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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 9.2 part2

Ning Xiao turned to look at him after switching on the lights. “Didn’t I say that when I get back, I don’t want.......” he suddenly saw the devastation in the living room that looked a hurricane had just swept through everything, and his expression cracked in an instant.

Qi Le couldn’t care less as he stepped on the clothes that were littered all over the floor and pushed Ning Xiao aside. Then, he grabbed Baby Face’s shoulders, his eyes gleaming with a wicked glint as if he wanted to swallow someone whole.

Ning Xiao, “...”

Baby Face’s voice shook, “Xiao....... Xiao....... Xiao....... Xiaoyuan gē......”

“Yes, it’s me. Be a good boy, don’t be nervous.” Qi Le tried to calm him down but his gaze still had that wicked glint. “Can you cook?”

Baby Face paused for a second before he nodded. “I can cook noodles.”

Qi Le gently stroked his cheeks, “You know, I’ve always regarded you as family, but you actually....... Alas.........”

Baby Face immediately choked out in sobs, “Xiaoyuan gē, I’ve let you down, but I really love him.”

“Let’s not talk about it anymore. Gē will forgive you.” Qi Le took his hand. "On the condition that you cook a meal for gē. Gē is about to starve to death.”

Baby Face looked to the side and saw that Ning Xiao had kept quiet and looked like he didn’t have any objections, then headed straight to the kitchen. Qi Le was ecstatic and plopped down onto the couch, nesting there as he waited for his food.

Ning Xiao looked at the wreck around him. If it were any other time, he would’ve been raging mad but he had been secretly observing Qi Le just now. He only felt that this man’s words and behavior were quite different from before. Yet, according to what happened during the day, this man did recover his memory....... He finally asked, “Didn’t you hear what I said before I left?”

Qi Le narrowed his eyes. “Call me Young Master once and I’ll seriously consider your question.” The corners of his eyes slanted upwards in the most chilling and enchanting manner. Ning Xiao had never seen him like this before. For a moment he was lost in those eyes, but quickly regained his senses. “Dream on.”

“I don’t have anything to do with you, but you actually asked me to wash your clothes. Why don’t you dream on?” Qi Le sarcastically retorted. “Have you gotten used to ordering me around, to the point where it comes naturally to you, so you’ve lost even the most basic common sense?”

Ning Xiao choked on his words, stared at him for a while, and focused on the important point. “How much of your memory have you recovered?”

Qi Le looked at him with his chin raised. “Make a guess.”

Ning Xiao stared fixedly at him again, and completely dropped the topic. He randomly sat down somewhere and pointed at the living room. “Did you do this?”

Qi Le hadn’t eaten so he was feeling very weak. He thought to himself that he must not get angry because he would only suffer a loss if they started fighting. His looked up at the ceiling. “I was drunk. I don’t remember anything.”

“But you remembered me asking you to wash my clothes.”

Qi Le didn’t turn his gaze away from the ceiling. “I was still a little sober at the time. After that, I was completely gone.”

Ning Xiao’s expression remained unchanged. He realized that they had never talked like this before. Before this, the person in front of him always looked weak and hardly ever dared to look him in the eye. Even the best looks would eventually lose its luster. Just looking at him was annoying. But the person before him now didn’t have a trace of his former self. It’s was as if he had completely changed into someone else. He had some doubts. Could amnesia........ really make someone change so much?

Qi Le detected his gaze but was too lazy to bother with him, and continued to wait for his meal. In fact, everyone had the right to accept or reject another person’s feelings. No one ever said that the person you had feelings for had to return the same feelings. Moreover, anyone who met such an aggressive pursuer wouldn’t respond well towards that person.

If Ning Xiao and Zheng Xiaoyuan were lovers, then he would be in the wrong for sleeping with others, but this wasn’t the case. Therefore, Ning Xiao was actually right from this point of view. But he was also in the wrong. He shouldn’t have accepted Zheng Xiaoyuan’s feelings or even allowed him to do all these little chores. To some extent, this gave Zheng Xiaoyuan hope. However, Ning Xiao was the cold and unfeeling type. He probably didn’t care about this at all or bother about the fact that Ye Shuichuan called him a scum.

Baby Face came out from the kitchen quickly and put a bowl of hot noodles on the coffee table. “Xiaoyuan gē, please eat.”

Qi Le thanked him and waved his away. “Alright, you can go do whatever you want. Don’t worry about me.”

Baby Face looked at Ning Xiao and saw that he was sitting still. He started to tidy up the living room. Qi Le glanced at him, then continued eating without any remorse. After his meal, he asked where his toiletries were, had a quick wash up and then insincerely waved a paw at them, “Good night.”

Ning Xiao was still sitting on the couch. Seeing that Baby Face had cleaned up, he took him back to his room.

The next day, they all woke up quite early. Qi Le didn’t want to look at that pervert’s face while he ate. He took a good look at the green cap and struggled for a moment, then picked it up and put it on. Ning Xiao glanced at him and in a rare occasion, open his mouth to speak to him, “Where are you going?”

Qi Le raised his eyebrows, “Make a guess.”

Ning Xiao choked on his food. He lowered his head back down and focused on eating, ignoring him again.

Qi Le hummed a tune, opened the front door and left. He went and got breakfast first. Then bought a bunch of white chrysanthemums and headed to the cemetery east of the city. He found someone who knew where the newly added tombstones were and walked slowly towards that side, but suddenly stopped in place.

For a long time, he stared in silence at Gu Bai who stood not far away. In the end, he decided to walk over.

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