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Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 9 - Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 9 - Let The Punishment Begin!

"Finally the human speaks something of value." He gave a low laugh and flew forward.

As he zoomed forward, Yvonne"s legs moved on their own accord as they inched backward.

"Take another step and you"ll fall to your death." The bird spoke and successfully threatened her into standing still.

"So you want to know why I have brought you here?" He was so close to her that his beak touched Yvonne"s nose and she stiffly nodded her head in answer.

"Have you heard of the name "The love that breaks barriers- The Emperor is mine!" somewhere?" He questioned and Yvonne tried to remember if she had heard that name before.

"Isn"t that the name of the last script I read?" She recollected and nodded her head.

"I read that story today at the office, good God was I bored out of my mind!" She thought of the story she read and rolled her eyes.

"Oh really? Tell me more." He said and slowly moved away from her and hovered in the same place after creating a distance from her.

"What"s there to tell? The story was written by an amateur, had loopholes-"

"The names of the characters were weird?" He cut her off and asked cheerfully.

"The weirdest." She agreed.

He kept asking her questions to which Yvonne answered straight away.

"The plot was dull and monotone?" He questioned innocently

"It moved in a single direction and I could already predict what would happen next, so yes!" Yvonne nodded furiously.

"The female lead"s halo was too strong?" He nodded his head and asked another question.

"She saves the male lead in the first chapter and he falls for her? Phsst.." She stuck her tongue out and made a weird sound.

"Why are his words sounding so familiar to me?" She peered at him suspiciously.

"Oh, and what was the last thing?" It looked like he had forgotten what was next so out of nowhere a file appeared and hovered in front of him.

"Woah! Big bird can read?" She was fascinated to see him read the file.

"If you want to sell your script, next time make sure not to name the villainess after your future boss. Ps. that was plain stupid." The file disappeared when he read the last line.

As soon as she heard that line, something struck in her mind.

"Isn"t that what I wrote as my final suggestion after reading that story?" She looked at the bird who just glared at her hatefully.

"How did you get that? Did you steal it?" She questioned him and he laughed at her statement.

"Why would I steal something that is already mine?" His smile withered and he looked at her in a serious way.

"You are "O"?" Yvonne blurted out when he said that the script was his.

She remembered only seeing a single letter O as the scriptwriter"s name and wondered why the person did not write his entire name.

"Asmodeus Del Ovin, the god of flight and thunder. The mightiest of the Ancients." He declared and as he said those words loud thunder and rumbling could be heard all around them.

"And you dared to disparage my great work in this manner? Who do you think you are!?" He roared and Yvonne felt her body freezing from how the temperature around them was plummeting.

"What the hell is his problem?" She rubbed her cold arms and felt her irritation rising.

"Then why did you send it to Platina? It"s my work to review what would bring a profit to my company!" She yelled at him and saw him halt the rant that he was going to continue.

"If you know that your script was so great then you should have just kept it to yourself. If it reaches others then it will be judged on that person"s likes and dislikes. So tell me who is at fault here?" She placed her hands on her hips and stood in a confrontational posture.

"I sent it to you because I want it to be made into a movie and that people might watch and enjoy it." He pouted and told her his reason for sending his script to her company.

"That bastard Neo placed a wager with the other gods that I can"t do anything other than just flying around." He thought of the ridicule he faced and his anger rose once again.

"But for that, you need something that is worth people"s time and money, which frankly your script isn"t." She shook her head and brutally bashed his hard work.

"I spent all my waking hours creating that masterpiece and she declared it as worthless without even batting an eye!" His dark grey eyes turned a glowing red.

"And what was that "Once upon a time" crap? Even a child could have done better than that!" Her inner judge was awakened and she did not realize that she was just poking a sleeping bear with her insults.

"Forget about a child, what about you? Can you do a better job with that story?" He asked and saw her nod confidently.

"Hah! As if!" He closed his eyes and mumbled something in a language that Yvonne had never heard.

"Since you think that my work was so bad, what would you feel if you were somehow thrown into a new world just like this one?" He asked and as he spoke a beautiful glowing crystal appeared between them.

Mesmerized by its beauty, Yvonne did not think deeply about what Big bird had asked and answered the first thing that came to her mind.

"That would definitely be the worst punishment I could think of." She stepped closer to the crystal and stretched her hand forward to touch it.

The moment she touched it, her entire body glowed just like the crystal and she looked up to ask Big bird what was happening.

But she saw him staring at her intensely and realized that something was wrong.

She hurriedly withdrew her hand but her body was still glowing.

"Argh... !" She felt a shooting pain in her head and her entire body felt like it was being pulled by an invisible force.

The bird made a loud squeaky noise and then her body was rapidly pulled towards the crystal.

"What did you do, you big crappy bird!??" Yvonne yelled but her screams faded away as she got sucked into the crystal.

"Since they were your own word, " He stared at the crystal.

"Let the punishment begin!" He flapped his wings and as he said those words the crystal disappeared.

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