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Chapter 947: Does The Prince Know?

Yvonne munched on her cookies as she waited for Howard and Taylor to react after she had disclosed a tiny part of the events that had occurred during their absence.

However, even after she had completed every piece of baked perfection on her plate, the two older boys did not move an inch.

This brought up confusion in the child who tilted her head while alternating her gaze between them.

Roselie had left after serving them so there was no reason for them to remain silent yet they did, making Yvonne wonder what was on their mind right now.

“Big Brother? Brother Taylor?” She called out their names and managed to gain their attention on the first try.

Though there was a storm brewing in Taylor’s head after making a certain horrifying discovery, a smile instinctively blossomed when he saw his adorable little sister’s current appearance.

‘No wonder that Prince is pursuing her!’ He did not forget to lament to himself as Vonny surely had the ability to win many hearts.


Her wide amethyst eyes were focused on him, making him want to squeeze her chubby cheeks and give her the tightest hug he could without actually hurting her.

However, knowing that putting those thoughts into action would warrant him to be kicked out of the St. Claire estate and barred from ever returning, Taylor chose to exercise self-control for now.

While he was trying to hold himself back, Howard, who had been silent until now finally spoke up once again.

“Does the Prince know about Demon?” The heir of the St. Claire family moved to the next topic that had been on his mind.

Just like his father, he too realized that there was no way that a Prince could be stopped from entering their mansion when he had expressed his intentions of making frequent visits in such a straightforward manner.

Since Prince Fritzen’s requests weren’t too excessive and the Earl had no proper reason for rejecting him, his trips to the St. Claire mansion had become a common occurrence in the last few months.

There was nothing that could be done to prevent him from meeting Yvonne so Howard could not blame his father but chose to move ahead with their conversation.

As he had already learned how and why Prince Fritzen appeared here, he now wished to know more about another matter that had caught his eye earlier.

He had seen the exchange of auras taking place between the Prince and his younger sister which was enough for him to reach a conclusion yet he inquired about the same as he needed to know how this had taken place.

‘Vonny never wanted to let any outsider know about her aura and Demon.’ He recalled how cautious she had been to ensure her secret was safe.

It wasn’t because she was ashamed of her beast but was worried that if the existence of Demon and her ability to wield aura was disclosed to the world then a mountain of troubles would come tumbling down on her.

Therefore, she had chosen to keep her aura and her etcher a secret from the world.

The only ones who were aware of her capabilities were her direct family members, a small number of loyal and tight-lipped servants of their household, her two tutors – Marquess Samed and Captain Desmo Reel, and finally the young boys who could enter their mansion at will.

The boys he had just thought of were surely Taylor, Topher, Damien, and finally Sept, his newest friend.

‘Oh and her business partner.’ Howard added another name as Sevenz Oca, the owner of Ocular Caravans was also among the list of people aware of her secret.

Excluding these, no one else was aware of her abilities and this had been so for many years now.

Therefore, Howard’s question was an acceptable one to know what had made Yvonne change her mind when it came to the Prince.

‘Not that I had a choice about it...’ The little girl seated opposite them heaved a loud sigh of defeat when she heard the latest question her brother had for her after remaining silent for so long.

It was time for her to once again recount the events of the past so Yvonne took a big sip from the glass of water before she got right to work.


With the Prince’s sudden appearance and his reminder to return in the future, Yvonne had been most concerned about two aspects the most.

The first was her butler, Jax, who had also become a well-known figure ‘J’ in the business world thanks to his prestigious position as second-in-command at CLOVER.

Though the Prince had never met ‘J’ in person until now or even seemed to know about his existence, she was still worried about what would happen in the future.

After all, if Prince Fritzen met Jax at her mansion and later saw the same person representing VC at any public venue, then it would not take too long for him to realize what was going on.

If this happened then Jax’s cover would be blown and even her connection with CLOVER could be uncovered.

Therefore, her first step was to ensure that Jax and the Prince never met each other within the walls of the St. Claire estate.

Thankfully, until now she had been successful in keeping the existence of Jax a secret which eased one-half of her worries.

However, while Prince Fritzen continued to be ignorant about the presence of the public figure ‘J’ in her mansion and how she was connected to him, the heir to the Royal throne had discovered something else.

The second aspect that Yvonne wished to be cautious about was her secret revolving around her awakened aura and her contract with an etcher.

In a world where only boys were allowed to possess such magnificent powers, Yvonne St. Claire was an anomaly that defied nature.

She too did not know why she was able to awaken her aura and form a contract with an etcher.

However, this did not deny the fact that she had achieved such marvelous feats even without trying too hard.

Though she had later worked hard to maintain her aura and grow her strengths along with those of her etcher’s.

Nevertheless, no one outside those closest to her would believe her story and most probably would try to use this information against her in the future.

Thus she and her family had been careful about who they let in on her secret.

Yet the Prince’s constant appearance in their estate had posed a threat to how long they could continue this way.

Yvonne did not have her regular classes on the weekends so she wasn’t worried about Prince Fritzen coming across her trainer, Captain Desmo, which would bring up a whole different series of questions.

Therefore, all she had to focus on was ensuring that Demon did not appear before the Prince during the few minutes that he spent in their estate on alternate weekends.

The Prince came in a discreet carriage with two servants who would wait for him while he had tea with her in a secluded room, far from the other servants of their mansion.

This was meant to safeguard the identity of the Prince which also helped Yvonne keep him in one place before he left the mansion altogether.

He entered the mansion and left using the same path and was escorted by Butler Limo and Roselie to conceal his identity.

However, after the first few visits, Prince Fritzen had expressed his desire to look around the house to which both Yvonne and Butler Limo who was with them had expressed their ardent refusal right away.

Though the Prince found it odd, Yvonne had skillfully explained that it was just to keep his identity safe as almost everyone in this Kingdom knew that the Royal family members possessed blonde hair and blue eyes.

If the other servants realized who the regular guest visiting the mansion was then the rumors that could spread would be unimaginable.

The little girl had rejoiced when she noticed the look of understanding that had appeared on the young prince’s face.

Prince Fritzen apologized for putting them in a difficult spot with his request and had left after their tea time.

His obedient and understanding nature improved the way Butler Limo thought of him but Yvonne was still apprehensive.

As though to prove that she was right in worrying about his strange requests, the Prince who had returned two weeks later had made the request a second time.

“But this time, he had something to say even before I could refuse,” Yvonne grumbled as an annoyed expression formed on her face.

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