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Chapter 16 - A Bad Feeling

After their little kissing competition, Yvonne sat at least five feet away from them and looked at them vigilantly.

The servants had brought their meal over and Yvonne was slurping the rich and creamy tomato soup whose warmth spread to her empty tummy.

They had their dinner in silence and after they were done, the family of three moved to the parlor.

The St. Claire couple sat together on one large sofa and Yvonne sat opposite them.

"I need to find out more about this body and this world." She looked at the couple who stared at her unblinkingly.

"Is this how the animals at the zoo feel like?" She bent her head to the side and noticed that the two adults too tilted the same way.

She found their actions fascinating so she moved her head the other way and they followed her once again.

"This is getting ridiculous!" She caught herself before she got engrossed in this mimicking game.

She sat up straight and thought of what she wanted to ask.

"So tell me more about yourself?" She intertwined her fingers and gracefully placed them on her lap.

She felt like she was back in her own world and was interviewing some poor guy who had applied for a job at her company.

But the only difference was that her long legs that she would often cross one over the other had now turned into two tiny feet that wouldn"t even reach the floor.

"Oh, how the mighty have fallen!" She lamented at her pitiful state.

Rutherford and Raylene heard her question and straightened their backs but felt amused looking at the serious expression on their four year old baby.

"If my Vonna wants to learn something then I better help her out!" Rutherford thought.

"What would you like to know?" He then answered seriously.

"I remember the basic details about the Kingdom of Rosenhyde. For example, the name of the Ruler is King Ophire Rosenhyde. He has two children, Prince Fritzen and Princess Felicia." She recalled all the details that she had read earlier.

"The Capital is Amarthea and it is a very beautiful place." She rolled her eyes.

Asmodeus had wasted a lot of words describing how beautiful and breathtaking the capital was.

"Rosenhyde Kingdom has two dukes and one grand duke. Grand Duke Roschester, the younger brother of the King." She cringed when she took his name.

"The asshole I hope to never meet!" She cursed him out in her mind.

"You seem to remember everything that your teacher has taught you."? Raylene beamed and clapped her hands to show her satisfaction.

"That"s not true, I just remember the things mentioned in Blue bird"s script." But she couldn"t tell them that so she just nodded her head.

"Are we in the capital right now?" She asked so that she can plan on how to avoid the main characters in the story.

"The story takes place when the main characters are in their teens so we have plenty of time before that happens." She sighed.

"No darling, we are at our family mansion in the St. Claire Earldom." Rutherford corrected her and Yvonne"s eyes widened.

"Oh, I have a bad feeling about this!" Yvonne frowned.

"We had come here to celebrate your fifth birthday tomorrow and then return to the capital in a few days. Your brother must be eagerly waiting for you, back at the capital." Raylene explained.

"Brother? But there was no mention of a brother in that script!" She had a bewildered look as she tried to remember if she had read anything about a brother.

But there was very little information about Yvonne"s character itself, much less about her family.

"You have an older brother. His name is Howard and he is two years elder to you." Raylene patiently explained when she saw Yvonne"s perplexed face.

Yvonne nodded her head as she contemplated on what to do with this new information.

"If I want to avoid that shitty fate that is ahead of this body, I need to stay close to my family and avoid those gnarly pests!" She clutched her dress and vowed.

But she immediately whiplashed towards the couple when she thought of something.

"I turn five tomorrow?" She yelled out incredulously when she recalled Raylene"s earlier words.

Raylene was surprised by her sudden outburst and could only blankly nod.

"Isn"t that the day THAT happens?" She bit her nails as she thought of what would take place tomorrow according to the storyline.

"The beginning of my doom! Why did I have to arrive at this point" Her eyes rolled over and she looked around trying to think of a way to escape her fated life.

"No no… I can still change it! It"s a good thing that I arrived before this incident took place, this way I can alter my future!" She smirked when she came across this idea.

"Vonna! It"s not elegant for a lady to bite her nails." She was roused from her daze when she heard Rutherford"s stern voice reprimanding her.

"But I"m technically not a lady yet." She subconsciously retorted.

The girls in this world must be addressed as "miss" until they are 16 years old.

But once they have their debutante ball at 16, they would be addressed as a "lady".

Yvonne sneered when she thought of the strict rules that were followed in this world.

"Technically? What does that mean?" Rutherford was confused when he heard this completely new word from his daughter"s mouth.

"Right! How did I forget that the people in this world do not even know the meaning of "doctor", I was overestimating them by thinking that they"ll know the meaning of "technically"." She shook her head in dismay that she had to explain what such a basic word meant.

"It just means that in the literal sense, I"m not yet a lady. It"ll be years before I become a Lady." She patiently explained and they nodded.

"Vonny has been saying such weird words since yesterday." Raylene stared at her daughter to notice if something was wrong with her.

Feeling this intense gaze, Yvonne lifted her head and beamingly smiled at her "mother".

This instantly caused Raylene to forget all about her suspicions and she gushed while looking at Yvonne"s cute face.

"This woman is so easily distracted! She has the attention span of a child." Yvonne mocked her as she hurriedly looked down to hide her sneer.

"But you will be one in the future, so better behave like a lady from now on." Rutherford chided her again.

"Was that my Vonna who just smiled so wickedly?" He had caught a glimpse of her sneer just before she put her head down.

But he shook his head convincing himself that he must have seen wrong.

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