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Chapter 108 - A Disclaimer

After Yvonne had come to the decision of disrupting one of the events that had led to Hilda, Prince Fritzen, and Grand Duke Roschester to gain popularity, she got to work in the next instant.

She analyzed the map that Marquess Samed had laid out on the table between them.

While she was watching the map at a close distance, Sullivan was glancing at the room that he was inside at this moment.

'So she has such a mild and sober room?' He commented after his eyes roamed across the room.

The room had earlier been decorated according to the preferences of previous Yvonne, all pink and filled with frills and bows. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

However, soon after the return from their Summer Estate, Raylene was melted by the cute request by her daughter who wished to change the appearance of the room.

The pink and frills were gone and in its place were beige walls with blue and pink clouds painted at the top.

Though Yvonne had grumbled at the addition of the clouds by her mother, she had soon come to like them as she spent hours staring at the walls to pass her time.

The wardrobe, bed and the table they now sat at were all made of the best materials that money could buy in Amarthea.

'Even I do not have such an expensive bed!' The sour-faced Marquess groaned at his impoverished conditions.

Sure he was of a higher status but could his wealth be compared to that of this lower status family?

The answer to that question was known throughout the Kingdom.

Yvonne did not notice the jealous glances she was being shot from time to time as she was engrossed in the work that she had been allotted.

Picking up a piece of paper from the table, she placed it on the map and began drawing a few lines across it.

Marquess felt uneasy with each passing second as he did not wish to damage the map that he had taken as a loan from the Royal Library.

If Yvonne was aware of the fact that her bold strokes on the paper which were causing the old map to get indented was a property of the Royal family then she would have freaked.

They say that ignorance is bliss and this little girl was the golden example of that phrase.

Since she had no clue about who the owner of this map was, she had no qualms as she drew lines all over the paper which was positioned over it.

"What are you trying to do?" Sullivan asked as his curiosity had been piqued.

He could make out the resemblance of the trade routes that were on the map which were now being formed on the paper.

'This is called tracing but there is no way that you would know what that word means.' She answered his query in her mind.

She had watched as her baby brother Vince traced multiple pictures for his art homework which would eventually gain him a low score.

But the poor guy could never draw a stick figure and tracing for the art project in middle school was not a crime for the young child.

Though she had reprimanded him to get better at his assignments, here she was using the same methods as he had done when he was a child.

Noticing her silence to his question, Marquess Samed scoffed at her and crossed his arms across his chest.

He then glared at the girl as she continued drawing the weird lines for the next few minutes.

'Him staring at me in this way is not going to make me go any faster!' Yvonne snarled in her mind and decided to ignore him for now.

Sullivan's wait came to an end when he saw the little girl get up from her earlier position.

As she had been hunched over the table for the last few minutes, Yvonne groaned in pain as she stretched her back.

She skillfully twisted her back to the sides and groaned once again but this time in satisfaction when she heard the popping sounds from her aching back.

Marquess Samed's eyes widened in surprise when he saw that such a little girl had produced those sounds just by twisting her back in some weird angles.

Yvonne disregarded his impressed expressions and got to work.

"There are three main issues that are present in the policies." She revealed without beating around the bush.

The quicker she could get this over with, the quicker she could get into bed and sleep to recover her former glory.

Marquess Sullivan Samed did not interrupt her even though he was surprised by her words.

'Not one but three issues?' He was bewildered and focused his attention on the little girl.

Yvonne took a deep breath in and just as any successful business person, she first mentioned the thing that was necessary before any purchase.

"Whatever I have to say will have no meaning if the cure for the plague is not prepared on time." She disclosed with a straight face.

This was her way of washing her hands off of the matter in case any mishaps were to occur in the future when the plague would strike.

'This is called a disclaimer in my world which more than half the people fail to notice during their purchase.' She glanced at the man who was pondering about what she had said.

It was not the seller's fault if the purchaser or customer failed to pay heed to something that they had been warned about before the sale.

But the minuscule print did make it hard to catch the customer's eyes yet they could not be blamed for it.

"Of course, nothing would work if the medicines are not made on time which would cause a large multitude to perish." Marquess Samed remarked after giving it some thought.

There was only so much that a little girl could do, asking her opinion in this matter was already an enormous favor and any further would be deemed to be ungrateful on his part.

"No one will find fault with you. All you have to do is help me understand what went wrong with the policy." He reassured her to ease her mind.

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