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Chapter 946: Interrogations and Revelations

While Damien was heading in the direction of his home, two older brothers had escorted Yvonne into the St. Claire mansion.

Howard and Taylor stood on either side of the little girl as they walked forward.

“Where did you entertain the Prince?” The heir of the family questioned in a grim tone, glancing at his younger sibling.

Yvonne could sense that he was both curious and annoyed so she led the two boys straight to the room where she had been a while earlier with the Prince.

Upon entering the room, Taylor and Howard scanned the area and sighed when they realized that it was just another space meant to entertain guests.

All mansions had such rooms which were used when there was more than one important guest present at once.

The main parlor was where the person with the highest status would be served whereas the room they had entered could be assigned to those whose positions came next.


Therefore, the two boys shot Yvonne a questioning glance upon learning that the Prince was brought to this place instead of the main parlor.

If a Prince was arriving in their mansion then he should be escorted to the parlor as he would possess the highest status among them.

However, Prince Fritzen was brought into a smaller seating area at a distant corner, quite far from the main parlor.

‘Not that I mind.’ Howard snorted inwardly as he did not wish for the Prince to gain such importance in his sister’s mind.

At the same time, this was a matter of noblesse etiquette especially toward a member of the Royal family so he did not say anything disrespectful and chose to keep such thoughts to himself.

Hence the questioning gazes shot at the young girl were valid and the child too had a reasonable explanation for this strange arrangement made for the Prince’s visits.

“Papa did entertain him in the Parlor when he first arrived at the mansion,” Yvonne revealed, mentioning the event which initiated this unpredictable trend of having the Prince appear in the St. Claire estate once every few weeks.

Taylor and Howard had already taken their seats in this same room as they waited for her to give them a detailed account of just what had happened in the past.

Butler Limo had disappeared earlier to send a message to the Earl who wasn’t in the estate at present and thus the old man had not returned yet.

Roselie, Yvonne’s personal maid, was the only one who was around and was aware of the secretive activities taking place in their mansion until now.

Therefore, the duty of serving these three noble children, who had returned to the same room used to entertain the Prince, had now become hers.

Thus the maid had hurried away to bring refreshments for the two young masters who had arrived after many months and also her miss who must have had a tough time dealing with the Prince.

With the maid gone, for now, Yvonne did not hide a thing and revealed exactly what had happened both at the King’s birthday celebration and in the days that followed.

Since Taylor was the only outsider aware of her identity as VC, excluding her family and those directly involved with CLOVER, she had no qualms in letting him know what she had been up to in the past few months.

Thus the two boys were informed all about the events that transpired at the King’s birthday celebration which they had missed due to their classes.

They also heard about her two-week confinement period and how she had gotten right to work after that.

“Only a few weeks after the King’s birthday, Prince Fritzen made his first visit to our mansion.” She disclosed the timeframe from when these visits began.

The Prince showed up one fine day and kept returning to the St. Claire mansion whenever he could after that interaction.

“Did he never mention his reason for stopping by?” Taylor inquired, finding something wrong with the information she was sharing with them.

Howard nodded as well but Yvonne shook her head as she was clueless to this very day.

“His answer is the same every time.” She added, revealing that she had indeed questioned him about his motives for visiting her so often.

However, each time, the answer was the same as the one she had given to her brothers earlier.

“He just has tea and leaves?” Howard was the one who had questioned this time and received a positive nod from her.

In the beginning, Yvonne was too unnerved by his appearance and thus had been too stiff and dazed to even initiate a conversation with him.

At such times, Prince Fritzen would simply sit in silence until he finished his tea and then bid farewell before leaving the mansion.

“He would always say that he would be back some other day before leaving.” She grumbled at the promise he made and kept every single time they met.

She also mentioned that it was Prince Fritzen who had requested the Earl to ensure that word of his presence there wasn’t spread outside.

The Prince would enter the estate covertly using a simple carriage to help keep his identity concealed and hoped that the anonymity of his trip would be maintained by those inside the estate as well.

The Earl agreed right away and to assure him, he had commanded the old butler and her maid to be the only ones around when the Prince arrived.

They also moved the venue of entertaining the Prince to this seating area which was located at a distant corner of the floor, making it inaccessible to the others since the Butler would be guarding its corridor from afar.

Thus Prince Fritzen wasn’t served in the main parlor but in this room that they were now seated in.

These arrangements were satisfactory to the Royal heir who continued to appear as he pleased and returned the same way as well.

Yvonne also did not forget to reveal that the Prince never did or said anything that could hint at some hidden goal he was trying to achieve each time he came to visit her.

While she had been hesitant to converse with him in the very beginning, her silence dissipated with their every meeting.

In the last month or so, they had begun having discussions about various matters where mostly it was Yvonne trying to obtain information from the Prince who was more than happy to engage in these long conversations with her.

He did not even think twice before revealing the current state of the relationship between the Queen and Princess Felicia which had been one of the most intriguing topics for the little girl due to reasons she had not divulged to anyone until now.

It was also during these conversations that she had inquired about his purpose for appearing here on numerous occasions.

However, until now, his answer had never changed, repeating the same words he had uttered before the Earl on the first meeting.

Having reached this point, Yvonne took a moment to catch her breath, and right on time, Roselie knocked on the door after she had returned from the kitchen with their refreshments.

Therefore, silence veiled their room as the maid poured tea for the three noble children as well as served them freshly-baked snacks that the chef had prepared for the young master who had returned to the estate today.

Yvonne had already consumed tea with the Prince earlier so she did not accept a second cup but rather opted to have the warm cookies that Roselie placed on her plate.

As she enjoyed her chewy dessert, indulging her sweet tooth which she had been cultivating these last few years, the two boys seated before her had not moved a single inch.

There were creases on Howard’s forehead and a perplexed look on his face as he tried to make sense of the Prince’s motives.

On the other hand, the boy seated next to him believed that he had already deciphered what was on the Prince’s mind.

‘What’s there to even think about? He fell for Vonny!’ Taylor declared and clenched his jaw while staring at the table before him.

From what he had heard until now, it was obvious for him to grasp what the young prince was up to.

‘He must have seen our Vonny all dressed up and pretty for the King’s celebration and decided to pursue her right away!’ He harrumphed in his head at this conclusion which made perfect sense to him.

How else would they be able to explain what the Prince was attempting to achieve by his constant visits to the St. Claire estate?

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