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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 72 part1

Yi Hang called Lu Yanbin and ran to the police station to get someone. There was only one person on duty. The officer got up and left without saying anything. Yi Hang watched him leave and paced about in the room. He felt really uneasy and wanted to take a look at the situation. Just then, the phone in his hand rang. He looked at the words “My Darling” that appeared on the screen. He guessed that it was probably Officer Luo’s wife. He hesitated for a moment before answering. “Hello? Officer Luo has gone to arrest a kidnapper and isn’t here at the moment.”

The voice at the other end sounded particularly excited. “Where?”

It turns out it’s a man! Yi Hang was a little surprised but soon recovered from his gaffe. He reported an approximate location and comforted, “It’s only one guy and there’s another policeman going to help him. Officer Luo will be fine. Don’t worry...”

“I’ll be right there!” With that, the other person hung up.

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Fuck! What I mean is not to worry about it. I’m not asking you to come, ok?! Yi Hang thought about it. Officer Luo Pian was helping save lives. What if his wife got hurt? He felt guilty for a moment, looked around and found a stick. Then, he took a deep breath, ran out of the police station to the community and got ready to fight it out with Third Brother.

The police station was no more than a meter away from the community. He ran for about that distance and suddenly heard the sound of a gas pedal behind him. He subconsciously thought that it was Lu Yanbin. He quickly turned around and squinted because of the headlights. He fixed his gaze slightly to the side and saw the car get closer and closer. Only then did he realize that it was a taxi. He turned and walked away with some disappointment. Then, he heard the door slam behind him and the car gradually move away. Apparently, a man had alighted the vehicle. He was a little surprised. Was it Officer Luo’s wife? He looked back curiously, his expression crumbling when he saw the man. “=口=!!!"

Shunzi smacked his lips, staring at him fixedly as he strode over.

Yi Hang’s first reaction was to run. He ran a little, but when he saw the front gates of the community, he suddenly stopped. Third Brother was still inside. He couldn’t let Shunzi help him, so he had to stall the man. He grabbed the stick and turned around, took a deep breath, gulped and rushed forwards. “Awooo, I’m gonna fight you!”

Shunzi’s expression remained unchanged. He cleanly dodged the first round of attacks. Then, when Yi Hang swung his stick again, he kicked upwards. Yi Hang felt a tingle in his jaws, and the stick was kicked out of his hand in an instant.

Yi Hang looked at his empty hands and then at Shunzi. “......Whaa?”

Shunzi approached him, his expression deadpan.

Yi Hang quickly snapped out of it and turned to run away. He knew that he couldn’t run to the community, so he could only lead the man elsewhere. He crossed the road and began to run for his life. His face turned pale as he yelled, “Help!”

Shunzi saw that he suddenly started to run, so he sped up the chase. Before he could run to the middle of the road, he saw a car coming from the other direction at an extremely fast speed. In the blink of an eye, the car flew over. Then, there was a screeching brake, but it didn’t seem to be prepared to change directions. He narrowed his eyes and hurried back. However, the car deliberately moved to his side. This time he couldn’t hide. Severely scratched by the car, he immediately looked up and fell to the ground.

Lu Yanbin got off the car, took two steps forward, and looked at him coldly from above.

Yi Hang stopped as early as he saw the familiar car. At this moment, he ran over but made sure not to hold Lu Yanbin back. He stood nearby and looked at them, asking weakly, “How is he...” He saw a certain someone get up very quickly and immediately shut up. He reminded Lu Yanbin, “Be careful, he is very strong. Why don’t we run?”

Lu Yanbin didn’t answer. He took off his coat and threw it on the car. He looked at Shunzi who was charging towards him and dodged his fist. Then, he hit his chest hard with an elbow and landed a knee into his stomach. Seeing Shunzi bend over uncontrollably, he took half a step back and kicked him to the ground. The entire process was swift and neat, taking less than five seconds.

Yi Hang, “...”

Lu Yanbin continued to watch over Shunzi and waved to Yi Hang. His gaze swept across his wife who came over and he quickly put his arms around his waist and pulled him into his arms. He rubbed Yi Hang’s head and comforted him gently. “Don’t worry, it’s alright.”

Yi Hang’s heart trembled as he felt the familiar scent envelope him. In an instant, he had an impulse to burst into tears. He grabbed his shirt and sobbed, “I was almost scared to death. I almost thought I was going to die this time!”

Lu Yanbin rubbed his head again again and stepped aside to place his wife against the car. Bowing his head, he kissed him on the face. From the corner of his eye, he saw that a certain someone was climbing up again. He opened the car door and said gently, “Go in and sit down. Leave this to me.”

Yi Hang obediently complied. “Be careful.”

“I will.” Lu Yanbin took a step forward but suddenly withdrew. “Call me that once.”

Yi Hang’s heart skipped a beat for no apparent reason. “...Husband.”

“Mmm.” Lu Yanbin was satisfied and left with high morale.

Yi Hang, “...”

When Gu Bai arrived, he saw Lu Yanbin fighting with a man from a distance. The man was suddenly kicked to the ground, but there happened to be a stick near where he had fallen. The man quickly picked it up and tried to attack Lu Yanbin. Without a second thought, he stepped on the accelerator, then stepped on the brake after a certain distance, accurately knocking the man down.

Shunzi was taken by the car and spun around for three rounds. He fell flat down and didn’t get up again.

Gu Bai lowered the window. “Where’s Xiao Le?”

Yi Hang hurried down and pointed to the community. “Third Brother is still inside. Two policemen have gone over.”

Gu Bai promptly turned around and headed for the community without saying anything. Yi Hang looked at Shunzi who had fallen unconscious and then at Lu Yanbin. “What shall we do? Should we go over as well?”

Lu Yanbin thought about it, got his wife to pass him the car keys, then open the penknife and walked to Shunzi.

Yi Hang, “=口=”

Yi Hang was stunned. He quickly hugged Lu Yanbin’s waist. “What are you thinking of doing, bro? Killing people is against the law, bro! Calm down, bro!”

“What did you call me?”

“Husband!” Yi Hang immediately switched the way he addressed him. He thought for a moment, and advised, “If you kill, you’ll be imprisoned for life ah. You can’t let me be widowed!”

Lu Yanbin was obviously flattered by this sentence and the way he addressed him. He turned to kiss his wife and explained patiently, “I want to go to the community to help but I’m afraid he would wake up and run away, so I’ll cut his clothes and tied him up with them.”

Yi Hang immediately understood. He took a step back to let him get to work, then looked anxiously towards the community. After such a long time, God knows what had happened inside.

Although there were many cars under the high-rise buildings, they were searched in less than two minutes. Third Brother was suspicious of certain someone from awhile back. At this moment, he was even more suspicious when he couldn’t find Yi Hang. He stared at him quietly and walked over.

Qi Le knew from the beginning that his speed couldn’t be compared to this gangster. He wanted to delay time as much as possible, but now they had searched all over and he couldn’t delay any more. He looked to see how far away the man was, pretended to be calm and surprised. “Why isn’t he here?” He paused and suddenly turned around. “Is he in the back?” As he spoke, he moved behind and secretly sped up his pace. He planned to move as far away from Third Brother as possible distance away and flee for life. No matter how much of an idiot Yu Hang was, he must’ve already found someone. Moreover, they were near the police station. Even if he was really dumb, Yi Hang would know where to go for help. If he fled for his life now, maybe he might meet them halfway. As he was thinking, his collar was suddenly pulled.

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