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To My Dear Mr. Huo

Chapter 1 - I’m Pregnant. Are You Happy?

Chapter 1: I’m Pregnant. Are You Happy?

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Li Rongrong, intrauterine pregnancy for five and a half weeks. The fetal heartbeat is normal,” Su Qingsang looked up and said to the woman before her eyes in a calm tone. “But it is recommended that you do a blood test to check for other indicators.”

“Um, doctor.” The woman in the hospital bed appeared weak and fragile. She looked at Su Qingsang with big blinking eyes and a worried look on her face.

“Doing the blood test means I have to get my blood drawn right? Getting my blood drawn will really hurt.” When she said the word “hurt” her tone went up. Su Qingsang twisted her eyebrows, looked at the woman before her, and replied, “It’s only a little bit of blood that’s going to be drawn. It’s just a test.”

Li Rongrong bit her lips, looked pitiful, and replied, “Then can I wait until my husband arrives to get my blood drawn?”

Su Qingsang’s eyebrows jumped. It was the first time that she met a woman who needed to wait for her husband to arrive just to draw blood. She nodded and walked towards the next bed.

There was also a pregnant lady on the other side. The possibility of a miscarriage was very high and evident, and she was staying in the hospital to prevent that from happening. Su Qingsang gave her a complete general check-up and told her about a few things to watch out for. Before she was done giving her orders, someone rushed in following a series of footsteps from outside the patient room.

“Rongrong, are you alright? How are you?” Su Qingsang had her back to the door and couldn’t help but to turn her head once she heard the familiar voice.

The woman behind her named Li Rongrong acted as if she saw her savior, her arms clasped around the man’s.

“Lenan, I’m pregnant. I just got tested. Are you happy?”

“You’re pregnant?” Wei Lenan stared at the woman in front of him with wide eyes. The look on his face showed that he seemed to be more in shock rather than pleasantly surprised.

“Yea,” Li Rongrong replied and nodded her head furiously, her expression full of happiness. She turned her eyes in the direction of Su Qingsang and said, “That, that doctor just gave me a check-up, and it’s already confirmed.”

Su Qingsang felt a wave of coldness when she heard the whining voice, but she gave an indifferent smile and sneered at Wei Lenan.

The moment he saw Su Qingsang, Wei Lenan turned pale. He immediately tried to pull Li Rongrong’s hands away, but Li Rongrong was grasping onto his hands like an octopus and had no intention of letting go.

“Lenan, you haven’t answered me yet. I’m pregnant, aren’t you happy?”

“Happy, I’m Happy.” Lenan’s face was stiff. He tried to pull Li Rongrong’s hands away again.

Li Rongrong turned towards Su Qingsang and spoke with in an even whinier tone, “Doctor, my husband is here. Didn’t you say that I needed to get my blood drawn? I’ll do it now.” She turned back towards Wei Lenan and said, “Lenan, I was so scared when you weren’t here. Now that you’re here, I’m not scared anymore.”

Wei Lenan stared at Su Qingsang. Once again, he tried to pull Li Rongrong’s hands away. With pleads of mercy in his eyes, he said, “Qing...”

Su Qingsang sneered and turned her face towards the pregnant lady in the hospital bed to finish telling the pregnant lady about the check-up. She then came back to Li Rongrong’s hospital bed and said, “Miss Li, I’ve prepared the documents already if you want to do the blood test now. You can have your husband take the documents to the front desk to pay the fees first, then go directly to the blood testing area on the third floor to get your blood drawn.”

Only Wei Lenan had noticed that when Su Qingsang said the word “husband”, her tone had gone up a little, and her face had a slight mocking expression to it as well. It was awkward for a moment.

“Alright. Thank you, doctor.” Li Rongrong smiled sweetly, but Su Qingsang wasn’t in the mood to appreciate it. She just turned towards the door to leave the patient room. She gave Wei Lenan a cold look before she left.

Wei Lenan’s lips trembled. He had wanted to speak up a few times but stopped in the midst of Li Rongrong’s expression of happiness and bliss. He threw down the excuse of going to pay the fees and immediately went out after Su Qingsang. He couldn’t wait to grasp Su Qingsang’s hands the moment he stepped out of the patient room. He said, “Qingsang, I can explain. Listen to me, I...”

Su Qingsang stepped back and avoided his hands. She looked at his anxious face, her own face no longer holding a calm expression like before, but holding a satirical one.

“What’s there to explain? Explain that we are getting married tomorrow but you got another woman pregnant?”

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