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Chapter 106 - The Lower Hall

While Yvonne was studying the map on the table minutely, Raylene and Rutherford were discussing certain matters in the Parlor.

"I sent Paula over to the Lower Hall." Raylene muttered as she fixed her sights at her fingers which were interlinked with each other.

'Will he think that I was a bad mistress for doing so?' She fretted as she waited for his reply.

However, when Rutherford heard her confession of what she had done, he nodded his head and once again picked up the piece of paper he had been reading.

His nonchalance made Raylene look up at him with confusion which in turn made him turn in her direction.

Noticing the complicated look she had right now, Rutherford sighed and decided to explain somethings to his innocent wife.

"Ray, she is your maid and you do not have to inform me about what you do with her." He reassured her and patted her head.

Raylene smiled at the trust he had given her with the matters concerning the maids and male servants in the St. Claire estate.

"You are their Madam and it is their duty to follow your orders." He proclaimed what the right thing to do was.

Rutherford wasn't curious as to why the maid had been sent to the place of punishment in their mansion called the 'Lower Hall'.

'If my sweet Ray sent her there then that implies she had done something to deserve the punishment.' He was confident about his deduction.

The Lower Hall that Raylene had sent Paula to was the place under the mansion, the shady basement, where the servants were punished for being unruly and defiant.

They were kept in solitary rooms for the course of their punishment.

However, the living arrangement there was not subpar to that of what they had in their servant quarters.

The only catch was that they would be given a good lashing before they entered the Lower Hall.

This place could be called a servant rehab but with aching backs and skinned knees.

Butler Limo was the one who was charged with the responsibility of overseeing the punishment of the servants and also to make sure that they do not repeat their mistakes.

Right now, the same butler was watching another maid walk towards the woman who was laid on the bench.

'It was not long ago that she was here and now she seems to have come back for more.' He shook his head and winced.

The reason for the contorted look on his face was thanks to the shrill screeches that were heard in the dark room which was only being illuminated by the light emitting from a few candles in the room.

As the Lower Hall was located right below the mansion, there was no source of natural sunlight and all they had to guide their path was the light of the candles and lamps hung on the walls.

He watched in silence as the maid who was slightly on the plump side held a whip in her hand and struck the maid once again.

"Butler… Please forgive me!" Paula cried out as the whip struck her back for the second time.

The screams in the room did not make him feel bad for the head trong maid who had acted on her own accord.

When he was told that a servant was sent to the Lower Hall he was filled in on the details of what had happened before he was on his way down.

'I have never dared to interfere in the matters between Master and Madam yet she dared to do so?' Limo's sneer was evident as he continued watching the show.

He had never liked the woman and he did not hide his animosity at this moment.

Paula noticed the uninterested look on his face as tears welled up in her eyes due to the pain.

Her back was beginning to swell up as the whip struck her skin.

"Can't you have pity on me!?" She cried out, forgetting about the haughty glares that she used to direct at the very same man.

Butler Limo scoffed at the woman who knew how to adapt according to the situation.

'When she needs something she will act pitiful and later she becomes lofty and derisive.' He judged her attitude and shook his head.

"No." He rejected her without displaying an ounce of mercy.

He then looked at the woman who had stopped whipping when the butler had spoken up.

"What are you waiting for? Finish the task and get back to your station." He instructed with a stern expression on his face.

The woman in charge of the punishments of the maids in the mansion nodded her head in compliance with his orders and got to work immediately.

'I have punished the same woman twice in such a short interval of time.' She surmised and then raised the whip which was held tight in her hand.

Butler Limo turned around and strode away after he made sure that Paula would be punished thoroughly.

He walked ahead and the screams and pleas of mercy coming from the maid's mouth faded into the background.

The passage to enter the Lower Hall was kept a secret to make sure that no one would enter it at their own will.

The only people who knew the directions to reach the place were Rutherford, Limo, and the plump maid inside. πš’π’π“ƒπ“»eπ‘Žπ™™. π™˜ο½π‘š

The servants who were brought here were all blindfolded when they arrived and exited the place.

Thus keeping the location of the entrance to the Lower Hall a well-kept secret from the others inside the mansion.

Rutherford had never taken Raylene or Howard down there as he wished to keep them away from the eerie sights that might scare them.

The mother and son were aware of the existence of this mysterious place and also its purpose but they had no clue about its location.

While Yvonne had been kept in the dark about the very existence of the place.

Neither did she have any idea about the place that could be equated to a milder version of a dungeon.

However, she would be more than interested to take a look around the place if she ever heard about its usage.

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