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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 12 - We Should Have a Romantic Night

Chapter 12: We Should Have a Romantic Night

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Su Qingsang had no idea that because of Huo Jinyao’s “uncommon” performance, it would successfully make everyone in the Su family put up their guard. They were deeply afraid that Su Qingsang would fight for the Su family’s wealth after she got married.

But even if she knew, Su Qingsang would not let it get to her. After all, she had absolutely zero interest in the Su family’s money. After she had done a round of toasting the guests with Huo Jinyao, she saw him in a different light. This person, he clearly was the groom found at the last minute, whom she had randomly dragged here to make up for the number.

Huo Jinyao didn’t know anyone at the banquet, and two of the tables in the banquet were actually Wei Lenan’s relatives, but he did not feel awkward at all. It was as if it was his own wedding. No, it was his wedding. Additionally, wasn’t this man too into it? She clearly had just randomly asked him to come put up this act. But looking at Huo Jinyao’s attitude, what about it seemed as if he was acting?

Disregarding other things and only focusing on him splashing the wine in Su Peizhen’s face, Su Qingsang couldn’t help but be impressed by his boldness. Splashing wine on one’s sister-in-law’s face on the first day of marriage... How could that not be considered bold?

A lot of people saw that incident, and just now, Shi Mengwan nagged Qingsong in private, “Don’t think about your Wei Lenan or Wei Xinan anymore. I think that this Huo Jinyao is pretty good. He dared to go against Su Peizhen so boldly, so he definitely can protect you in the future. Alright, he’s the one.” She patted Su Qingsang’s shoulders as she spoke, as if implying she supported Su Qingsang to hurry and make her move on Huo Jinyao.

Su Qingsang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She didn’t believe that Huo Jinyao would dare to offend Su Peizhen just like that. Maybe it was because he wasn’t from Lin City as she had told her parents. If he wasn’t from Lin City, he probably had no idea about the Su family’s status in Lin City, right?

“What’s wrong? Tired?” Huo Jinyao had just put down his glass of wine and turned around to see Su Qingsang staring at him.

Su Qingsang felt a bit awkward for having been caught by Huo Jinyao. She looked at the guests who were starting to leave and shook her head. “I’m alright.” It was not a problem when she was the professor’s assistant or when she endured many hours watching operations. She didn’t care much about being tired.

She wasn’t tired, but she was indeed frustrated. She dealt with these people courteously but without sincerity and had to be polite, but just how many among them sincerely gave her marriage their blessings? Even more so, they just came to build relations with the Li family or the Su family. She was already annoyed at having to deal with these things, and especially since she was an illegitimate daughter, she was even more annoyed.

She was very frustrated, but she didn’t want to make it seem like Huo Jinyao was more enthusiastic than she was, which she did not expect. She took a glance at Huo Jinyao. Wei Lenan pissed her off yesterday, and it was a chaotic situation today as well.

To be honest, only now did she really check out the looks of the man in front of her. She only thought him to be handsome yesterday, but now as she checked him out, how could he only be described as handsome? His outfit accentuated his charisma, and people would believe it if one were to say that he was a rich man. But a man like this had actually agreed to marry her, and even made a disturbance with her today...

Su Qingsang didn’t have power nor did she have wealth, and she wasn’t even valued in the Su family. She felt that she had no cards at her disposal. She chose the man herself, and she was the one who wanted to get married. But even after half a day’s worth of messing around, she still didn’t know anything about Huo Jinyao other than his name and age, not even what he did for a living.

“Let’s go back now to rest if you’re tired.” Huo Jinyao’s words brought her out of her thoughts briefly. She swallowed and started to feel irrationally anxious at the two words ‘go back’ that Huo Jinyao had said.

“Go back where?”

“Go back home, of course.” Huo Jinyao spoke as if it was only right and proper. “Since we are married, then, of course, we should go home.”

“You mean, to go back to my home?”

“Where else?” Huo Jinyao had one arm around Su Qingsang as he scanned the banquet hall. “Or should we head back to the room upstairs? Today is our wedding night after all. We should have a romantic night in the president suite upstairs.”

Wedding night? Have a romantic night?

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