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Chapter 1 - The Dreamer

"Oh don"t even bother. NEXT!" Came a loud voice through the mic.

The little girl standing on the stage had just started singing when she was abruptly stopped by the voice.

With helpless eyes, she saw through the hordes of people in the audience sitting below and saw them shaking their heads and whispering.

Left with no other option, she turned and ran off the stage while bursting in tears.

A handsome young man ran up and tried to salvage the situation.

"Better luck next time. Before we welcome the next performer, let"s go for a commercial break!" The host spoke and tried to divert the audience"s attention.

The people were busy discussing what had just happened.

This was nothing new on the sets of the show *THE DREAMER*.

The famous talent search show where people around the country came to show their talents and fulfill their dreams.

The fans watched this show to see the participants getting roasted rather than seeing their talents.


Three people sat in the best seats in this auditorium far away from the crowd.

"Vonny! Don"t you think that was a little harsh? That poor girl was crying." A gentle and childish voice spoke to the woman sitting beside her.

"She started with the wrong pitch, the first line was off tune and that boorish dress she wore was hurting my eyes." Spoke the woman in the middle with a cold voice.

"Hehe..! I"ll have to agree with Vonvon this time. I would rather hear my cats giving birth than listen to someone butcher my hit song." The only man there said and got a nod from the woman beside him.

The three sitting together at the foot of the stage were the esteemed judges of this show.

Giovanni Urva, the pop singer known for his record shattering hits and drop-dead gorgeous looks.

Yvonne St. Claire, the former model who now owns a talent agency. The woman known for her snide and cruel remarks but also as the "Star maker".

Finally Lola Trunket, the reality TV star and fashionista. Known for being famous, what her real talent was, well that was a mystery even to the citizens.

"But still... You should have at least given her a chance to sing. She looked so sad!" Lola whined.

"Then why don"t you go give her a hug? I"m sure she"ll like it." Yvonne said with a neutral tone and sipped her triple cafe mocha latte.

Lola gave a disgusted look when she heard this and turned away.

"All the sympathy has gone down the drain when I asked her to come within 2 feet with that girl." Yvonne rolled her eyes at Lola"s hypocrisy.

"Forget about her... Vonvon? Wanna have dinner together?" Giovanni asked nervously for fear of being rejected once again.

"I haven"t agreed before and I won"t agree in the future. So stop asking." She looked him straight in the eye and answered firmly.

His sad puppy eyes did not affect her in the least bit as she went back to her cellphone, reading the files that were sent to her.

"Prude." She heard Lola mumble.

"Better a prude than a disease-riddled hag." Yvonne remarked without lifting her head from the phone.

"What did you just... "

Before Lola could start her neverending fight with Yvonne. The producer spoke on their earpieces.

"Going back live in three... two.. "

The lights came back on and their faces were illuminated.

The camera hovered over them and focused on them.

Lola blew kisses to the camera, Giovanni winked at it and Yvonne just blankly stared and waved her hand.

The comments on the Livestream went berserk seeing them.

[Gio... I wanna give birth to your babies! Muah!]

[Lola, I love you!!]

[I can clearly see her nose job in this high def! #fakebitchlola ]

[Look at that arrogance. She couldn"t even smile at the camera. Such a stuck up hoe!]

[Whatever man! I love how mean she is! Vonvon you are my idol!]

[I don"t understand why Lola was even invited as a judge?]



The comments were from every type of netizen. The lovers, the fans, the haters and even the random passersby.


Back on stage, a young couple was salsa dancing on a very fast number.

"That was a great job guys. Let"s see what our judges thought about it." The host and the participants nervously looked at the judges.

"Oh my God! That was so cool. I can never dance that fast! I"m voting Yes. What do you think, Gio?" Lola sidetracked Yvonne and asked Giovanni.

"That was very good. I do think that it could improve a little." He then turned to Yvonne.

"You missed the beat at two places and had rigid expressions. Though I am giving you a Yes now if I see that you haven"t improved by the next round. It"s goodbye for you." She spoke with her poker face and it took the host some time to understand and then he exclaimed.

"Wow! So that"s a Yes from Yvonne. What about you Giovanni?" He faced Giovanni and received a nod.

"With three Yes from our judges. You both can move onto the next round. Congratulations!" He high five them and they bowed to the crowd and left the stage happily.

Then two other participants came one after the other.

The first one"s talent was to burp Giovanni"s #1 chart-topper which was brutally destroyed by Yvonne.

"Why don"t you try the County Fair next time? Come here when you have actual talent. Next!"

The second was a lady who claimed to be a psychic. She even brought her crystal ball to do a reading.

"If you really are a psychic then predict your own future. Will you stay or go?" Yvonne rolled her eyes.

This way the show for today came to an end.

"Those were the eight contestants for today! Make sure to catch our live stream at the same time next week. Goodbye till then!" The host said enthusiastically and the camera panned to the audience and then to the judges.

Lola was waving at her fans and Giovanni gave them a smoldering look.

The only person uninterested was Yvonne who was packing her stuff to leave as soon as they were done.

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