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Chapter 19 - One Big Door

After her scrumptious birthday breakfast, Yvonne excused herself and went back to her room.

She lazed around for a few hours but soon she got bored and decided to explore the huge mansion.

She asked Mrs. Jacinth to carry on with her work so that she might wander around peacefully.

After asking a maid for the directions, Yvonne ambled to the library first to look at the collection of books in which she could learn more about this world.

"This place looks great!" She marveled at the large and spacious room filled with books neatly arranged on the shelves.

The man in charge of keeping the books was an elderly man with a long white beard that reached his stomach.

"I better not call him a librarian because it might earn his suspicion." She thought and requested for a book about the history of the kingdom.

She was right in doing so because there was no such word in this place.

Rather than calling the occupations by what they were called in Yvonne"s previous world, here, the people literally described them.

Though some occupations were called by their old names.

For example, a librarian becomes "someone who maintains the books" and the doctor becomes "physician".

She went to the seat by the huge window and made herself comfortable while the librarian carried the heavy books for her.

The original body had already started learning how to read so he wasn"t shocked to see her ask for such big books.

Yvonne was a bright child to begin with and her parents had made sure to give her all the resources to help her get better.

Hours passed as she concentrated on her books and finally finished them.

"God of this world, my ass! Aren"t you just hyping yourself, huh? God of flight and thunder?" Yvonne looked at the sky and mocked.

The books she had read all described "The Great Asmodeus Del Ovin", creator and protector of the world.

He had strived hard to create this present world and only wanted the happiness and prosperity of his creations.

Yvonne"s face twisted when she read those words.

He was the one who wrote this story so he had made himself sound like the most powerful and benevolent god while making another god named "Neo" as the bad and evil one.

Kids in this world were constantly warned by their parents when they misbehaved, by saying that the evil Neo would gobble them up if they continued this way.

The world worshipped and prayed to Asmodeus as their creator and had a large number of temples that were dedicated to him.

"What a narcissistic god!?" Yvonne stretched her body and decided to leave.

She would definitely puke if she read another literature that praised and boasted about that shitty god.

Even though she was willing to adjust and start afresh in this new world, she would never forgive that bird for punishing her in this way.

She cussed at him in her mind and randomly stomped her way to whatever the next interesting sight that she might see.

Blindly just turning around the corners, led her to the kitchen.

The chefs and the maids were excited to see their miss over here.

The chef offered her some snacks and she gratefully accepted them.

Sitting on a chair, she munched on the cookies that were served and finished it off with a warm glass of milk.

Having filled her tummy, she bid them goodbye and meandered to the next thing that fate would lead her to.

"Where to next? Right or left?" She looked at the two passages that she had stopped at, after leaving the kitchen.

For some reason, she felt that she would find something interesting if she took the passage on her left.

"Left it is!" She followed her instincts and walked ahead.

It was a long passage with no doors or rooms on either side, just one big door at the end of the dimly lit corridor.

"This is like some horror movie where the actress gets murdered when she opens the door at the end." She shook her head and pushed the door open.

She had to push harder because of her small size, but eventually, the door creaked open.


The sudden burst of light that flooded the passage caused Yvonne to cover her eyes.

After a few seconds, she gradually opened her eyes and what she saw ahead made her eyes widen in awe.

The view before her was breathtaking and it looked straight out of some magical realm.

The fresh green grass, blooming red roses, humongous trees, and the warm summer clouds in the sky were a sight to behold.

Yvonne stepped forward and touched the grass with her tiny hands.

"Is this real? This place looks like VFX!" She questioned the place"s authenticity but the blades of grass in her hands proved her wrong.

Forgetting all about her plan of staying indoors, Yvonne lifted her feet and walked further to see what else this place contained.

She saw a tree with white flowers that reminded her of Cherry Blossoms and she picked up one of them that had fallen on the ground and after dusting it off, she placed it behind her ear.

Yvonne was enjoying herself because there was no one around and she could do whatever she felt like, without the need to be guarded against others.

She gasped when she saw the roses and other flowers that were planted there.

Walking to the colorful rose bushes, Yvonne tried to pluck one. But the thorny bushes pricked her fingers and they instantly bled out.


Sucking on her finger to stop the bleeding, she glared at the roses.

"What the fuck, rose!?" She yelled at the plant and stepped away.


As if she was woken up from a daze, she looked around and found that she had strayed a long way from the mansion.

"Why am I here?" She frowned.

She remembered walking out here on her own, but she did not know why she felt that need to come out here.

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