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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 11 - Your Mouth Really Stinks, Let Me Help You Clean it

Chapter 11: Your Mouth Really Stinks, Let Me Help You Clean it

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Peizhen’s expression was really not good after having had red wine splashed in her face. Su Chenghui, Li Qianxue, and Chou Yanbo all stood up.

Huo Jinyao seemed to not have taken notice of the tense atmosphere and didn’t seem to care whether or not the guests around them would gossip. He glared at Su Peizhen coldly, and said in an even colder tone, “Your mouth really stinks, let me help you clean it.”

“Huo Jinyao.” This name rang multiple times in Su Peizhen’s head, and she couldn’t forget it even if she wanted to, especially now. His name was just a damn word in her mind now.

“What are you?” Huo Jinyao had a threatening look in his eyes. His eyes swept across Su Peizhen and looked at Chou Yanbo who was standing behind her and said, “Is your man better looking than me? Or is his figure better than mine? As long as Qingsang isn’t blind, she will certainly know who is better, alright?”

“You...” Su Peizhen’s face was cloudy. Not only because Huo Jinyao was taking his anger out on her, but also because everything he had said was true.

Chou Yanbo was five foot nine and could be said to be tall, but Huo Jinyao was at least six foot one. His upside down triangle figure was strong and had a straight composure, and his features were handsomely shaped; Chou Yanbo was a pretty good-looking man, but nonetheless, his looks still lost a few points to Huo Jinyao. Huo Jinyao was absolutely correct about their physical appearances.

“Is that so? Maybe she is actually blind?” Su Peizhen was resentful, and her words were becoming more and more unkind. “After all, Yanbo isn’t just outstanding just because of his looks; he is the heir of the Chou family, the next head of the household.”

“Oh...” Huo Jinyao didn’t seem to be shaken at all from hearing Su Peizhen’s words. In fact, a playful expression emerged on his face. “So you don’t like him for his looks and his figure, but for his family background, huh?” He clicked his tongue a few times and turned to look at Chou Yanbo pitifully. “Don’t worry, I understand, I won’t tell people.”

Su Peizhen heard the tone in Huo Jinyao’s words, and her face turned from green to black. “Huo, don’t confuse my words. That is not what I mean at all. I...”

“Whether or not it’s what you mean, you don’t have to explain it to me.” Huo Jinyao pursed his lips at Chou Yanbo. “It’s fine as long as he believes you.”

Su Qingsang was already dumbfounded by when Su Peizhen was splashed with the wine. She just watched as Huo Jinyao turned disadvantage to advantage, changed passiveness to aggressiveness, and turned the wedding into his stage so easily.

Su Qingsang was really speechless now. Whatever she said was wrong. Although she didn’t have to be happy to the point of wanting to dance, she was still secretly happy.

Su Chenghui’s expression didn’t look too good, and before Li Qianxue was about to speak with her cold expression, Huo Jinyao had hugged Su Qingsang’s waist and said, “Apologies, my hand had slipped just now. I think that Lady Su is generous and will not fight with small city commoners like us, right? Qingsang, let’s go. Let’s continue to toast.” The way that he spoke without pausing to breathe left Su Qingsang in awe. Before she could react, that man had already rushed towards the next table with her.

Su Peizhen wanted to chase after them, but Chou Yanbo had grabbed her hand. “Your clothes are all wet, go change.” No matter what Su Peizhen wanted to say again, she had already fallen to a lower level today.

An expression of deep thought swept across Chou Yanbo’s face as he stared at Huo Jinyao’s back. This Huo Jinyao definitely wasn’t simple. But like Su Peizhen, he couldn’t think of any family with the surname “Huo” anywhere in Lin City.

Chou Yanbo waved at Su Peizhen to go change and turned around to look at Li Qianxue. “Aunt, have you ever heard of a family with the surname ‘Huo’ in Lin City?”

“No.” Li Qianxue also had taken notice of the situation just now. This Huo Jinyao was indeed not a simple one. It seemed she would need to have people go check out the background of this Huo Jinyao. After all, she still needed to be on the defense against Su Qingsang, who changed grooms so suddenly. Was it because she had a hidden goal?

If Su Qingsang really was up to no good, Li Qianxue believed that she would make Su Qingsang regret having been born every minute and every second of her life.

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