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Chapter 20 - Help!

"Why am I here when all I wanted was to stay away from this place!" Yvonne felt like kicking herself when she found that she was in the vast garden behind the mansion.

Pressing the fingers that had just stopped bleeding, she exhaled loudly.

She looked up at the sun that would occasionally hide behind the passing clouds.

"Did you have something with bringing me to come here? You want me to save your precious character?" She stared at the sky and glowered.

The sun was right overhead and it would soon be lunchtime.

Not wanting to have any part in the ordeal that was going to take place somewhere around this area, she took a step forward to go back to the mansion but then hesitated.

"I"m already outside now, so why not just go and take a look at the events that will happen soon." Her curiosity was against the rational part of her brain that desperately wanted to leave.

"The so-called "Love at first sight" would be an amusing sight to witness." She thought and turned towards the garden once again.

"But what if they notice me?" She again wavered.

She weighed the pros and cons in her mind.

"Oh, what the hell!"

Her little battle was won by her curiosity and she finally made up her mind to discreetly watch them from afar so that her presence might not be discovered.

She silently walked towards the sound of the running waters that were coming from the stream.

Soon, the stream was visible from a distance and she decided that this was the perfect spot for her to watch as that "male lead" falls into the stream.

"Let"s just watch the show and see if his lady love will come to save his life. Hmph!"

Yvonne crouched behind some bushes and waited for the scene to unfold.

While she was waiting in the shadows, she failed to notice that someone else was watching her.

But Yvonne"s entire attention was on the brown-haired boy who was kicking pebbles as he walked by the stream.

"Is that how the main character is supposed to behave? Where"s the cold air, the regal mannerisms? The gorgeous looks? He looks just like some random passerby." Yonne shook her head in disappointment when she saw how he behaved.

He stopped to admire the flowing water and bent forward to stare at it.

Yvonne was shaking with excitement as she waited for him to fall in.


And she did not have to wait for long. The loud noise of the boy plopping into the water disturbed the serene atmosphere.

"Yes!" Yonne chuckled when she saw him slip and fall.

"Exactly like how it happened in the dream." She nodded her head and continued watching.

"Help…!" The boy desperately waved his arms around as he tried to keep his body afloat.

"Why isn"t anyone coming to save him? Where is that puffy haired girl when you need her!"

Yvonne panicked when she saw his head going under the water and then came back up after a few seconds.

"Somebody!! I can"t swim!" He screamed again.

"Fuck!" She hit her forehead.

Yvonne had finally realized that it was the original Yvonne who had saved him, not the female lead.

"That old couple only appeared after he was saved, is the story going to continue only after I save him?" She wondered and the chances of that notion to be true were high.

"You are such an asshole!" She looked up at the sky and cursed out loud.

Somewhere in the sky, the tiny bluebird shuddered because of the malice it felt but did not bother about it.


Now those loud wails were starting to piss her off.

"I"m coming! You don"t have to cry about it!" She hoisted herself up from her hiding spot and leisurely walked to the stream.

When the boy heard someone"s voice, he rejoiced that he would be saved. But his joy soon faded when he saw a little girl walking towards him.

"Am I going to die today? I haven"t even said my final goodbyes yet!" The boy felt like crying for real.

"Give me your hand." Yvonne lazily stretched forth her tiny hand and asked him to hold on.

Seeing the small and chubby hand before him, he felt like yelling at her.

"Do you really-" His words were cut off when he saw her dark eyes glaring at him.

"I"m trying to help and this jerk is looking at me with contempt!? I wouldn"t glance at him a second time If it wasn"t that my family would be executed if something happened to him on our estate." Yvonne gritted her teeth.

"I can leave if you want?" She proposed and instantly saw the fear in his eyes.

"What a baby!" She frowned and stretched her hand further.

This time he caught it without any hesitation but this made Yvonne"s brows scrunch up.

"I came out to help him because the Yvonne in my dream could do it, but this is really hard!" She pulled him with all her might.

"Faster! The current is getting stronger!" He commanded her in a loud voice.

"Watch your mouth, boy!" She immediately glared at him.

The boy was stunned when he heard her speak that way to him.

No one had ever raised their voice at him and this little girl who seemed to be younger than him had just chided him.

"Then puller harder!" He mumbled and this broke the last threads of Yvonne"s patience.

"I would… If you weren"t so heavy, you pig!" She yelled angrily.

Her voice was cute and heartwarming but the words she spoke were mean and hurtful.

Her rage fueled her body and gave her strength.

Putting all her power into it, she successfully yanked him out of the water.

They both were on their knees by the shore as they gasped for breath.

"Thank you for saving me." Though he was annoyed by her words, he still was a gentleman.

Yvonne could hear footsteps coming their way.

"Oh, just faint already!" She snarled at him and saw him frowning.

"How dare y-" He started but couldn"t finish his words.

The fear and anxiety of dying had drained his strength and he lost consciousness.

"Finally!" She sighed when she saw him slump on the soft grass.

The footsteps sounded closer than before, so she hurriedly ran back to her hiding spot.

While breathing hard because of all the running, she watched as the old couple carried him away from there.

"Now onto scene two."

She picked up her shoes in her hands and slowly tiptoed after the couple while remembering to keep a safe distance between them.

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