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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 17 - Unwell in all Sorts of Ways

Chapter 17: Unwell in all Sorts of Ways

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A mocking voice came from behind her and Su Qingsang felt really embarrassed. She blamed herself and thought of all the things she had seen in her gross anatomy class. How could this surprise her?

This Huo Jinyao’s figure isn’t that great; it’s just above average. His muscles are a bit more solid and his six-pack is a little more appealing, that’s all.

Su Qingsang realized that she had been thinking about Huo Jinyao’s body and the image of what she had just seen suddenly popped into her head, and she felt even more embarrassed.

“Wife.” Huo Jinyao was going to put on some clothes, but now he walked right up to the bed without his clothes on. “You still haven’t answered whether you’re satisfied or not.”

Su Qingsang didn’t want to talk nonsense with this man. She quickly got off on the other side of the bed and ran to the bathroom.

She splashed a handful of cold water on her face to wash up and to use this opportunity to cool down her face.

There’s nothing awkward about this. Su Qingsang, just treat him like a patient. Yeah, just like that.

Su Qingsang was in the bathroom for half an hour before she came out. She then gave a sigh of relief when she had realized that Huo Jinyao wasn’t in the room anymore. She changed into the clothes that she had put there before this whole incident, picked up her bag, and intended to head home.

Only then did she realize that Huo Jinyao had not left, but that he had called room service, and the living room table was filled with breakfast. Su Qingsang was dazed and as she looked at the breakfast in front of her eyes, the look of entrancement spread across her face.

“Hungry, right? Come eat,” Huo Jinyao sat down at the edge of the table and called her over when he realized that she was dazed. Su Qingsang placed her bag down and walked over. As she looked at Huo Jinyao, she tried to evaluate him again.


He just helped me to fake my wedding yesterday, right? He didn’t touch me afterwards either and was a gentleman. Doesn’t that mean he acknowledges it was all an act and not anything serious? If the act is over, how come he still hasn’t left yet?

“Right, did you plan a honeymoon for after the wedding?”

Huo Jinyao’s words made Su Qingsang shake her head automatically. “No.”

It was only the first year of her internship and there was already too much going on in the hospital. In addition to that, she had already talked to Wei Lenan about not going on a honeymoon after they got married.

“Is there a break?” Huo Jinyao asked.

“Yes, three days.”

“Then what are the plans for those three days?”


She still had an essay to hand in; when would she have time to plan anything?

Su Qingsang realized how fast she had replied Huo Jinyao’s questions only after she had answered everything. She couldn’t help but throw a few glares at Huo Jinyao, but Huo Jinyao just picked up a shrimp dumpling and placed it in front of her. “Eat. Let’s go home after we’re done.”

Go home? Go home where? Su Qingsang thought.

Up until she had gotten in the car, Su Qingsang hadn’t realized that the “home” Huo Jinyao was referring to was actually her home.

As an illegitimate daughter of the Su family, it was natural that she couldn’t be compared to Su Peizhen, the biological daughter. Whether it was Su Chenghui or Li Qianxue, neither of them wanted others to call them cheap. Thus, she also received an allowance on top of her usual income.

When Su Qingsang turned 18 years old, Su Chenghui had bought her an apartment near the hospital as a reward for getting into medical school and as her birthday gift for becoming an adult. After she had graduated, he gave her a Honda that was less than two hundred thousand dollars.

These things were nothing compared to what Su Peizhen had. However, Su Qingsang felt content. The market price was very high and she was able to have her own place in Lin City and didn’t have to travel in a crowded train, so she had no reason to feel dissatisfied.

Most importantly, this was her home. It allowed her to not have to go back to the Su family except for family gatherings, so she didn’t have to face the arrogant family.

Su Qingsang’s place was very close to the medical school and to the hospital where she worked at. It was an apartment complex with three bedrooms and two living rooms.

Su Qingsang used her own spending money to design the place to her liking. It was her cozy little home. Apart from Shi Mengwan, no one else had come over before. Even Wei Lenan had only come over once. For Su Qingsang, this was truly her place.

But now this place wasn’t just hers anymore. There was an additional person: Huo Jinyao. As she looked at Huo Jinyao standing in her living room, she didn’t feel too great.

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