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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 10 - Getting Red Wine Splashed in the Face

Chapter 10: Getting Red Wine Splashed in the Face

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Peizhen leaned back in her chair and glared at Su Qingsang. She continued to glare at Su Qingsang with disapproval and menace. Her eyes seemed to say I’m going to humiliate you, and what can you do about it?

Su Chenghui scrunched his eyebrows slightly and Li Qianxue sat there not moving. It was already very decent of her to attend the wedding of a mere illegitimate daughter. Chou Yanbo wasn’t too fond of Su Peizhen’s aggressive manner, but he couldn’t risk offending the Li and the Su family for Su Qingsang’s sake. After all, Su Peizhen was the one that the Chou family had arranged for him to marry.

Su Qingsang had never expected Su Peizhen to give her any decent response, but this level of directness surprised her. She turned her face to look at Huo Jinyao to say something, but Huo Jinyao was already leading her towards the next table. Su Qingsang was dazed, and before she could speak, she was already pulled two steps forward.

Su Peizhen did not think that Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao would dare ignore her like this. With a cold expression, she stood up and blocked Su Qingsang and Huo Jinyao’s path.


“What’s up?” To be honest, Su Qingsang wasn’t upset with Su Peizhen. If she were in Su Peizhen’s shoes and knew that her own father had betrayed her mother’s marriage early on, and even had an illegitimate daughter, she felt that her attitude would more or less be the same. But understanding and accepting were two different things. If they got to the bottom of this situation, she wasn’t the one who caused it.

It was fine that she occasionally suffered Li Qianxue’s cold shoulder, but she really didn’t want to see Su Peizhen’s unfriendly face.

“Shouldn’t you toast your older sister on your wedding day?” Su Peizhen asked?

Huo Jinyao’s expression didn’t look good. He looked at Su Peizhen’s arrogant face and wanted to just walk away with Su Qingsang.

“I should.” Su Qingsang didn’t give Huo Jinyao a chance to speak. She leaned against Huo Jinyao and swirled the glass the of wine in her hand. “But I thought, older sister, you don’t like me calling you ‘older sister’, and didn’t want me toasting you.”

“You...” Su Peizhen realized that this damn brat was getting bolder and bolder, and actually dared to talk back to her. “Indeed, I don’t like you toasting me, and I don’t even like you appearing in front of me, but we are still sisters. Since you are getting married, you should still do what is necessary in order to avoid people saying that you were not properly disciplined when you leave the Su family, and to not drag down the Su family with you.”

Su Peizhen did not wait for Su Qingsang to reply and continued to speak while looking at Huo Jinyao. “You’re a married person now, and you should respect your female virtues. Remember to stay away from Yanbo next time and don’t forget that he is your brother-in-law. Don’t stoop so low, even if you didn’t marry a good man and covet other people’s’ husbands all day long. And that man is even your brother-in-law. If this really does get out, then the Su family will really be humiliated by you.”

Her words were too impolite and Su Qingsang’s expression was gray. There were many guests and it was supposed to be her “good wedding day” with Huo Jinyao. Could she really not stand seeing her being happy?

Even if the marriage between her and Huo Jinyao was fake and an act, Su Peizhen was still her older sister. What good did it do for her to ruin her own reputation? In addition, Su Qingsan had never wanted to seduce Chou Yanbo. She was angry and wanted to strike back, but Huo Jinyao suddenly hugged her shoulders with one arm, and at the same time, he raised his other arm gently. He splashed the half glass of wine right in Su Peizhen’s face.


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