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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 73 part1

C City, Shen Ai Hospital, Inpatient Department.

Qi Le opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the light wind blowing the curtains. The setting sun shone through the window and dyed the ward with a beautiful orange. He looked at the familiar room and couldn’t help but stare blankly.

“Xiao Le, you’re awake.”

A familiar voice with a hint of surprise suddenly sounded in his ear. He opened his mouth and turned to the side. “Erquan...”

Gu Bai responded by rubbing his head. “You’ve been in a coma for three days, but the operation was successful.”

Qi Le was surprised. “What operation?” He suddenly froze and noticed that his chest was wrapped in bandages. His head turned blank. He looked at him hastily, “What floor is this?”

“The sixth. You stayed here before your operation. Have you forgotten?”

Qi Le, “=口=”

He’s back!

Gu Bai frowned slightly and touched him again. “What’s the matter?”

“...It’s nothing.” Qi Le snapped out of his daze. “I had a long dream and met a group of very strange people.”

Gu Bai smiled. “Is that so?”

“I dreamt I was a butterfly...” Qi Le mumbled. He was rather worried. “I’m called Qi Le, not Zheng Xiaoyuan, right?”

Gu Bai gave him a strange look. Although he was a little surprised, he nodded and then asked, “Who is Zheng Xiaoyuan? Your name in your dream?”

Qi Le wanted to say that he was really smart, but when the words were at his lips, he suddenly remembered something and stared at him. “Before the operation, you said you had something to tell me. What was it?”

Gu Bai’s expression seemed a bit unnatural for an instant. He patiently advised, “You’ve just woken up. I’ll tell you when you’re better.”

Little lamb, are you afraid that Laozi can’t take it?Laozi has known your thoughts for a long time. Qi Le boasted inside. He raised his arm weakly, patted the back of his hand, and gently encouraged him. “It’s okay, you can say it.”

Gu Bai shook his head. “I better wait a few days.”

“No, just say it now.” Qi Le grabbed his wrist. “If you don’t tell me, I’ll feel curious and miserable.”

Gu Bai fell silent and hesitated for a long time before opening his mouth to say, “You said before the operation that you had never been in love, so I...”

“I know.” Qi Le interrupted. “You got Xiao Ying to be with me in order to fulfill my wish. She doesn’t like me, but you, right?”

Gu Bai jumped in shock, almost unable to control his expression. “Did she tell you this?”

“No, I can see it myself.” Qi Le said triumphantly, “How could you really two deceive me?”

“...Aren’t you upset?”

“Hmph, am I such a petty person?”

“Then I’m relieved.” Gu Bai let out a sigh of relief and smiled. “That’s what I wanted to tell you. We are together now. Next time you see her, call her sister-in-law.”

Qi Le, “=口=”

What kind of joke is this? The script doesn’t seem quite right!

“...Xiao Le?”

“...” Qi Le responded with disbelief. “What does you mean by ’together’?”

Gu Bai looked at him hesitantly. “Literally what it means.”

Qi Le, “......”

Fuck! He had forgotten that he was dreaming before!

Gu Bai’s face was filled with worry. “......Xiao Le?”

“I’m fine.” Qi Le smiled reluctantly. “I’m a little tired. I want to sleep.”

Gu Bai mumbled "Mmm," helped him put the quilt back on and got up to leave. Qi Le watched his back until he disappeared completely. Then, he pulled the quilt over his head. Fucking hell! How did he turn himself gay after sleeping?! He fell in love with a straight man. His dream was the complete opposite. How would he live in the future?

He was so sad that he couldn’t help crying out loud. He cried and cried and suddenly opened his eyes, lamenting in his heart, why did I suddenly open my eyes? He looked around and suddenly got up. “...Whaa?”

The morning sun was strong, and a brilliant light fell upon the ward. He was surrounded by people, including Gu Bai, Ye Shuichuan, Shen Shu, Baby Face, Yi Hang, the Taoist priest, the hot-blooded doctor, Ning Xiao, and Wan Lei... The scene was as chaotic as it could be. The doctor was holding a small notebook, circling around Yi Hang and the Taoist priest. Wan Lei stood by the doctor and seemed to want to talk to him about his illness. Ning Xiao stood by and looked at him, saying nothing. Ye Shuichuan glared angrily at them over there, as if afraid that they would disturb the patient’s rest. At this moment they saw him suddenly get up. They all hastily surrounded his bed.

Gu Bai had been sitting nearest to him, but he didn’t know if this person was still Xiao Le, so he looked at him in silence, his gaze deep. He had promised Xiao Le to wait for him forever, but he didn’t know how long he would have to wait for him this time-one year, two years, ten years, twenty years... If the miracle didn’t happen again, he would live in a long pain for the rest of his life. The sun would no longer shine for him, only leaving behind eternal cold and loneliness.

Ye Shuichuan anxiously asked, “Xiaoyuan, how are you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Yi Hang bit his finger and looked at him silently with the Taoist priest. He wasn’t sure if his soul had changed. Ning Xiao was still indifferent, his heart worried. He wasn’t sure if the person he liked was still there. The hot-blooded doctor was holding a small notebook, eyes burning as he stared at him. Wan Lei also carefully watched, wanting to know which personality he was now.

Qi Le was so confused he felt dizzy. He looked at these fuzzy faces and didn’t think that they could all look so identical. He was stupefied. He clenched his right hand and hammered the palm of his left hand. “Fucking hell, I’m dreaming again. I knew it. How could there really be such a thing in this world?” He slowly lay back, mumbling to himself, “You all don’t exist. Don’t exist. Disappear, disappear. Laozi still has to continue to be sad." Then, he pulled up his quilt and turned over to sleep.

Everyone, “...”

Qi Le lay down for five seconds and suddenly got up “......Whaa?!" He got up violently again. Not only was he dizzy, he was even nauseous, so he quickly lay over the side of the bed to retch.

Ye Shuichuan was anxious. “Xiaoyuan!”

The nurse arrived just in time to make a quick check and then looked around. “I already told you not to have so many people here. You’ll disturb the patient’s rest.”

Ye Shuichuan nodded, sent the nurse away and glared again, pointing to the dumb doctor, the idiot and the Taoist priest. "Get out of here and talk outside. I told you not to make any noise. If Xiaoyuan’s illness gets worse, I’ll send you to hell to talk!”

The Taoist priest slowly moved to the side, drawing a distance from him with a calm look. Yi Hang pointed to the doctor and said weakly, “We won’t make any more noise if you get rid of him.”

Ye Shuichuan looked at the doctor, who didn’t care about him at all. He ran to the hospital bed and looked at his patient. “Do you recognize me?”

Qi le turned pale and felt his head buzz. He couldn’t really hear him. Gu Bai wanted to know whether this person had changed but there were too many people, which was really inconvenient. He frowned slightly and glanced at the time. “It’s time for lunch. You can go eat. Let him rest some more. If you have anything to say, wait till he wakes up.”

Ye Shuichuan had no problem with this, and ordered them to disperse. Before leaving, everyone looked at Qi Le and left with their own thoughts. The single ward was quiet for an instant.

Qi Le took a few breaths and looked at the only person left. He said weakly, “I had an operation. You said you wanted to tell me something. What was it... Mmm...”

Before he could finish, Gu Bai got up and pressed him against the bed, bowed his head and kissed him. His heart was finally calm again. He didn’t dare to kiss him for too long, so he quickly let go and gently hugged him. “You almost scared me to death.”

Qi Le was suddenly kissed and his injured heart was slightly comforted, but he still couldn’t help asking. “What exactly did you want to say at the beginning?”

Gu Bai kissed him. “Don’t you already know?”

“I don’t know!” Qi Le glared at him.

“I wanted to say that I’ve liked you this whole time.” Gu Bai propped his hands against the bed, his eyes deep with emotion as he looked at him unblinkingly. Then he noticed a trace of wetness in the corner of his eye. Remembering that his wife had seemed to wake up crying just now, he couldn’t help reaching out and wiping his eyes. “Did you have a nightmare?”

“Mmm.” Qi Le remembered the scene in his dream and felt extremely wronged. His voice sounded nasal as he explained pitifully.

Gu Bai could hardly help from laughing and crying. He had to kiss him. “Baby, it was just a dream.”


Gu Bai held his wife and didn’t want to let go, so he got into bed. “Thank God you haven’t changed.”

Qi Le was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

Gu Bai picked up the corner of the quilt and showed it to him. There were three big words on it. "Shen Ai Hospital"

“...” Qi Le exclaimed, “Didn’t I tell them not to send me here?!"

Gu Bai was helpless. “The police said that before you fell unconscious, you saying ’Shen Ai Hospital,’ so they brought you here.”

Qi Le, “......”

Gu Bai held him and lay down for a while before getting up to buy some food. Qi Le’s head still hurt from being bumped so hard and didn’t eat much. After his meal, he nestled obediently in Gu Bai’s arms. “Where is Third Brother?”


“Well, the police officer saved me. I’ll thank him after I’m discharged.”


The two chatted for a while when they suddenly saw the door of the ward open. Lu Yanbin came in with a bag of potato chips and pulled Yi Hang inside. Seeing their posture, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow. Gu Bai didn’t feel uncomfortable. He calmly got up and leaned against the headboard, hugged his wife and asked, “It’s settled?”

“Soon.” Lu Yanbin explained that Third Brother wanted to fight to the death. He reported that Yi Hang had embezzled public funds in the beginning, but had no evidence. Lu Yanbin had already made up for the money. Besides, Yi Hang now had amnesia and a psychiatric diagnosis. It was simple to settle the matter.

When Yi Hang saw them, he knew that a certain someone hadn’t changed. He quickly took his hand and was deeply touched. “Brother, it’s all thanks to you this time.”

Lu Yanbin also came to sit down and looked at Qi Le. “Thank you.”

“It’s fine.” Qi Le smiled, looking disdainfully at a certain someone as he pulled out his hand.

Yi Hang was used to being scorned by him and didn’t care at all. He started chatting with them and suddenly spoke about this matter. Qi Le learned from Lu Yanbin that Third Brother was famous before but had lost in a gang dispute. He happened to meet Yi Hang when he was down and out and Yi Hang was preparing to steal information. He was afraid of being found and endangering his own life, so he got Third Brother and Shunzi to secretly protect his safety. When chatting, Third Brother said he wanted to get some money to make a comeback. Yi Hang also wanted to get some money to go abroad and work alone. Together, the two started to move public funds.

Third Brother went to some other province and didn’t receive news from Yi Hang, but came back to see that he and Lu Yanbin had gotten together. He felt betrayed by him and was also afraid he would reveal everything so he thought of killing him. However, he had failed at his attempt to kill him. After that, he lurked downstairs of their apartment for surveillance and found that he was very different from before. He guessed that he might have been acting, so he wanted to get him to meet up. But he never thought that the meeting wouldn’t materialize, so he ended up kidnapping them.

Qi Le finally understood what had happened. He nodded silently and explained a little about the kidnapping. He also mentioned that the two million dollars were in cash. Yi Hang couldn’t help interrupting, sounding very delighted. “I also did my part. It’s all thanks to my acting.”

Lu Yanbin responded lightly and fed him with potato chips.

Yi Hang opened his mouth to munch on them and said vaguely, “I even fought the gangster with a stick!”

Lu Yanbin nodded and continued feeding him.

Gu Bai wasn’t happy to see the idiot now. If it weren’t for him, his wife wouldn’t have fallen to this point. He managed to ask Lu Yanbin to go outside for a chat. His wife was curious about Yu Mingjie’s idea of going to the theme park. Qi Le wanted him to ask Lu Yanbin about it, so he roughly knew what he meant. He told Lu Yanbin that he saved him, he should be able to settle this. He could add some catalysts where appropriate. Yu Mingjie’s idea was good. Lu Yanbin listened quietly and felt that it was very reasonable. He went inside to look for his wife.

The two men were chatting. Qi Le sounded surprised. “Why is the Taoist priest here?”

“He said that the advice you gave him was very good, so much so that his teacher would consult him all the time. He also said that every time he looked for you, he had an unexpected business idea to carry out. So he went to your school to try his luck. When he found out that you were in the hospital, he came over. Oh, he also said that he was studying alchemy recently and asked if you wanted anything.”

Qi Le’s lips twitched. “No.”

“Then tell him yourself.” Yi Hang picked up a potato chip and chewed. “He wanted to recommend it to me but I didn’t want it. The idiot doctor did though.”

“...” Qi Le looked up at Gu Bai and Lu Yanbin with black lines on his face. Lu Yanbin pulled Yi Hang and said, “Let’s go home. We’ll let him rest.”

Yi Hang had no objections. He looked at Qi Le and said, “Rest and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Qi Le nodded. He was a little tired. After just a few yawns, he suddenly trembled. “I want to be discharged from this hospital!”

All three of them looked at him and Gu Bai said, “You have a concussion. Stay a few more days.”

“No.” Qi Le’s face turned pale. “Just think about what place this is. I’m afraid I’ll go to sleep and lose my soul when I wake up.”

Gu Bai froze and looked solemn. He thought what he said sounded reasonable. “Then let’s transfer to another hospital.”


Yi Hang thought for a moment and asked weakly, “If you do this... will God think that you disdain him?”

Qi Le, “=口=”

Gu Bai, “...”

Lu Yanbin, “......”

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