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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 8.1 part1

Qi Le’s head was still bandaged and that inevitably attracted some attention as he walked along the street. He went to buy a cap and felt much better after putting it on. It was summer vacation right now and there were a lot of students dressed up everywhere on the streets. Although it was rather hot out, nothing could stop their enthusiasm.

He put his hands in his pockets and slowly walked down the street. This city was still the city that he was familiar with, as if nothing had changed. But whenever he passed by the shops by the side of the street and saw the strange figure in the window, he knew that he was no longer Qi Le. He was Zheng Xiaoyuan now. Perhaps because he knew this, there was a lingering twinge of sadness in his heart and he couldn’t help sighing, “Everything is still the same, but I’m no longer the same person I was....."

Several middle school students carrying a basketball walked past him and laughter drifted to his ears, “Idiot.......”

Qi Le, “......”

Qi Le tried his best to control his temper, thinking to himself that he was a mature, educated adult and couldn’t lose his temper with a bunch of kids over such a small matter. He walked on silently, quickly reaching the taxi stand and setting off for his destination.

In the past two years, his parents’ business had gradually shifted its focus outside the city, running on both sides. If it weren’t because they wanted to accommodate him, they would’ve moved long ago. Now that his surgery had failed, they were most likely gone. Qi Le looked at this familiar residential community and struggled for a moment, then stepped inside. He knew that he was dead, but he couldn’t fight off the longing for one last look.

This community was built around a lake, with high-rise buildings on the right and exquisite villas on the left. He walked through the park and turned to the left along the cobblestone path by the lake. He and Gu Bai knew each other from an early age. Both their family circumstances were good and their relationship had always been great. Later, when this place was built, the two families moved here together and continued to be neighbors. After that, he and Gu Bai met Xiao Ying here, and they got closer until university where they often hung out together. A month before his operation, he and Xiao Ying formally started dating, but now.......

He sighed, turned at the third fork, and finally stopped in front of the second house. He looked at the lock on the door, took a few steps around the fence, looked at the living room through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and saw that the furniture inside had been covered up with a white cloth. Obviously, his family wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

Indeed, they had moved away....... He sighed again, but on second thought, this was better than seeing his parents in sorrow because that would’ve made him even more heartbroken. He looked at his old house and realized that he would never have anything to do with it again. Suddenly, helplessness overwhelmed him, as if he had been abandoned by everything that was important to him. His grief was insurmountable.

He couldn’t help but cover his face, and took a few deep breaths to adjust his mood. He should’ve died, and now that he was given a second chance, he should cherish the fact that he was still alive. He sorted out his thoughts and feelings and felt that he was ready for his new life. However, when he turned around, he immediately froze at the sight of two people exiting the house next door. It was a man and a woman, similar in age to him – Gu Bai and Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying had her back faced to him, so he couldn’t see her expression, but Gu Bai had obviously lost some weight, his face appearing completely haggard. They talked as they walked when Xiao Ying suddenly grabbed Gu Bai’s arm and said something, but the latter merely shook his head and sent her to the door. But just as he turned around his eyes suddenly swept over to his side. Shock filled his entire face as he rushed over at once. His speed was so fast that Qi Le didn’t have any time to respond.

Qi Le only felt that his body was suddenly pulled by a strong force, and he looked up instantly. Right then, he was faced with a pair of disappointed eyes. He couldn’t help but feel shocked. This person was usually gentle and steady, and because his family had taught him well, almost every word and action of his was elegant and graceful. He had never seen him so rude and forgot to struggle for a moment.

“Not him........” Gu Bai closed his eyes, laughing bitterly inside. That’s right, how could it be that person.... That person had already...... He quickly sorted out his emotions and walked off. Xiao Ying was shocked by this sudden change and asked, “What’s the matter, Ah Bai?”

“It’s nothing.” Gu Bai replied, leaving without looking back.

Qi Le watched him enter the yard, and then looked at where he was crouching. He immediately realized what had happened -he used to like hanging out here. Earlier, when he saw them, he had responded instinctively and almost rushed over at once. He didn’t think that this man had remembered...... He only felt his throat close up and was moved to tears. What was real friendship? This!

In the face of such a good friend, what else could he say? Moreover, this man still owed him something. It so happened that he could ask what is was now.

He took a deep breath and was ready to explain the truth when the person to his side asked, “Are you a friend of Xiao Le?”

Qi Le looked at Xiao Ying. Although she was gentle as usual, her gaze was filled with melancholy. Obviously, she was in a bad mood. He couldn’t help taking another deep breath as various scenarios popped up in his head, such as “I loved you in my previous life, so I switched bodies to keep loving you....." What a beautiful and dog-blood scene. If he succeeded in convincing her that he was Qi Le, they could still be together. He must bring his girlfriend to that group of gays to shock them and scare them to death.

He thought up till here and was excited at once. He was about to speak but on second thought, behaving so rashly would definitely frighten her.

What if she was afraid of ghosts? It was better to get along with each other for a while so that the other party could notice similarities in many areas between him and Qi Le. It was even better if she ended up asking painfully, “Who are you?” That way, he answer broken-heartedly, “Xiao Ying, it’s me.” Mmm, it’s better this way.

He looked at her and said, “I’m his friend.”

Xiao Ying nodded and asked, “What were you doing squatting here?”

Qi Le blinked and said sincerely, “I dropped some money.... Oh, I’ve found it.” He paused before adding, “I know that Qi Le is....... don’t be too sad. He wouldn’t want to see you like this.”

Xiao Ying’s gaze darkened. She gave an "Mmm," and turned to leave.

Of course, Qi Le couldn’t let her go. He had to take time to rekindle their feelings. He caught up to her in two steps, “Is there a supermarket or something nearby? I want to buy a bottle of water. “

“There’s a store near the main entrance. I’m going out as well. Let’s go together.”

Qi Le thought she was going home, so he could walk with her for a while and then come back to find Erquan and tell him the truth. But since she was going out, they could spend more time together, walking along the lake. He agreed at once and thought to himself that he would send her to the residential gates and then come back for Erquan.


P.S. I can’t remember if I’ve said this but, NING XIAO ISN’T ML. Just fyi, if he was I would’ve dropped this novel like a hot potato!

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