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Chapter 28 - A Businesswoman

"What does this have anything to do with that brat?" She furrowed her brows.

Looking at her lost expression, Marquess Samed shook his head and explained it to her in an exasperated manner.

"Do you still remember that you have an older brother?" He gesticulated as he spoke.

"I"m five years old, not an idiot. I can understand even if you speak normally." She tried so hard to stop her eyes from rolling at her new tutor.

"And, yes. I do know that I have a brother. What about him though?" She asked curiously.

"Fine, Ms. "I am not an idiot". Let"s see if you can keep up." He blatantly looked down at her.

"Go on!" She challenged him.

"Let"s start with a story. Once upon a time…" Sullivan started and Yvonne immediately rolled her eyes without a care in the world.

"Yo blue bird! You really like using that line huh? Even your characters can"t seem to live without it." She scowled inwardly.

"There was a young boy who loved his sword. Despite all odds, he was chosen to enter a famous Duke"s order solely depending on his own hard work."

Yvonne just nodded and did not disturb him until he had finished his story.

"Chosen as one of the youngest squires to be appointed as a knight, he went back home to share his joy with his family." Sullivan then shook his head in dismay.

"But unfortunately, his father did not share the same excitement. In fact, he was so furious that he locked him up at home and forbade him from ever touching a sword." He ended his story and looked at Yvonne"s face which was all scrunched up in her confusion and anger.

"What kind of a horrible father would do that to his own son? What was so wrong in being a knight? I think they look great in those uniforms." She shared her opinion after he was done.

"Oh, Miss St. Claire! It"s rude to disrespect your deceased grandfather that way." He sneered as he chided her.

"Grandpa?" She took a moment to realize what his words meant.

"You mean the young boy in that story was Rutherford?" Shocked at this sudden revelation, she forgot to call him "father".

"Uh... I meant, father!" She quickly corrected herself before the Marquess could say anything.

"Yes, it was your father. But do you know what I like about him the most?" He asked her and she shook her head in response.

"No wonder Rutherford looks so fit! He must be working out constantly to try to satisfy his past dreams." She learned something new about her family today.

"Despite losing his childhood dream, he still managed to reach greatness in another way." Sullivan looked like a proud father watching his son succeed at something new.

"Greatness? How?" Yvonne"s eyes glittered because that was what she always strived for.

"Why do I keep forgetting that you"ve lost your memories?" He hit his forehead and smiled at Yvonne creepily.

"Because thanks to your father"s hard work and smart mind, the St. Claire"s family is now the richest in the entire Rosenhyde Kingdom." He dropped a bomb right on Yvonne"s head.

"Well, after the royal family of course, but that is still a great thing to achieve at such a young age." He remarked.

"Richer than the Dukes?" She asked nervously and received a positive response.

"Dammit! This way won"t my father have constant contact with the other rich families? What about my future plans?" She looked at her clenched palms and pondered.

Sullivan observed the changes in her and wondered what had caused her mood to plummet.

"Is she unhappy that they are below the royal family? That much greed is not good." He had just opened his mouth to reprimand her but she beat him to it.

"But how is this connected to my brother?" Yvonne looked back at him.

"And people call her the genius child?" She heard him mumble softly.

"This guy"s smart mouth is starting to piss me off now!" She glared at him.

Sullivan sheepishly avoided her eyes and scratched his neck.

"Because what happened to your father will surely happen to him in the future." He explained but had to further elucidate when she still did not get his point.

"I heard that Master Howard is an excellent swordsman at such a young age. But it"s a pity that he"ll have to give it all up to inherit the Earl"s title when he grows up." Sullivan raised his brows and looked at Yvonne.

This time she finally understood the entire situation clearly.

"So Howard will have to give up on the thing he loves to become the Earl? Why can"t he just do both?" The multi-tasking queen Yvonne wondered.

"Can my becoming a businesswoman help him out somehow?" She inquired.

"That has never happened before. Women cannot inherit titles in this kingdom but you can certainly watch over the Earldom until your brother is ready to inherit it." Sullivan spoke after giving it some thought.

"But let me warn you, women will never be able to run a successful business. Especially such an enormous business like the one your father owns." He reminded her.

When he saw her disgruntled face he spoke up again because she had misunderstood his words.

"You might turn out to be a great businesswoman in the future but the other noblemen would never accept a woman who is in charge of the business. They might even try to ban you or cause other problems for your business." His eyes displayed his disappointment in the present society"s views.

All this did was ignite Yvonne"s fighting spirit and strengthen her resolve.

"I just wanted to earn more money for myself, but if it can help that brat to live the life he wants then I don"t see the harm in looking after the family business until he fulfills his dreams." She decided on her future career in those few seconds.

After all, this was exactly what she had done with her brother, Vince back in her original world. She brought it to new heights and handed it over to him when he was prepared.

"Maybe this way I can have a better relationship with Howard. He can"t possibly hate the person who"s helping him achieve his dreams, right?" Though she was confident in her skills, she was still doubtful about what the other people in her family would think about this sudden decision of hers.

"Marquess Samed, I would be grateful if you could keep our conversation a secret until I"m prepared to let my family know about it." She got off the chair and slightly bowed to show her sincerity.

Sullivan was surprised to see that the proud and spoiled brat from before was now acting in such a mature and elegant way.

"What conversation, Miss St. Claire?" He looked confused after he spoke but his sly wink revealed that he was just playing along.

"As for the matter with those patriarchal chauvinistic nobles, I"ll just think of a way to deal with them later on." She smirked in an evil way as she sat back in her seat.

Sullivan felt a chill run down his spine when he looked at that sweet angelic face twisted in an evil smile.

He rubbed his eyes and when he looked back at her, she had her usual sweet smile.

"Did I just hallucinate?"

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