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Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 115 - Between Ourselves

Chapter 115 - Between Ourselves

'So my plan of staying in the shadows and away from the Royal family was destroyed due to my own actions?' She sneered at her greedy heart.

But what she had been missing was that the King was already aware of the brilliant child of the St. Claire family for a long time now.

He had investigated everything about her when he had begun the selection of the playmates for his beloved daughter, Princess Felicia.

Yvonne St. Claire was the name of the child who had refused to accept the position of the playmate.

How could the Ruler of the land forget about the person who had said no to something that he had planned for?

Though he had tossed the thought of that child aside after Marquess Samed had recommended the younger daughter of the Kiron family.

However, now Yvonne was once again dragged to the limelight with the mistake that she had pointed out in the policy that had been used for years.

While the little girl sitting at the table was silently pondering on how she had messed things up for herself, the elders were in their own merry world.

"I had come over today to inquire about a few matters in connection with the same policy. I need to prepare a report and meet with the King once again." Sullivan sighed as he tapped the folder in his coat's pocket.

Yvonne sneaked a peek at the folder which was visible for a split second before the man had concealed it.

'That needs to be destroyed!' She determined and began formulating a plan on how to achieve it.

She could not allow any more attention to be placed on her. Not when the original storyline had not yet arrived.

If she stayed in the shadows now only then would she be able to stay in the shadows in the future?

"Did Vonna help you out?" Rutherford questioned while glancing at his daughter with a wide smile.

'I always knew that my baby was the best!' He declared as that was the truth he staunchly believed in.

Not only did she have a brilliant mind, now she would be skilled in new arts thanks to her future class with Captain Desmo Reel.

Remembering Desmo, Rutherford frowned and turned towards the Marquess.

"Marquess, could you keep the matter about Vonna's class with Captain Reel as a secret for now." He requested to make sure that no one would know about this.

'What will he say?' Yvonne too stared at him, curious about what his answer might be.

Sullivan paused for a few seconds and after giving it some thought, he nodded his head in agreement.

"If that is what you want then I will not mention anything about Miss Yvonne taking new classes with the Captain to anyone else." He acquiesced fairly quickly.

Rutherford nodded at him gratefully since they knew that the damage it might cost their daughter's reputation was enormous.

'Should I try my luck as well?' Yvonne's eyes sparkled when she heard the quick acceptance from her tutor.

The material that she had given Marquess Samed would certainly be useful in the preparation for the next plague.

Hence after mulling over it for a few minutes, she was reluctant about her plan to destroy the folder.

Though she wished to steal the glory away from the characters in the story she did not want that glory to come crashing on her head after giving it some thought.

'Maybe I was too hasty when I decided to become the hero?' She cringed at her stupid actions that had led to this outcome.

Forgetting about the child who remained silent, Rutherford and Sullivan made light conversation in between each course of the meal.

As she continued with her indecisive thoughts, their lunch came to a pleasant end.

The Earl decided to escort the Royal Tutor to the entrance as they continued their discussion on the recent news they heard in the business circles.

Yvonne watched as her father stuck close to the man whom she had to speak to before he left.

'I won't meet him again for two days if he leaves this mansion now!' She cried out as she stood inside the main hall.

Her hand was tightly held by her mother who gazed at the men while standing at her side.

Yvonne raked her brain and finally succeeded in thinking of a way to escape her mother's hold.

"Mama, I forgot to mention something that is necessary for Marquess Samed's report to the King." She mumbled with a pout.

Raylene was startled when she heard this and let go of her hand.

"Go, Vonny! Quickly inform the tutor about it. We should never hide anything from our King." She advised and encouraged her to quickly move along.

Yvonne turned around and hurried toward the men who were already outside the mansion doors.

'Don't think that I can follow that adviceโ€ฆ' She huffed while running towards them. i๐’๐˜ฏ๐™ง๐ž๐’‚๐—ฑ. c๐š˜๐“‚

Her feet ached when she ran but she had to do so since Marquess Samed's carriage had arrived.

"Marquess!" She yelled and came to a halt before them.

Rutherford frowned when saw that his daughter who had just run ten laps around the training ground was once again running.

"Vonna, why are you here?" He questioned in a stern voice which made her flinch upon hearing it.

"I forget something that needs to be said." She muttered while twiddling her thumbs.

Earl St. Claire sighed when he saw this and nodded as he took a step away from them to give them privacy.

This action once again won her approval as she smiled at him gratefully.

"Marquess, can we keep this matter between ourselves? You can inform the King about the papers in your folder, all you have to do is not mention my name at any given time during your meeting with the King." She blurted everything out in one go.

"What!?" Was all she heard in response to her absurd request.

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