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Chapter 116 - My Request?

The man could not keep his feet still as he almost stumbled to the ground after hearing what his prized pupil had said in a hurry.

"What!?" The loud question escaped his lips before he was conscious of it.

Yvonne glared at him and then turned towards her father who was now staring at them vigilantly from his position a few steps away from them.

She smiled widely and waved her hand at the Earl to assure him that there was nothing wrong and there was absolutely no need for him to come closer.

'Phew!' She sighed when she saw him pause for a second before he smiled back at his daughter.

"Ha ha… Not so loud, Marquess." She forced a chuckle out while turning her gaze back to the silver-haired man she called her tutor.

Marquess Samed nodded as an apology as his earlier reaction was something that was not under his control.

"Explain yourself, Miss St. Claire." He addressed her by her family name to indicate that he needed a valid explanation from her.

'If she blames it on the mosquito like the last time then I will most certainly not entertain her request.' He decided and patiently awaited her answer.

However, the reason for her actions was the very same mosquito she had blamed, who was also called Grand Duke Roschester.

But there was no way that she could ever have confessed to it so now she was stuck in a dilemma.

Noticing the stern look on his face, Yvonne realized that she could not make up just any excuse to get out of this trouble that she had created for herself.

'What should I do to get myself out of this mess?' She compelled her mind to figure something out in the earliest.

"I haven't got all day, Miss St. Claire!" Sullivan urged upon seeing the conflicted look on her face.

'Her behavior has been weird ever since we started the lesson of the plague that she had requested to be taught ahead of its scheduled time.' He narrowed his eyes as this thought popped up in his mind.

Not only had she mentioned her desire to learn about the history lesson in connection with the plagues, but she had also made such a great discovery that would help Rosenhyde.

He was sure that with the information he had gained from his discussion with the child, he could easily make up a detailed report for the King.

The King could then summon his ministers and figure out on what to do next to prevent any further disasters to ever afflict their beloved kingdom.

Therefore, he could not understand the reason why he was asked to keep this matter between themselves when she had not done anything wrong.

"His Majesty, King Ophire would be pleased and would praise you if he knows that you were the one who came up with this three-step plan." He tried to convince her with a gentle smile.

He was now under the impression that the parents' first reaction of fear upon hearing this matter had somehow scared the child.

'She wants to keep it a secret because she thinks that King Ophire might punish her? What a silly child!' He presumed and let out a soft chuckle.

Yvonne tilted her head when she heard his soft laughter and scrunched her brows together.

'Here I am racking my brain to figure out a proper solution and this man has the gall to laugh at me?' She gritted her milk teeth together as she stared daggers at him.

The look on her face at this moment made Marquess Samed feel as though he was standing in the presence of a small hedgehog.

'Cute that she thinks her spikes which are ready to attack in the very next second can hurt me.' He allocated that fitting image to Yvonne's present demeanor.

Unknown to the thoughts in his mind, Yvonne finally sighed when she understood just what she had to say to get herself out of this predicament with the Royal family.

'Thank you for giving me the perfect excuse, my dear tutor!' She smirked and then looked him in the eyes as she prepared to give him the reason for her unusual request.

"Marquess, my Mama taught me that one should never be prideful of their intelligence." She began with a self-righteous tone.

'Not this mother but the mother in my old world…' She smiled when she recalled the hazy face of a beautiful woman who was a part of her childhood but had been snatched away by fate earlier than expected.

Though Yvonne was having a hard time remembering how her parents looked like since they had died in a car crash when she was just a child.

She could perfectly remember each teaching that they had bestowed on her when they were still alive.

However, hearing her words, Sullivan frowned and then gawked at her as though she was not someone from this world.

'Not be prideful? Pride is in our noble blood!' He sneered at the child in silence.

Yvonne could discern his mocking gaze and knew that she had to expand on what she had just said in order to not look suspicious. 𝘪𝑛𝒏r𝘦𝚊𝐝. 𝒄o𝐦

"I had read it in a book that one should not look for returns while doing a good deed." She mentioned while nodding her head in reverence.

When Marquess Samed heard those words, he widened his eyes and nodded his head along with her.

'The holy book of Lord Asmodeus has that verse in it!' He recalled and found some meaning in her words.

"I want to help the Kingdom but not solely to receive praise from the King." She concluded her explanation, sure that he would understand what she was trying to express here.

'When did my brat of a student become this wise?' He marveled when he got what she had wished to say.

"That is very noble of you, Miss St. Claire." He applauded her charitable attitude which was different from the other haughty brats her age.

"My request?" She inquired when she saw that he was pleasantly surprised by her deeds.

'If he is happy then he might not expose me before the King.' She surmised and gazed at him with curiosity.

"Very well then. I will not mention that you have helped me with this report." He agreed while patting the coat pocket that held the folder.

An overjoyed Yvonne squealed in excitement when she received his positive answer.

'I finally managed to solve this problem!' She cheered for herself and flashed her brightest smile to the man standing before her.

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