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Chapter 17 - Hello There

Yvonne sat in her room after she had said goodbye to her new parents whom she treated more like her colleagues.

Mrs. Jacinth had bathed her and helped her change into a cute and frilly nightgown.

Yvonne was already used to getting massages from her maids so she wasn"t all that embarrassed when it came to being naked in front of her nanny.

Moreover, she was now a four year old child who had nothing to be ashamed of.

"Four years old… Tomorrow I will turn five." She looked at the ceiling as she lay in her bed.

"The day that began it all." She mumbled and thought of the storyline.

The very first scene of the script depicted an accident where the shabby looking boy slipped and fell into the stream.

This was obviously the male lead of the story who for absolutely no reason suddenly slipped on a perfectly straight surface and fell into the running water.

"Reason - Because the plot needed it." Yvonne rolled her eyes.

This unfortunate incident turns into a fated meeting when he is saved by the stubborn and brave little girl, his lady love, the female lead.

She struggles and pulls him out and he takes one last look at her before he faints.

This one look of his savior gets imprinted in his heart and soul and was described as the mighty "Love at first sight".

"There is no such thing as love at first sight! It"s all a scam!" The anti-romantic pessimist Yvonne scowled at that.

Thus on the very first page of the script, the male lead falls for the little girl who saved his life.

Or so he thought, but no one knew that in fact, it was young Yvonne St. Claire who had saved the young boy who was twice her size as she pulled him out of the water.

Having drained her energy in saving him, she faints and that is when the female lead"s family carries him away.

By some stroke of fate or absurdity, he believes that it was the female lead who saved him and he falls hopelessly in love with her.

"And all that puke worthy drama happened on Yvonne"s fifth birthday, right in this vast and beautiful estate!" She cursed her luck that out of all the possible times, this plot had to take place right when she was here.

"But now that I know those two scumbags will appear tomorrow, I will definitely not even take a single step out of this mansion!" She gripped the sheets and rolled over.

Satisfied with her plan for tomorrow, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.


"Another weird dream?"

In her dream that was in a black and white setting, Yvonne looked around and realized that she was back in her adult body.

"It"s good to be able to see everyone from this height! My neck was hurting because that tiny body had to look up to talk to others every single time!" She twisted her neck to her right and then to her left.


She witnessed how the little boy plopped into the water, in dramatic slo-mo.

She watched from the sidelines as little Yvonne came running out of nowhere and struggled to pull the boy out of the stream.

Then they both fainted after he was safely ashore.

After a few minutes, she noticed an old couple rushing towards them and the man picked up the boy whereas the woman gently carried Yvonne and they went their separate ways.

Yvonne wanted to follow the woman who was carrying little Yvonne but she couldn"t take another step forward.

Suddenly the scenery changed and it looked like she was inside a small cottage of some sort.

The man hastily rubbed the little boy"s hands and feet to warm his body up.

"Hilly, get the firewood fast!" She heard the man yell which was soon followed by small footsteps that came from behind her.

She turned around and saw a little girl with long puffy hair rush right towards her.

"Slow down!" Yvonne yelled but no one could hear her voice.

Before she could move away, the girl ran right through her like she wasn"t even there.

"Woah! That"s some freaky shit!" Yvonne touched her tummy that felt woozy because the girl literally walked right through her body.

She then turned again and watched them nurse the boy.

"Stay right here while I go heat up some soup for him." The man instructed and walked out.

The little girl pulled up a stool and sat next to the unconscious boy.

"How long do I have to stay here!" Yvonne grumbled as she sat on a wooden table that was next to the best.

"I"m glad my body did not go through the table." She chuckled.

But stopped when she noticed that the boy was beginning to stir.

He coughed out some water and the girl hurriedly handed him a glass of water.

"Well aren"t you a genius!" Yvonne scoffed at the girl"s actions and shook her head.

"Are you the one who saved me?" The boy inquired in a weak voice.

"Oh please, like this little doll-like creature could pull your fatass out!" She mocked him.

The little girl froze for a second and then looked at him with a dazzling smile.

"Yes, I did." She confirmed and Yvonne"s jaw dropped.

The boy looked at her with eyes filled with gratitude and admiration.

"Well well well! Why don"t you check if your pants are on fire! YOU LIAR!!" Yvonne taunted her but sadly no one could hear her.

Also in this world, women did not wear pants so there was no way the little girl could check for it.

Yvonne finally realized that this must be the reason why the male lead fell for the female lead when she did not even save him.

"Hello there, Hilda. The female lead of our little world." Yvonne smirked as she stared at the two little kids shyly avoiding each other"s eyes.

Now that she knew what had happened in the book, she just had to avoid doing them to not invite any troubles later on.

"Frit… Are you okay!?" She heard a gasping and anxious voice come from behind that woke her up from her trance.

It sounded like someone who was older than these two children.

But before she could turn and see who it was, the entire cottage vanished from her sight.

"Who was that? He even knew the male lead"s name!"

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