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Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 97 - The Presumptuous Maid

Chapter 97 - The Presumptuous Maid

Yvonne's slumber was broken when she felt someone touching her.

She jolted awake from her sleep and sat up when she noticed that she was not alone in the room.

'Huh? Who entered my room?' She wondered as she was still in that disoriented state after being disturbed from her nap.

The vigilance in her eyes as she stared at the person who had entered her room and even came so close to her vanished when she saw who it was.

"Mama?" She groggily whispered while rubbing her eyes.

Raylene's frown when she saw how cautious and alert her daughter was, had now turned to a soft smile when she saw her cute appearance.

'My poor aching back!' Yvonne regretted her actions of jumping up from her bed since now she could feel a shooting pain in her muscles.

The warm bath had helped to alleviate a small portion of her muscle soreness but now it was back with a vengeance.

Raylene could make out the pained expression on her child's face and this made her look up in the direction of the door.

"What are you waiting there for!? Come here!" She ordered the two maids who were standing by the door.

Mrs. Jacinth and Yvonne were both confused when they saw this firm attitude that they would never associate with this lady.

'Did I miss something here?' The little girl wondered as she turned her gaze towards the two women who came closer to her bed.

Mrs. Jacinth carried Yvonne and seated her on the edge of the bed while another maid drew a chair for the Madam to be seated on.

After the mother and daughter pair were seated opposite each other, Raylene nodded her head at her personal maid.

Paula understood the signal she was given and came forward with the tub of water in her hand.

She placed it between the two St. Claire women and then took her place in the corner with the other maid who was holding a jar in her hands.

Yvonne glanced at her mother's maid who always followed her around like a tail and was confused looking at the distance between them now.

'She always stuck close to her so what must have happened to cause this rift between them.' She pondered and then shot a sneaky glance at her nanny.

Mrs. Jacinth shook her head indicating that she had no clue as to what had occurred between their mistress and her maid.

'I will ask around.' She relayed with her eyes which was soon understood by the young girl.

Yvonne had not liked this personal maid that her mother brought with her everywhere ever since she had blamed her during their trip to the commercial district.

'She conveniently lied that I had forced her to stay silent when that stupid Damien was bullying me in the pie store!' She narrowed her amethyst eyes and glimpsed at her.

Paula bowed her head respectfully when she felt the child's eyes on her but the clenched fists that gripped her uniform proved that she was enduring and controlling her anger.

'What is she so mad about?' Yvonne scoffed and then gave her clothes a once over.

This was when she observed that there were damp spots all over her uniform.

The only explanation that Yvonne could come up with was that she had stumbled while carrying the tub of water over to her room causing the water to splash onto her clothes.

While Yvonne continued to watch the snobby maid's actions of clenching and unclenching her fists, she felt someone touching her feet.

She hurried to turn around and found that her mother was holding her feet as she moved them to the tub of water that was placed between them.

The moment her feet were submerged into the pail of hot water, she couldn't help but let out a sigh in relief.

Raylene smiled when she heard the soft voice that her daughter had let out.

'I knew that this would help her feel better.' She exclaimed with joy since she had learned about the trick from her husband.

He had told her that warm water with those soaking salts would give one the magical effects of draining all the stress and weariness from their bodies.

He had used this trick in his youth and had taught her the same when Howard had first started his training.

'I was hoping that Vonny would not need this but it looks like she needed this more than Howie did on his first day.' She speculated and once again felt bad for her darling daughter.

'A foot soak?' Yvonne was staring at the tub of water with astonishment.

She had done this countless times after a tiresome day at the office in her high heels.

However, seeing the same method being used here in this world, she could not help but be puzzled.

"Your father taught me how to do this." Raylene commented when she saw the confusion on Yvonne's face.

She then glanced at the other maid who rushed forward to hand her the jar of medicinal paste that Mr. Toone their family physician had given them.

The maid took a sigh of relief when she safely handed the expensive jar of medicine to her mistress and then went back to her place.

Raylene handed over the jar to Mrs. Jacinth and then smiled at Yvonne.

"Do you remember Mr. Toone?" She inquired and received a nod from the child.

'The only person with whom I had a sane conversation after coming to this world.' She recalled the man who had helped her understand what had happened to her after she awoke the next day.

"This is one of his creations. It will help to soothe the pain in your legs and also help you recover much faster." She explained as she pointed towards the jar in the nanny's hand.

'Oh! So something similar to the balm that I once used which had a pouncing tiger as its logo?' She wondered and stared at the jar.

"Keep your feet inside until it gets cold. Soon another maid will get you cookies that you like." Raylene patted her head while informing her about her snack.

"And don't worry about your next class. I have canceled them all for today. You only have to relax and recover, Vonny." She disclosed and giggled looking at the excited face she noticed.

Before coming here, the caring mother had made sure to send a letter to her dance, etiquette, and history teachers that they need not come in today.

"So I can go back to sleep after eating my cookies?" Her childish voice made three women giggle while one remained silent.

Yvonne was neither bothered about the maids laughing nor was she interested in knowing why Paula had scoffed for a split second before looking away.

All that she cared for was that she could spend the rest of the day snuggling under the warm and soft blankets.

"Take all the rest you want. I will ask the chef to send your lunch to your room." Raylene agreed and then rose from her seat as it was time for her to leave.

Before entering this room, she was intercepted by the Butler of the house.

He had informed her that the Master was waiting for her in the study room after she was done visiting the young miss.

"Mrs. Jacinth, I leave Vonny in your care. I have to meet with the Lord now." She nodded at the maid and then stepped ahead.

Paula's eyes sparkled when she realized that it was time for them to leave.

She hurried and opened the door for her mistress and then followed after her.

The other maid too left when she was asked to vacate the room by Mrs. Jacinth.

'I get foot soaks and cookies for working hard? Not a bad day!' Yvonne chuckled and moved her feet about in the tub of warm water.

She could feel the pain slowly fading as she curled her toes underwater and they did not hurt as much as they did before.


While Yvonne was being chided for splashing water onto the carpet in her excitement, Butler Limo was keeping a watchful eye on the woman standing opposite him.

A few minutes earlier, just as he had opened the door of the study room for his Madam to enter he was astonished to see something strange happening.

This was because the woman whom he was glaring at was the one who had tried to enter the study after their Madam.

'Everyone knows that the Master does not allow anyone into his study. Only me and Madam are the exceptions!' He sneered at the presumptuous maid.

The maid was none other than Paula who had once again committed a grave crime in his eyes by almost overstepping her boundaries.

'Would she have entered if I had not stopped her?' He wondered and once again felt his anger rising.

Butler Limo was in charge of every servant and maid who served in this mansion.

He had the authority to dismiss them if he felt that they would harm the atmosphere of the St. Claire Estate.

Yet he could never reprimand this woman because she was under the care of their Madam.

As much as he respected his Master, he gave equal respect to his Madam since she was chosen by the man whom he considered to be his savior.

However, no matter how hard he tried he could never get along with this maid whom the Madam had brought over from her maiden family.

'One of these days I will make sure to move her away from the Madam's side!' He firmly declared and even decided to speak to his Master about her behavior.

Paula glanced up and their eyes clashed before she scoffed at him and looked away.

'What can this old man do to me when Mistress is on my side.' She sneered in confidence that Raylene could not function a single day without her aid.

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