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Thrown Into A New World: Let The Punishment Begin!

Chapter 104 - Replacement Grandpa

Chapter 104 - Replacement Grandpa

Marquess Samed took his time as he explained in detail why Captain Desmo was called 'Spawn' by his trainees.

His words were similar to what Topher had explained to Damien.

He even narrated how his younger nephew, Taylor had suffered under the tutelage of that cruel man.

'Now she must be worried about her wellbeing!' He smirked as he waited for her to begin panicking in the next moment.

However, his expectations of what would happen were not fulfilled in the least bit.

Yvonne had been silent ever since she heard what kind of an attitude Desmo Reel had towards his trainees.

Her head was lowered after she had heard everything and therefore, the Marquess had failed to notice the sparkling glimmer in eyes that were unmistakable at this moment.

'So he can be my replacement Grandpa?' She excitedly wondered as her heart pounded in her chest.

Her Grandpa Leo was a hard taskmaster who never spared her even when she cried to be let off the hook.

Nevertheless, his methods of training her had made her into the brave and fearless woman who ruled over St. Claire group of Industries before she handed the family business over to her brother.

'I need someone who can say no to this pretty face when she whines to be let off the hook just like how Grandpa would!' She rejoiced that she had found just the person for that.

After hearing about his torturous training methods which even made the younger son of the Duke of Tanner faint, she was ecstatic rather than frightened.

She was sure that he had not given Taylor the chance to escape training which had eventually resulted in him overworking himself until he lost consciousness.

'If he did not show pity to his boss's son then there is absolutely no chance that he would be generous enough to pity me.' She smirked as she came to this conclusion.

One would think that Yvonne had slight masochistic tendencies after hearing her inner thoughts and maybe that was true to some extent.

But what she truly wanted was an unbiased person who would treat her with no partiality which would certainly help in her progress.

'I could have asked my father to teach me but the moment I sweat, he would drag me inside to cool myself off.' She scoffed at the Earl who had done the same once earlier.

"Are you going to quit now that you have heard why Captain Reel is called 'Spawn'?" Sullivan Samed interrogated when he saw that she had frozen in the same position.

'Did the news hit her too hard that she is in shock now?' His thoughts were the total opposite of the situation at hand.

Of course, anyone else in his position would have thought in the same way and they would be right if they were dealing with any normal little girl.

But this was Yvonne St. Claire, the woman who had been trained to work like a machine with no sleep for days together and who had been taught to be ruthless to anyone who might stand in her way.

Now, hearing that she should quit when she finally found someone who was worthy of being her trainer, the little girl could not help but scowl at the man

"Why would I do that, Marquess? I stand by my words, this is a great opportunity and I have no plans of letting it slip out of my hands." She gave him her answer without a moment's hesitation.

The bewilderment on the man's face was easy to make out as his jaw had dropped once he heard what she had to say in response.

The determination in her speech was enough to show that she was not going to change her mind any time soon.

Yet he could not help but wonder if there was something wrong with his pupil.

Everything he had thought she would accept, she had ruthlessly rejected and vice versa.

'First, she refuses to be Princess Felicia's playmate and now she accepts that crazy man as her tutor?' He began to acknowledge the fact that his prized pupil was different in a weird way.

"Why are you so adamant about going through this torture???? He questioned when he was at his wit's end.

'Oh, you have a big hand in this because you called me 'petite' and Yvonne St. Claire can be anything but that!' She glared at the man who sat on the other side.

She had always been proud of her perfect body structure and to be called petite was hurtful and enraging to her.

However, she also needed to train to make sure that she would be safe when the time came for blue bird's script to come into play.

The Prince of Rosenhyde, Grand Duke Roschester, Lady of the Brodie Ducal family, and the virtuous female lead.

These were the people she had to stay away from at all costs.

This training and the future businesses she had planned for were going to be her biggest source of support when the original timeline arrived.

"You wouldn't understand, Marquess." She sighed as she did not wish to explain things that she herself had a hard time grasping.

'He was suspicious when I told him about hearing Tears of Our Love in a dream. If I tell him about this then he might brand me as a lunatic.' She shook her head and then looked up.

Marquess Samed was in the process of rolling his eyes when his prized pupil had caught him red-handed.

Yvonne raised her eyebrows as she watched his actions with an amused look on her face.

"Has the Marquess come over to roll his eyes at me?" She inquired without giving him a chance to speak up in his defense.

Sullivan coughed to hide his embarrassment and then pulled out a folder from his coat's pocket.

This was when Yvonne first noticed the clothes that he had worn today.

'Why does it look like he is on his way to the wedding chapel?' She observed his clothes which were too elegant and grandeur compared to what he would usually wear.

While she was analyzing and grading his outfit of the day, Marquess Samed had opened the folder and pulled out a folded piece of paper.

He unfolded the paper until it formed a large sheet that covered the entire table between them.

"Why does the Marquess look so good today?" Yvonne investigated as she leaned forward to sneak a peek at the sheet that he had laid out on the table.

'Looks like a map.' She scanned the sheet as her focus was diverted from the Marquess to the map.

She could make out the different names of the fiefs that she had learned about in her lessons with her history tutor, Marquess Samed.

As her sights were fixed on the map and she was studying it minutely, she had failed to catch the words that he had uttered in reply to her question.

"I had a rendezvous with the King and hence the fancy clothing." He mentioned this serious event as though he had done so several times.

The confidence he was oozing at this moment was nowhere to be found when he was standing in the King's presence.

But soon his confident smirk changed to a sneer when he recalled the question she had just posed.

"So you think that I do not look good every day?" He sneered at the child who had questioned his family's good looks.

Yvonne looked up with a start and frowned when she saw his agitated appearance.

"You seem to have misunderstood my words." She replied in a calm voice.

"Your clothes make you look better than usual. I think you should dress up more often." She calmed him down with her smooth words.

She had dealt with agitated business clients before and she knew how to placate them with just a few words.

'Everyone likes a few sweet words no matter who they are.' She shrugged when she thought of this approach that she had used on rare occasions.

She was a ruthless judge on the show 'The Dreamer' but she could not be ruthless with her words when meeting the investors in her company.

Hence she had mastered the diplomatic way of dealing with people who were annoyed at her which had come in handy in this present situation.

Though Marquess Samed sneered at her after hearing her flattering words, he waved his hand to show that he wasn't going to pursue this matter any further.

"This is the map of Rosenhyde." He revealed which made Yvonne nod her head.

'So my guess right.' She remarked and then paid close attention to his words.

"What would you suggest as a remedy for the flaws in the policies of previous King Greggor?" He polled and glanced at the map.

Yvonne was stunned that he had asked her that question.

She tilted her head to the side and stared at him blankly until he felt her burning gaze and looked up.

"What is it?" He asked in an impatient tone.

Though he had spoken to King Ophire in regards to this, he also wished to know how they might offer a proper solution to this problem.

Yvonne was at first surprised that he had taken her words about the future plague seriously. ๐’พ๐’n๐—ฟ๐’†ะฐ๐‘‘. ๐˜ค๐˜ฐm

She had been skeptical that he would heed her subtle warning and was happy that she had helped out in some way or the other.

But now, she was staring at the man who was taking a yard when given an inch.

'Not only do I have to warn them about the future catastrophe, but I also have to help them solve it?' She sneered at this unbelievable man who had come to her for help.

"Has the Marquess forgotten that I am a mere child and not a scholar in the medical field?" She questioned as she tilted her head to the side.

Though her words sounded like a genuine question, Sullivan could make out traces of mockery and annoyance in her words.

"Has my dear pupil forgotten that she is known as the smartest child in the Capital?" He retorted with a smirk that infuriated the little girl to no end.

'Can the Royal tutor of the Princess be this shameless?' She wondered as she continued staring at the man's face.

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