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Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 29 - Just Like Riding A Bike

Chapter 29 - Just Like Riding A Bike

Her class with Marquess Samed ended after three hours and she was now taking a break before her music class.

Yvonne"s schedule had three or four classes every day with a gap of two hours between each class.

But because the Marquess had increased his class" duration, she had to rush to the next class as soon as he left.

Just like any other young child from the noble families, she too had to perfect some skill.

While the boys were taught horse riding, archery, swordsmanship, and hunting, the girls were taught music, embroidery, poetry, and etiquette.

"So basically all the fun stuff is for the guys and the girls just sit together stitching and recite poems?" She scowled when her mother had informed her about it.

"Other than basic etiquettes everything else will become redundant once I grow older. Will poetry or music save my life in the future? No! It"s self-defense that will!" Yvonne was glad that she was already well versed in skills that could save her life in dangerous situations.

She pitied the girls who blindly followed these rules that were shoved down their throats by society.

Her thoughts came to a halt when an elderly woman was supported into the room by Mrs. Jacinth who then bowed and left them alone.

"Are you alright? I heard what happened." She asked with concern.

"Did those two get the town crier to proclaim that I lost my memories?" Yvonne controlled her anger and smiled at the old lady.

This was Governess Lester, the same woman who taught Raylene to play the piano when she was younger.

Due to sentimental feelings, she had asked the Governess to come over and teach Yvonne as well.

"At least she seems like a sweet grandmother, unlike that smug Marquess."

They walked up to the piano and sat on the duet piano seat.

"We completed this piece last week but let"s just go over it once again." Governess Lester spoke to her in an amicable way.

"Yes, Governess." Yvonne was confident in her skills because she had learned how to play the piano as a child in her previous life.

"How hard can it be? It"s just like riding a bike, once you learn it you never forget it." She confidently looked at the music sheet and pressed the first key.


"Fu-" She shut her mouth before she blurted out the indecent word.

She turned towards the old lady by her side and wordlessly glared at her.

"Do it again." Governess Lester showed no expression as she commanded Yvonne to repeat.

Yvonne rubbed her knuckles that had turned red due to the swift strike she had received from Governess Lester.

"Where the hell was she hiding that stick!?" Once again her fingers hovered over the keys.

"Don"t test my patience, child. Play it!" Governess instructed her to move faster.

"Was that gentle grandmother from before just a facade? And I fell for it?" Yvonne wept silent tears as she was repeatedly flogged whenever she paused or made a mistake while playing.

At the end of the hour-long class, Governess Lester was dissatisfied with the results that she had seen.

"The next class is after two days. Make sure that you master this piece by then or not even your mother can save you." She smiled at Yvonne which made her hide her swollen fingers behind her back.

All Yvonne could reply with was a nod and she along with Mrs. Jacinth escorted her out of the house.

As they watched her leave, the governess suddenly turned back and looked at Yvonne.

"Don"t forget to ice your fingers. Can"t let anything happen to such adorable little hands." She smiled and then left.

This confused Yvonne to no end.

"Is she Bipolar? One minute she"s a music teacher from hell and in the next, she"s a sweet grandmother once again?" Yvonne quickly looked up at Mrs. Jacinth with teary eyes.

Understanding what her Young Miss wanted, she hurriedly picked her up and rushed back to her room.

They still had a few hours before the etiquette class so Yvonne could reduce the swelling of her fingers before that.

When they reached her room, she noticed that Raylene was already waiting for her inside.

"Oh, baby! Look at those swollen hands!" She placed Yvonne on her lap and wiped her hands with a cold towel.

"Hiss…" Yvonne winced when she felt the coldness on her fingers.

"The Governess hasn"t changed in all these years." She heard her mother"s soft mumbles as she wrapped cubes of ice in the towel and gently pressed them on Yvonne.

"You knew that she flogs her students and yet you asked her to teach me?" Yvonne was aghast when she heard this.

"What kind of a horrible mother are you?" Somehow she could not bring herself to utter those words. She felt that this body was making her weak-spirited.

"Vonny, she might be a harsh teacher but she just wants the best for her students. You"ll understand what I mean when you think about this after you grow up." She patted Yvonne"s head and snuggled with her.

"That can only happen if my fingers don"t fall off due to all the beatings!" She looked at her pitiful fingers and scowled.

After helping her reduce the swelling, Raylene left so that she might take some rest before the next class.

"Piano is nothing like riding a bike!" She grimaced that she was overconfident about her skills.

"I better pay attention to the next class so that I don"t get hit or humiliated again."

They had lunch before the next class and just when Yvonne was about to doze off after filling her stomach, Mrs. Jacinth informed her that the next teacher had arrived.

It was a middle-aged woman who looked very uptight and serious. She had big glasses on and walked with her back ramrod straight.

Yvonne greeted her elegantly and received an appreciative nod from her teacher.

"I better pay attention and not mess up!" She listened to everything being taught and followed her teacher in the exact way.

An hour passed quickly with Yvonne walking in a straight line, bowing elegantly and learning to greet like a true noble lady.

As Yvonne watched this teacher also leave the mansion, she finally heaved a huge sigh of relief.

It was three in the afternoon and the sun was bright and the heat was burning her up.

Her classes for the day had ended and she just stared at the sky.

"Is this what you meant by punishment? Well, that"s a job well done! These classes are draining my energy!" She scowled as she gazed at the blue sky which had no clouds in sight.


A pained scream diverted her attention from cursing at that blue bird.

When she turned around, she found that Howard had fallen on the ground.

Yvonne rushed towards him and looked at his surroundings. It looked like he had fallen while practicing his sword skills on a wooden stump.

"Are you alright, Big brother?" She stretched her hand towards him to help him up.

When Howard noticed that it was his evil little sister, he instantly forgot about his pain and scowled at her.

"Why is this scene so familiar? Ah, right! This is the same expression that stupid male lead had when I tried to save him." She shook her head to remove that annoying memory.

"Oh, it"s you! No wonder I fell down!" Howard glowered at her and this made Yvonne"s smile to fade.

"Why can"t people just accept the help without giving their useless opinions about it?" She rolled her eyes.

"Mrs. Jacinth, please help me up!" He commanded her instead of taking Yvonne"s outstretched hand.

"She is my attendant and in no way required to follow your orders!" Yvonne frowned and signaled her to stand down.

"Either take my hand or stay down there till someone else arrives. But I highly doubt that they will come any time soon because it is their break time." She smirked at him.

The servants of the house take a break after the masters finish their lunch. So most of them would be in their quarters right now.

Howard"s face changed when he heard this and reluctantly took her hand and pulled himself up.

"Thank you." He spat out those words and limped back to the mansion.

"What a proud brat!" She muttered as she watched him leave.

She then commanded Mrs. Jacinth to take her break as well because Yvonne wanted to spend some time alone with her thoughts.

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