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Chapter 14 - Cause Of Death

"Will I ever get to see them again?"

She thought of this and felt a shooting pain in her chest.

"What about my grandpa and Vince? How will they know that I am here?" Tears started welling up in her eyes.

The confidence she had earlier that her grandpa would certainly find her, had now vanished and in its place was a desolateness she experienced for the very first time.

She did not even feel this lonely when she had heard the news of her parents" death. But now she felt that she was all alone for the first time in her life.

She curled into a ball and wrapped herself in the sheets as she mourned for her life that was so suddenly uprooted because of some god who wanted to punish her on a whim.

She cried so hard that very soon she was out of breath. Inhaling deeply, she tried to calm her emotions and think about the situation properly.

She turned to lay on her back and stare at the white ceiling to clear her thoughts.

She had read such scripts before, where someone gets thrown into another world because their previous body dies in an accident.

But nothing of that sort had happened to her instead, she was cursed by that bird brain god to suffer in this world.

She tried to remember what that genre of movies was called.

"What was it called? Teleportation? Transportation? Oh, forget it!" She gave up when she couldn"t remember.

"If I was thrown into this new world then does that mean my body in the real world died?" She lifted her hands and wiped her damp cheeks.

"But what would be the cause of death?" She sat upright in a sudden motion.

"Death by falling off the bed?" That was the only cause she could think of because she was too young and healthy to die of a heart attack.

When she thought of this, she felt the tears welling up again and slammed into the bed once again.

*Yvonne St. Claire, Heiress of the St. Claire Business Empire has unfortunately expired due to a nasty fall from her bed*

She could already imagine what tomorrow"s news headline would be.

"Oh, the number of memes that would be made on this news! I will become a laughing stock!"

She wept for her reputation that would plummet because of this.

So now she was crying for never seeing her family again and the insanely lame cause of her death.

She continued whimpering until she felt her eyes close once again.

As she fell back to sleep, the blue bird who had been sitting on the window all along slowly flew towards her with his body gradually becoming visible when he came to a halt before her.

He looked down at her tear-stained cheeks and puffed up eyes.

"I"m sorry for doing this to you, little one. I swear to make it up to you!" He extended his wing and touched her on the forehead as he made this promise.

The entire room lit up and a blue light passed through him and into her head.

The god then fluttered his wings and he slowly disappeared without any trace.

"Live well, you foul-mouthed child!" Those words echoed in the silent room and everything went back to normal.


Yvonne woke up when she felt someone calling out to her.

She rubbed her eyes and looked at the maid who had come to call her for dinner.

"Mrs. Jacinth, was it?" Yvonne asked as she stretched her arms.

The woman nodded but smiled sadly.

"But young miss always called me "Nanny", won"t you call me that way again?" She looked at Yvonne pleadingly.

Hearing those words, Yvonne"s cheeks burned because of how embarrassing that would be.

"Nanny? What am I a child?"

But then it struck her, she really was a child now!

"Are you okay, young miss?" Mrs. Jacinth asked when she saw that Yvonne looked like she was about to cry.

"I"m fine. Why are you here?" She distracted the maid.

"This stupid body just starts crying for every little thing!" Yvonne was frustrated that her emotions were flowing out so freely.

"The Lord and Lady are awaiting your presence for their supper." Mrs. Jacinth answered.

Yvonne just nodded and asked Mrs. Jacinth to help her change.

"Just getting to the mirror and back had me all tired out. How would I manage to change my clothes alone?" She decided to take all the help available until she got used to this new tiny body.

Soon, Mrs. Jacinth helped her wash up, get dressed and combed her hair before leading her to the dining room.

"Are you sure that you don"t want me to carry you, Miss?" Mrs. Jacinth asked for the fourth time since they had left her room.

Yvonne had stubbornly rejected her offer the first time and now she would just be slapping herself if she shamelessly accepted it.

"But damn! Why is this dining room so far away!" She felt her thighs burn because of how long they"ve been walking.

It wasn"t very far but because Yvonne had such short legs, it felt like the room was too far away.

After a few more turns, they finally reached their destination.

Before knocking on the door, Mrs. Jacinth quickly wiped the sweat on Yvonne"s forehead and received an appreciative nod from her.

She then looked at the door and steeled herself.

"I am going to face the parents of this body. How should I behave?"

But before she could formulate any plan, Mrs. Jacinth had knocked on the door and received the permission to enter.

"What"s your hurry?" Yvonne scowled at the woman who was rushing to enter.

Poor Mrs. Jacinth just wanted to let her young miss take a seat after walking so much in those tiny legs of hers. But it looks like Yvonne did not appreciate that enthusiasm.

Having left with no other choice, Yvonne gracefully lifted her feet and walked in, just like she would do whenever she entered any room in her past life.

She walked with her head held high and her back straight, she scanned the room and saw the couple looking straight at her.



She heard them call out to her excitedly.

The woman smiled proudly at her when their eyes met but the man who had been smiling now had a visible frown on his face.

"What"s his problem?" Yvonne frowned back at him.

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