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Chapter 3 - Fashion Paradise

Being a severe workaholic, Yvonne made plans on going to work tomorrow even though it was a Sunday.

She wanted to finish a few minor things beforehand so that she might enjoy the entire week, maybe even take a mini-vacation if she can squeeze it in her schedule.

After she got ready for bed, she sat in front of the mirror and looked at her reflection in it.

The thick black tresses fell loosely over her shoulders and she skillfully combed them into a high bun.

Yvonne had beautiful slanted eyes with raven black irises, a high, pointed nose, and big pouty pink lips.

Yvonne was called "The beauty with a blank face" in the social circles because even though she was a beauty no doubt, she never showed any expression or emotions.

But that wasn"t her fault, she was brought up that way. Always keeping her emotions under control when she was outside but she put her outer facade to rest when she was at home, with people she loves and trusts.

She was a cranky perfectionist who wasn"t afraid to voice out her dissatisfaction with the things she disliked.

Hence many people could not tolerate her but none of that mattered to her because she was Yvonne St. Claire, she did not need to bow down to please someone else"s ego.

She applied moisturizer and eye cream as she leaned in and closely looked at the crow"s feet that were slowly appearing as she grew older.

"I don"t want to look old so soon. I need to start looking after my skin." After all, she was 28 years old and did not take much care of her skin because of her busy schedule.

She got on her bed and after sending her personal assistant Terra an email, she closed her eyes and fell asleep.


After her regular 9 hours of perfect sleep, Yvonne woke up refreshed and glanced at her window to see the stunning view of the Sun slowly rising.

She had plans of going to work at 10 AM and there was plenty of time before that, so she went for a walk in their massive rose garden and came back on time for breakfast.

When she arrived, she saw her brother and Grandpa Leo animatedly talking about something.

"What is the discussion about?" She asked Vince and he scooted over to give her sufficient place to sit.

The three sat together on the couch and watched the video that Vince played on the laptop.

It seemed to be an introduction video of some sort and Yvonne concentrated to know more about it.

After the video clip came to an end, Vince turned to his sister and expectantly looked at her.

"So…? What were your thoughts?" He asked and saw her carefully think about it.

"Is this the new thing that you wanted to invest in? Video games?" Grandpa Leo asked incredulously and Vince just nodded his head.

Just when he was about to yell at his grandson, he heard Yvonne speak up.

"The plot is a little weak, why does the main hero want revenge? Give the audience a clear picture of what happened in the past that made him this way. Also, you will have to work on the graphics if you want this to be a success." She gave her honest review and Vince quickly noted it down.

She pointed out the places where he could improve and he seriously contemplated them.

He knew that his sister would speak only after she analyzed everything about the situation which made her the best person to ask for advice.

"Vonny, why are you encouraging him? What if he loses all the money invested?" Leo was worried about his company"s reputation more than the money.

"Chairman Leo, have you forgotten about the 50 million dollars that you invested in that pottery company?" Yvonne smiled at her grandfather and saw him breaking out into a sweat.

"What pottery company?" Seeing his grandpa this way, Vince was very curious about what she was talking about.

"Oh, nothing at all! This is a very good idea you have there, boy. If you have any problem with the board of directors just let me know. I will handle them." Leo laughed and closed the laptop before he quickly walked to the dinner table while pulling Yvonne along.

"I"ll help him out, just don"t tell him about it. I"ll never hear the end of it if he comes to know that I lost all the money on that project." Leo pleaded with Yvonne and she just nodded her head.

"Hmph! I know your weakness, old man. I"ll see how you try to bully my brother again." She smirked and sat down to eat.

Vince, who was left alone, wondered what they were talking about and decided to snoop around in the company archives later.

They had a simple breakfast of bacon and eggs with orange juice and all withdrew to their rooms.


Yvonne now started getting dressed for her day at work. She opened the door and entered the room that was adjoining her bedroom.

She hit the lights and if there was a fashion paradise, this room would surely be called that.

This room was even bigger than her bedroom and had dresses, gowns, casuals, formals and workout clothes all neatly placed on racks

She picked out faded blue jeans with a black turtleneck and walked further inside.

Her walk-in closet had a walk-in closet of its own. She pushed the sliding door aside and the light inside was automatically switched on.

The room was long and at the other end of the room, a black leather couch was placed. On either side of the room, different types of shoes were arranged on the shelves.

She picked out dark grey stilettos and left the room.

Walking back to her bedroom, she changed into her new clothes and sent a message to her assistant that she would be leaving the house now.

"Hopefully, I will be back before lunch."

Tying her hair into a high ponytail, she picked up her phone and walked out the door.

When she came downstairs, she couldn"t find her brother and grandpa around so after informing a maid that was working there, she left.

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