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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 13 - Such an Ugly Ring

Chapter 13: Such an Ugly Ring

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Who, who would want to be romantic with him for a night? Su Qingsang immediately began to feel nervous the moment Huo Jinyao had said those words.

Disregarding everything else, they really did reserve a room upstairs. Wei Lenan’s house was a bit far from the venue, and Su Qingsang lived near the hospital, which was also pretty far from the restaurant.

Even though she was the illegitimate daughter of the Su family, the Su family still had to consider their reputation and prepared what was necessary, such as the president suite on the top floor. Huo Jinyao knew with just one glance and led Su Qingsang upstairs without another word.

Before Su Qingsang could recover from the tension from before, she had already been dragged into the room by Huo Jinyao. But the moment the cold air from the AC hit her, she came back to her senses.

She did get married to Huo Jinyao, but the fact that they were a married couple was an act. Therefore, since it was just an act, then there was no reason for the two of them to continue.

“Um, Huo Jinyao, you see, we...” She turned around to get things straightened out with Huo Jinyao but found him checking out the decorations in the room. She followed his gaze, and she blushed so hard her neck turned red.

Not to say the floor was covered in ravish roses, or that were white candles and western cuisine on the dining table, but in the center of the big bed was a set of lingerie that Shi Mengwan had given to her as a present. Shi Mengwan had been secretive about it, and Su Qingsang had no idea that she would find it here.

The girly style of the sleepwear made Su Qingsang feel awkward. She rushed forward and grabbed the thin and revealing sleepwear and bunched it into one ball. She was going to throw it away but Huo Jinyao had appeared next to her already. He stretched out his long arm to take the thing in her hand, and Su Qingsang was so nervous that she hid the bundle of “fabric” behind her without a second thought.

“What, what are you doing?” Su Qingsang asked.

Huo Jinyao saw how she was flushed up to her ears, and his eyes twinkled. “I’m not doing anything? What are you doing? What are you hiding?”

Hiding what? What was she hiding? He clearly saw it, so he was saying those things on purpose.

Su Qingsang’s face was crimson. Shi Mengwang’s gift made her feel so embarrassed. She was afraid that Huo Jinyao would think that she couldn’t wait. She immediately placed the thin fabric in her other hand the moment she saw Huo Jinyao’s hand reaching out. He had grabbed her hand already, but not the hand holding the sleepwear, but the hand wearing the ring. It the wedding ring that was prepared for today. It was the ring prepared by Wei Lenan.

“So ugly.”

Those two simple words made Su Qingsang lift her head up suddenly to look at him. What did he mean?

“This is such an ugly ring.” Huo Jinyao took off the ring and put it in his palm to look at it closer. “That person with the last name ‘Yang’ and with the first name ‘Wei’ picked it, right? It really is too ugly.”

“You...” Who had the last name ‘Yang’? Su Qingsang wanted to get the ring back. The ring wasn’t ugly, and she was the one who chose it. But at that time, she had only wanted to leave the Su family, and she indeed did not put much thought into it and had carelessly picked one out.

“Throw it out, get a new one.” As Huo Jinyao was speaking, he threw the ring.

Su Qingsang’s eyes widened, and she wanted to reach out to take the ring by force. This ring was still tens of thousands of dollars, and even if it wasn’t pretty, it shouldn’t be thrown out so easily like that, right?

How big of a heart did this man have? She was so tense in trying to take back the ring and forgot about the sleepwear she was holding in her other hand. When she had successfully taken the ring from him, Huo Jinyao had also successfully taken the sleepwear from her hand.

Su Qingsang put the ring away safely away, then lifted her head up to see Huo Jinyao’s smile. He then opened up the sleepwear right in front of her.

“Is this the wedding gift you prepared for me? Not bad. I like it.” Huo Jinyao held the sleepwear up to her body as he was said, “Since you’ve prepared it so thoughtfully, then go change into it for me.”

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