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Chapter 949: A Surprising Discovery (1)

Prince Fritzen had put in a lot of thought and effort to be able to enter the St. Claire estate and now be able to roam around the mansion freely.

Therefore, Yvonne’s thoughtless query made him sneer at her because she had not bothered to take everything into consideration as he had yet she was bold enough to mock him.

“Also, I cannot let too many people know about my disguise.” He added once he had properly displayed that he was looking down on her for being so foolish earlier.

The disguise he had used in the past and the same one he was using right now was not something he could take on any time he pleased.

The men of the Royal family used this method to transform their appearances whenever they needed to head out of the Palace for their covert missions.

Therefore, letting too many people know about his alternate appearance was not a smart move to make.

It would only hinder his freedom later when it was time for him to go on a covert mission once again.


Hence he had not used this appearance right from the start and had only chosen to display this side of him when it was absolutely necessary.

Listening to his brief yet patronizing explanations, Yvonne grasped what was on his mind yet scoffed when she saw the blatant ridicule in his eyes.

She was being treated as a fool for not deciphering the meaning behind his actions.

Therefore, she too reciprocated in the same attitude as she rolled her eyes at him before resuming to play the next pieces of music he had requested earlier.

With the room soon submerging in the energetic sounds of music coming from the piano, Prince Fritzen let go of the mocking thoughts in his mind and focused on what the young girl was up to.

Watching the nimble movements of her fingers which accompanied the music was mesmerizing for the young Prince who remained in the same position until she completed three more pieces before pausing once again.

Having played five elaborate musical pieces with a higher level of complexity, it was understandable that the child wished to take a moment’s rest.

Therefore, Prince Fritzen too did not rush her to keep going but moved toward the window which displayed a beautiful view of the estate he was now in.

Yvonne, on the other hand, stretched her fingers before wiping the sweat which had formed on her forehead.

There was a fresh jug of water kept on a table close to the piano so she rose from her seat and walked in its direction to fetch a glass for herself.

Just as she had taken the first sip of water, she heard the Prince mutter something while gazing out of the window.

Thanks to her aura which she kept concealed every time he was nearby, she was able to hear just what he had said which soon resulted in her spitting the water out.

Prince Fritzen turned around right in time to watch as tiny droplets of water sprayed all over the table and some fell into the jug of water as well.

Her spit had now contaminated the entire jug, making him grimace in disgust as he had been hoping to have some water next.

However, contrary to his disgust, there was horror in the young girl’s eyes as she stared at him.

This was because the words which the Prince had earlier muttered had caused a wave of unease to rise within her.

“Why have I not heard that the Young Master has already found his etcher?” Prince Fritzen had thought aloud as he stared out of the window only a few seconds ago.

Right now, he had fixed his incredulous gaze on her while she did the same, gaping while looking back at him.

‘Did he...’ She feared that even completing that sentence would turn it into reality.

Unfortunately for her, the Prince had already seen something he should not have though he had not yet pieced everything together.

Therefore, Yvonne soon wiped her chin which had gotten drenched after the impolite act she had just committed before striding towards the window where the Prince was still standing.

‘Don’t let it be Demon!’ She repeated her prayers with each step she took but knew her prayers weren’t answered when she finally glanced down from the window.

The Piano room was situated to the side of the mansion, right above the kitchen area.

From the window, one could easily view a major portion of the beautiful greenery that was a sight to behold in their mansion.

What Yvonne had forgotten was that this portion of the estate was not visible from the main entrance of the mansion and thus was where the etchers in their estate were free to move around.

Fryght roamed around the grounds of the estate as though he owned it and never tried to enter the mansion as he had been locked in the Lower Hall of their estate for the longest time.

Therefore, he usually strolled around and napped wherever he found a comfortable spot.

Yvonne would not have been worried if it was only Fryght whom the Prince had noticed but to her dismay, she found Demon right next to the wolfhound pup.

The two etchers were looking at each other, making it seem as though they were engrossed in deep conversation and had not yet noticed their gazes.

However, Yvonne wasn’t interested in knowing what they were up to but was panicking inwardly as the Prince had seen them both.

Prince Fritzen had only walked to the window to admire the scenery but to his surprise found not one but two etchers down below.

He was sure that one of them belonged to the Master of this household, the Earl, however, he was bewildered when he noticed that there was another beast right next to it.

No one had heard what kind of a beast the Earl had formed a contract with therefore, even Prince Fritzen was confused about which one belonged to the tall man who often came to welcome him into this mansion.

If he were to guess then the tall black horse with that stifling aura around it seemed to suit the Earl whereas the little pup which appeared docile and adorable could have belonged to the Young Master of the St. Claire family.

However, Fritzen had never heard anything about Howard St. Claire finding his fated beast so he was perplexed as to who this second etcher, the grey pup, belonged.

The boys all studied at the Academy and most of them had found their etchers thanks to the exploratory missions they were sent on into the thick and heavily-populated woods behind the academy.

He and Taylor Tanner had also met their fated beasts in the same woods so it was not surprising to find this second etcher here as it implied that even Howard had found his as well.

At the same time, the Prince wondered why he had never heard any news about the St. Claire family’s heir finding his etcher.

Whenever any pupil of the Royal Academy found his etcher during the missions they were sent on, the news spread throughout the academy in no time.

Therefore, he was beginning to wonder if his information network was so weak that he had not heard about it until now.

This increased his curiosity about the beasts he found here, making him turn in the direction of the girl standing next to him.

“Shall we head downstairs?” He suggested but the fire of enthusiasm burning in his brown eyes revealed that he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

Yvonne was glad that he had somehow misunderstood who the owners of these etchers were but at the same time, was worried about the interest he had taken in the beasts and how that might land her in bigger trouble.

Therefore, she had already made up her mind to not accept his proposal and would go to any extent to ensure that they did not meet each other.

“I... I’m frightened of the beasts!” She exclaimed in a loud voice before lowering her head as though she was too ashamed to admit her fears but had to do so in order to stay away from them.

Her loud cries startled the Prince who stood frozen in place, unable to decide how to console her.

However, he did not have to think for too long as his bewilderment soon turned into astonishment and awe.

It wasn’t just Prince Fritzen who was surprised by her loud voice but even the maid and butler standing outside the room had rushed in all at once.

If that wasn’t enough, a voice soon echoed in Yvonne’s mind, causing her whole body to be drenched in a cold sweat.

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