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Chapter 2 - Family Of Three

As soon as they heard that they were off-air, the other two dropped their friendly smiles.

"I"m glad I won"t have to see your frozen face for the next few days!" Lola huffed and got up from her seat.

"I am not going to demean myself by arguing with a child." Yvonne decided to ignore her and quickly walked away from there.

She saw the director heading their way and gave him a nod before walking past him.

"Director, why is that woman even in this show? She may be a yesteryear"s supermodel but now she"s just bitter and mean!" Lola complained.

Both Giovanni and the director stared at Lola like she had two heads.

"If there was anyone here who did not deserve to be on the show then that person would be you!" But the director just smiled at her.

"Miss Trunket, we"ll discuss this again when you own a talent agency that gives the winners a contract to work with them." He spoke in a patronizing tone and left after patting Gio on his back.

Lola just stomped her feet and walked away angrily without bothering about Gio.

"Vonvon… When will you let me in?" Gio gazed longingly in the direction that Yvonne left.


Yvonne drove her Mercedes at a very high speed and reached her home.

The St. Claire Mansion was on a hilltop. In fact, the entire hill belonged to them.

The extravagant mansion once upon a time was a castle that her ancestors owned.

As she entered, she saw an old man sitting on the couch and a young man standing beside him with his head held low.

"What did he do now, Grandpa?" Yvonne rustled her long hair and asked in exasperation.

"Ask him yourself!" Saying so, the old man turned his face away in anger.

"Vince, why is Grandpa angry?" She faced the young man and saw him glare at her.

"Everything I do can never be enough for him!" He exclaimed and immediately regretted raising his voice.

"Sorry." He mumbled as he put his head down once again.

Standing in front of Yvonne, was her baby brother Vincent St. Claire. He was twenty one this year and was seven years junior to Yvonne.

"Grandpa don"t be too harsh on him. He"s still in his learning phase." She reprimanded her grandfather and saw him puff his cheeks like a hamster.

Her grandfather, Leonardo St. Claire was in his seventies but acted like a child with his grandchildren.

He was a loving old man but when it came to the St. Claire empire that he had held strong all these years, he would never take anything less than perfect.

That"s exactly where the problem for this family of three arose.

Yvonne who had recently handed over the family business to her younger brother was always stuck between their quarrels.

The younger"s new ideas versus the older"s experience. Their methods were always clashing and this gave Yvonne a headache.

"I don"t care how you sort this one out, but I do not want to hear another word about this stupid fight by the time I come back down for dinner!" She fiercely glared at them and they nodded their heads obediently.

Seeing them nod, she started walking to her room while checking her mail.

"Hmph! Does she still think she"s judging that stupid show here! Bossy woman!" Grandpa Leo grumbled.

"We wouldn"t have heard all this if you would just agree with my new investment idea!" Vince gloated and met with Leo"s scowling face.

"Come on, let"s finish our discussion before Von-Zilla comes back down." Vince extended his hand to support his grandpa and they went to the study room.


Inside her room, Yvonne skimmed through her schedule for the next week.

She spent her weeks as the CEO of her talent agency *PLATINA ENTERTAINMENT* and used her weekends to judge the show "The Dreamer" to find the new best thing for her company.

She checked her calendar and saw that she did not have any big meetings this week and was happy to know that she could spend most of her time relaxing at home.

Soon it was dinner time and she came downstairs to find a serene scene where her brother was pouring soup for her grandpa.

"These two can be hired as actors in Platina." She rolled her eyes and walked to them.

"Next time you want to put up a show for me, be more discreet with the cane." She smiled at her grandpa and saw him freeze.

The cane that he was using to silently hit Vince from under the table fell to the floor.

"And you! Get your hands away from his soup." She pointed to Vince"s hand that was secretly adding pepper to Leo"s soup while the old man was busy poking him with his cane.

"Nasty brat! No wonder you didn"t say anything when I kept hitting you!" Grandpa scowled and Vince burst into laughter.

"You started it! I just wanted a little revenge!" He laughed like a villain.

"Enough! I do not want to hear any noise! Eat!" She commanded and they immediately started eating.

Dinner went on smoothly after her little threat and they saw her calmly walk back to her room after that.

"She wasn"t always this mean, I wonder what happened?" Grandpa Leo looked at her back and said wistfully.

Grandpa Leo turned to his side when he heard a snort.

"YOU happened to her, old man. I blame you!" Vince glared at him and stood up suddenly causing his chair to make a loud screeching noise.

Then he shook his head and quietly walked away.

The butler who was behind Leo helped him up and led him to his room.

"I had no other choice." He said to the butler.

"I know, master and I don"t think that Miss blames you for it." He tried consoling his master.

"I would feel better if she did." Shaking his head, they walked away.

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