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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 14 - Unable to Wait Any Longer

Chapter 14: Unable to Wait Any Longer

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Qingsang was still holding onto the ring in her other hand, and she just stared blankly at the thin fabric that was placed on her body. She clearly had clothes on beneath it, but she felt as if she was naked. Without a second thought, she waved his hand away and took a huge step back.

“You...” But Su Qingsang had forgotten that the bed was behind her, and she fell onto it before she could finish her sentence.

Without waiting for her to get up, Huo Jinyao had plopped down already and said, “Tsk, wife, are you unable to wait any longer?”

Su Qingsang was afraid that this time. Not only did her face turn red, but probably even the bottom of her feet as well. She wanted to get up immediately, but Huo Jinyao had blocked her with his body on top.

She hit her head on his body and fell back onto the bed once again. She was sprawled out and stared blankly at Huo Jinyao’s body on top of hers.

“Don’t worry. Don’t rush. I am happy to cooperate with you.” Huo Jinyao’s face came closer to hers as he spoke.

As she watched his lips getting closer, she pushed him away hard without a second thought. She sat up and retreated backward. “My, my body is sweaty. I’m going to go wash up.” She threw down those words then quickly left from the other side of the bed and ran towards the bathroom.

Holding that piece of fabric in one hand with the other hand on the bed, Huo Jinyao watched the small woman run away, and he had a playful expression on his face. He was about to chase after her into the bathroom when his cell phone rang.

He took out his cell phone and looked at the screen. When he saw the number on the screen, his smile slowly faded away, and his expression grew serious. He held his cell phone, took a look at the bathroom, and went to the balcony to answer the call. When he came back, the seriousness on his face was gone and was replaced by a goofy expression.

Su Qingsang had only realized that she made a mistake when she finished washing up. She was in a rush and forgot to grab her sleepwear. Taking a hundred thousands of steps back, even if she had brought in the sleepwear, she still would not wear it. But as of right now, there were no clothes here, and she could only go out wrapped in a towel. In addition, the towels here were really short. It would have been no different if she had worn the sleepwear.

Su Qingsang stared at the towel that only covered up to her mid thighs, and felt awkward. She was prepared to marry Wei Lenan before, and it was inevitable for things to happen. But this Huo Jinyao... She didn’t even know who he really was, what his background was. While she was hesitating, someone knocked on the bathroom door.

It startled her and her heart skipped a beat. She didn’t know whether to open the door or not as she held her chest with one hand, and tugged on the towel with the other.

The door was knocked on again, and Su Qingsang couldn’t stay in the bathroom forever. She was going to open the door with the thought that it would not be good either way.

Huo Jinyao was leaning against the doorframe outside with a smile on his face, the same playful attitude he had before. Su Qingsang blushed and lowered her head. She wanted to step past Huo Jinyao and walk out.

Huo Jinyao’s gaze swept over her and saw past her current situation with one glance. Her figure was slender, her shoulders were like sharpened jade, and her skin was smooth like butter. He did not know that she had such a good figure under the white dress she wore before.

“I’ve finished washing up. You should go wash up quickly.” Su Qingsang didn’t need to lift her head up, and still could feel the overly passionate expression in Huo Jinyao’s eyes. She awkwardly walked past him to leave, but Huo Jinyao stretched out his long arms and pulled her into a hug.

Su Qingsang was startled and the hand that was holding the towel in front of her chest trembled, and she almost dropped it. Huo Jinyao had already put his hand on her waist at that time.

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