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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 15 - So Aromatic

Chapter 15: So Aromatic

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang was embarrassed, very embarrassed. For the past few years, she had only focused on school. It wasn’t easy being a doctor, especially since she entered school one year earlier than normal people. She was taking classes for gynecology, so there were not many males who took these classes. She had not interacted with many males in her daily life. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have fallen on Chou Yanbo and allowed Li Qianxue and Su Chenghui to think that she was trying to seduce her own brother in law. As for Wei Lenan, she had never liked him to begin with. Disregarding the other things, she has only let Wei Lenan kissed her on the cheeks twice. Other than that, the two had no other intimate actions.

She was a medical student and had a little bit of OCD. She felt that the type of making out that made people exchange saliva was unacceptable for her, and it disgusted her. Thus she felt so awkward and caught off guard being hugged by Huo Jinyao, with their bodies pressed tightly against each other, and while only wearing a towel.

“Let go of me,” she said.

Huo Jinyao stared at Su Qingsang’s small face. When he saw her yesterday, he saw that even her oversized white coat couldn’t hide her elegance. When he saw her today, she was so gorgeous in her wedding dress. But those times were inferior to right now. Her graceful figure was in his embrace and the fragrance after she had washed up still lingered on her. He couldn’t help but to lower his head and sniff her gently.

“Mm, so aromatic.”

Su Qingsang felt even more awkward and pushed him hard, but he didn’t even move an inch. Instead, her push made her bounce back into his embrace.

Huo Jinyao couldn’t keep from grinning. “Playing hard to get? I like it.”

The mischief in his words made Su Qingsang blush. Without a second thought, she lifted up her foot to stomp on Huo Jinyao’s foot. She had not thought of the fact that she was wearing hotel slippers and that stomping in them would do no harm at all.

Su Qingsang was beyond awkward. She lifted up eyes chin and glared at the jerk of a man in front of her. “You, let go of me.” Her expression was full of defense and rage and Huo Jinyao was dazed by it. His grip loosened and Su Qingsang borrowed that opportunity to quickly move away.

“You should go wash up first.” Su Qingsang stepped aside and felt awkward. She did not want to be alone with Huo Jinyao right now, and she could only use the excuse of getting him to go wash up.

Huo Jinyao looked at her deeply, then nodded and said, “Alright, I’ll go wash up.” Only after he gave her an intentional glance did he then step into the bathroom. As soon as the door had closed, Su Qingsang rushed to the closet.

When Huo Jinyao stepped out of the shower, the main light in the room was switched off, and only the light by the bed was left on. On the big bed, there was still two-thirds of the space left. Someone was curled up in the corner, and if it weren’t for the slight raising of the bed sheet, he wouldn’t have known there was a person sleeping in there.

Huo Jinyao squinted his eyes, moved a few steps forward and sat on the bed. Other than the noise from the AC, the room was completely silent. Huo Jinyao could hear Su Qingsang’s deep breaths. The corners of his lips turned up, and Huo Jinyao’s face carried a small smile that he didn’t even notice himself. He lifted up the bed sheet, laid down, and felt that person’s breathing got a little deeper. He stretched out his long arm and rolled that bundle right into his embrace. The person in his embrace was wearing a thick hotel bathrobe, but she didn’t think it was too hot.

Su Qingsang’s body was stiff. It was their wedding night and if Huo Jinyao really wanted to do something, she wouldn’t be able to reject him. Even if she wanted to reject him, there was too big of a difference between her strength and his. She felt his hand through her bathrobe on her waist, and that hot palm made her feel as if her back was burning.

Su Qingsang’s body stiffened up.

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