grabbed onto the nearest object to stabilize herself so she could stand. When she had successfully stood up, she realized that what she had grabbed was an arm.

An arm? Su Qingsang seemed to only realize at that moment that what she had crashed into was a man. It was a tall and big man too. She had an awkward expression for a second, then immediately released her hand.

“Sorry.” Before she could finish apologizing, Wei Lenan had used this opportunity to grab her hand. “Qingsang, listen to me. That baby really is an accident. I will definitely fix it. Forgive me, I promise there won’t be a next time.”

“Let go.” Su Qingsang’s moment of awkwardness became annoyance and hatred again. That Li Rongrong refers to him so intimately and even addresses him as her husband. Who would believe that it was just an accident?

“Qingsang, do you really wish for tomorrow’s wedding to lack a groom? Think about your parents. Do you think...”

“Wei Lenan,” now Su Qingsang not only felt disgusted but also very irritated, “you’re threatening me?”

“Qingsang, I’m not threatening you. I just hope that you can forgive me this one time. Nonetheless, there can’t be no groom at tomorrow’s wedding, isn’t that right?”

Su Qingsang’s chest rose. She looked at his imploring and threatening expression, and withdrew her hand hatefully. Her movement was too big and she accidentally hit the man whose tie she had grabbed earlier.

Su Qingsang suddenly realized that the man hadn’t left yet. She turned around to look at the man. She didn’t notice it before, but now she noticed that he was pretty good looking. Not only was he good looking, but also he seemed to be pretty young, probably not over 30 years old. He had sharp features and his face looked as if it was carved. He wore a casual T-shirt and jeans, which accentuated how big and tall he was. His eyes were bright and clear and he seemed like a real gentleman. He had on a keen expression of interest as if he was watching the fun.

Su Qingsang had an impulsive thought and stepped forward suddenly. She stood in front of the man and asked, “Sir, are you married?”

The man twisted his eyebrows as if he was very taken aback by Su Qingsang’s question, but answered very straightforwardly, “No.”

“Then do you have a girlfriend?”

“No.” The keen expression on the man’s face was more evident now, and his eyes seemed to be smiling.

“My name is Su Qingsang, and I am 25 years old. I graduated from medical school and am currently a gynecologist. My family arranged a wedding ceremony and reception venue for tomorrow, and everything is prepared. I am currently just lacking a groom. May I ask if you are willing to marry me?”

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