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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 73 part2

Qi Le was upset at once. Gu Bai narrowed his eyes. Obviously, he wasn’t happy as well. Lu Yanbin immediately took his wife home. He had already taken the inflatable doll back and handed it to him. “I didn’t change the voice.”

Yi Hang didn’t have time to look at his goddess before he died. Now he was holding the box with tears in his eyes. He had to assemble it quickly. Lu Yanbin grabbed him and forced him to turn around. Yi Hang looked puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

“Let’s be together.”

Yi Hang felt his heart tremble. To tell the truth, after this incident, he found that he was inseparable from this person. However, when he thought of his ability in bed, he felt that he might not have reached the point where he could be with him forever. He looked up to the sky. “Let me think about it.”

Lu Yanbin took the box and left. “Think it over.”

Yi Hang immediately hugged his thigh. “You are so evil!”

Being hugged by Yi Hang like that made it hard for Lu Yanbin to hold back any longer. He threw the box aside and hugged him, pinned him onto the bed and enjoyed a sumptuous "meal." After that, Yi Hang sat there, silently assembling his goddess. He looked at it with worship in his eyes, seeming very anxious to burn incense for her. Lu Yanbin stared at him for a while and found herself ignored. He stood in front of the goddess and said, “How long are you going to consider?”

Yi Hang rubbed his sore back, snorted and ignored him.

Lu Yanbin felt deeply that he needed a catalyst, so he took him to play in the amusement park and asked Yi Hang to close his eyes. Yi Hang looked at him suspiciously. “What are you going to do?”

Lu Yanbin calmly ordered. “Close your eyes, or I’ll change the voice for your goddess.”

Yi Hang immediately closed his eyes and felt his eyes being covered with a piece of cloth. He pulled Yi Hang forward. Yi Hang stumbled along the way and didn’t even know where they were eventually. When he heard the man say to hug him, he stretched out his hand and did as he asked. Then he noticed that someone was placing something on him and was even more puzzled. “Are you ready?”

Lu Yanbin looked down and said, “Yes.”

Yi Hang took off his blindfold and found himself standing at a height of fifty meters. His expression instantly cracked. “=口=!!!"

“Big Brother, wait...” Yi Hang’s voice shook. Before he could finish speaking, the two of them were pushed down, and his body plunged downward. He went crazy at once. “Fuck! Ahhhh!” The process of falling was especially fast. The only thing he could do was to tightly hold onto the person in front of him as if only the two of them were left in this world. He felt the arms around his waist tighten their hold and their bodies drew closer to each other. Suddenly, he felt some sense of security.

Under the cliff was a lake. Yi Hang was still shaking after being put into the boat. He hugged Lu yanbin and cried bitterly, “I told you those friends were unreliable. Why don’t you listen?!"

Lu Yanbin pinched his chin. “Did you feel a sense of security from me?”

“...” Yi Hang waved his hand away. “Dream on!”

“That just means that we haven’t jumped enough.”

Yi Hang rushed at him immediately. “Big brother, stop playing. Do you want to kill me?”

“Then let’s be together.”

Yi Hang resigned himself to his fate. "Fine, stop messing around.”

Lu Yanbin froze, then tightly embraced him. Yi Hang was tightly hugged by him, the two bumping hard into each other. Yi Hang whimpered.

“Were you afraid earlier?”


Why did you jump if you were afraid?! Yi Hang wept. Fucking hell! Is it really ok to live with such a crazy person?!

Finally, Lu Yanbin had won himself a wife and was really happy. He hurried home with him, pinned him to the bed and "ate" him again.

Qi Le was afraid of being rejected by God because of a certain idiot. He didn’t transfer to another hospital after all. Instead, he continued to live in fear, his body shaking uncontrollably. Then, he comforted himself that he had been fine when he stayed here last time. He couldn’t help but feel a little relieved and waited silently to be discharged.

When Ning Xiao entered the door, he saw him sitting pitifully on the bed. He raised an eyebrow. “Just you? Where’s Gu Bai?”

“...In class.”

Ning Xiao nodded and went to the chair by his bed to sit. “How are you?”

“I’m almost better.” Qi Le leaned against the headboard and thought of his confession before. He thought it was better to clear things up. “Um.. about what you said before...”

“Mmm, I love you.”

Qi Le pouted. “I don’t like you.”

“I know.” Ning Xiao’s attitude was very clear. “I won’t back down.”

Qi Le immediately warned, “What are you going to do? Fight Gu Bai?”

Ning Xiao was silent as he looked at him. “In your eyes, do I look like a person who would do such a stupid thing?”

Qi Le thought for a moment. “Not really. What are you thinking of then? Just tell me that you like me?”


Qi Le pursed his lips. This man hadn’t changed. He liked what he liked and disliked what he disliked. He was just about to open his mouth to say something when he heard him add, “If you need any help in the future, please contact me. If you and Gu Bai break up, I will not hesitate to pursue you.”

“We won’t break up.”

Ning Xiao expressed that he wouldn’t change and stopped talking about this. They spoke about something else, during which he served tea, washed a fruit, and peeled it for him. Qi Le was shocked and had goosebumps at first, but he soon adapted to it. He felt that if Ning Xiao could find someone he really liked later on, he wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Ning Xiao stayed for a while and left soon. He was not always the kind of person who liked to pester others. Qi Le considered his background and figured that he could be a friend whom he could chat with occasionally and can’t help but stop him. Ning Xiao stood there and turned around.

Qi Le thought for a moment. “I’m sorry.” Emotionally, he couldn’t replace Zheng Xiaoyuan in saying this sentence to Wan Lei, but he could say it to someone who liked him.

Ning Xiao was silent for a moment before he replied, “It’s ok.”

Qi le watched walk away and turned around. The light breeze blew against the sycamore tree outside the window, a soft rattle sounding in his ears.

Because of how close they were, the hot-blooded doctor often ran over here to treat his illness. Qi Le spun the lie that he seemed to feel different, as if his body was relaxed and reborn. The doctor was frightened and began to assume that his personalities had merged. He was excited to tears as he grabbed the tissue handed to him by Yu Mingjie. He sobbed as he speculated that Qi Le had probably recovered. Qi Le was happy in his heart and felt that it was getting easier to deal with this idiot. He expected that he would soon get rid of him and then Wan Lei.

When he thought of Wan Lei, he couldn’t help sighing. Some people were not necessarily meant to be. For example, Zheng Xiaoyuan and Ning Xiao, Wan Lei and Zheng Xiaoyuan, even better, Ning Xiao and him. However, life was so long that there would always be someone else waiting for you in the future. They will help each other through ups and downs and live together till they died.

As the National Day holiday drew closer, Qi Le and Gu Bai originally wanted to find an excuse to hide this from their parents. However, Father and Mother Qi and little brother Qi suddenly arrived. The reason was that Father Qi had called his son to ask him if he had booked a plane ticket. However, his phone had just been found by the police and was handed over to Ye Shuichuan, who turned on the phone and answered the call. Hearing that he was a distant relative, he told them what had happened. They were shocked and rushed to the hospital at once. Father Qi grabbed his shoulders and looked him up and down. “Are you all right, son? Are you thinking of frightening your dad to death?”

“...” Qi Le said, “I am really, really fine...”

Qi Le hurried to comfort them and asked Gu Bai to assure his family. After listening to the story, Father Qi praised him for his wits and threatened to settle accounts with a certain idiot. However, Yi Hang found out that the original owner of his body had a house in the countryside, so he and his man went to look for the money. It wasn’t clear if they could find it. But he was lucky to have dodged a bullet.

As a result of this emergency, Father and Mother Qi spent their holiday in C City before leaving. Qi Le was still hospitalized. During this period, he had to deal with a lot of nutjobs such as Ye Shuichuan, Shen Shu, Baby Face, his brother-in-law, the doctor, etc. With these "creatures" around, he probably wouldn’t have any peace in the future.

Today, Gu Bai went through the discharge formalities for his wife. When he went back, he saw him pouting and couldn’t help laughing. “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Qi Le snapped out of a daze. Just after his older brother quarrelled with Shen Shu once again, they suddenly got up and happily went shopping, leaving him a little confused. Thinking back to how the two fought on the day he had transmigrated, he sighed. “I should have resigned myself to my fate a long time ago. This world has gone crazy ever since I transmigrated.”

Gu Bai smiled and kissed him. “Let’s go home.”


The car slowly pulled out of the gates and quickly left Shen Ai Hospital behind them. Ahead of them was the bright sun.


P.S. We are finally done with this novel! Thank you so much for sticking with me till the end. I really hope you guys enjoyed this crazy journey. I’ll be translating something else soon, so stay tuned!

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