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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 65 part1

Qi Le shook hands with them with a pleasant face, then walked to one corner of the bar to find a place to sit together. He was pretending to be the self-helper so Gu Bai and him weren’t lovers. He couldn’t be too close to his man and could only get along like ordinary friends. This made him somewhat uncomfortable. He subconsciously looked at Gu Bai who smiled, sat next to him, held his hand comfortingly under the table and gestured that it was alright.

Ye Shuichuan was still busy with work so he didn’t accompany him. But before he left, he told Zhong Ruiyuan to take good care of his little brother, to also keep an eye on a certain idiot at the same time and make sure he didn’t take advantage of Qi Le.

Yi Hang was well-behaved ever since he started keeping an eye on him. He even obediently returned the two hundred yuan he took. He was holding a drink and had resigned himself to sitting on the sofa. After transmigrating, he hadn’t encountered one thing that was satisfactory. Now, his goddess was about to become a transvestite. It wasn’t easy to have some fun with a certain someone but he didn’t expect to be ruthlessly suppressed so soon. He might as well just die alone now.

Lu Yanbin looked at his wife, stretched out his hand and encircled him in his arms. He lowered his head slightly to Yi Hang’s ear. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Hang snapped out of his daze. “Nothing.”

Lu Yanbin felt that he was grieving for his inflatable doll and comforted him patiently. “You can send the recording back and get it in a few days. You’ll be seeing your goddess soon.”

“Oh.” Yi Hang gulped. Although he didn’t need "that", he would subconsciously think of the sounds he made in bed whenever he saw his goddess. Instantly, his goddess became a transvestite. The thought was so disgusting. He drank his sorrows and thought that worse comes to worst, he would just buy a new one and throw away the old one. As long as it wasn’t discovered by a certain someone, that would work... He paused for a moment. Finally, he thought of a good idea! He was suddenly happy and only felt alive again.

Lu Yanbin saw that he was easily coaxed and felt all the more that it was easy to look after his wife. He kissed him with satisfaction.

Yi Hang was in a cheerful mood and didn’t care about him at all. He began to watch the play as he hummed a tune.

Ning Xiao didn’t know these people very well, but he wanted to know what a certain someone was going to do, so he took a seat nearby and quietly watched them. Shen Shu and Baby Face were also curious and gathered around. Shen Shu looked at them a few times and said, “Earlier when they just entered, I seemed to hear Gu Bai say self-helper. What does he mean?”

Ning Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly. Some time ago, he thought that he had to better understand the man’s "disease", so he checked privately checked out some of the information on it. Naturally, he got it. He had always been smart. Right now, he realized that the man was going to pretend to receive treatment in order to lose the label of having multiple personalities and also get rid of Wan Lei at the same time.

Baby Face pulled out his cellphone to check online and patiently explained it to his older brother. Then, he looked at Ning Xiao expressionlessly. “Aren’t you going to stop him? After he is cured, that personality may disappear and you’ll never see him again.”

Ning Xiao bowed his head to take a sip of his drink and didn’t answer.

Baby Face observed for a while, guessed the most likely reason and nodded. “I see. You think that you won’t be to get Xiaoyuan ge, so in line with the principle that since you can’t get him, then Gu Bai shouldn’t either. That’s why you let him be.”

“It makes sense.” Shen Shu looked at Ning Xiao almost compassionately. “You’ll go to extremes without even fighting. Poor thing, you’ve fallen to this point.”

Ning Xiao, “...”

Ning Xiao was too lazy to bother about them and continued to watch the other side.

Qi Le maintained a smiling expression and gently spoke with the doctor. If he automatically ignored a certain someone’s bright, gleaming eyes, it was quite easy to get along with him. Of course, the premise was that he wasn’t always holding a small notebook to jot down stuff. He smiled and asked, “What are you doing with this?”

The doctor paused slightly and patiently explained, “It’s a habit. I have a bad memory and always forget stuff, so I occasionally look at my notes. Is there something wrong?”

“You make me feel as if I’m being tortured for questioning and I feel very nervous.” Qi Le answered, then added understandingly, “But since it’s a habit, you can keep holding on to it. I’m just casually saying, you don’t have to care.” 𝚒n𝚗r𝗲𝒂𝗱. c𝑜𝓶

As a responsible doctor, it was only natural that he should always consider the patient’s feelings. After Qi Le finished speaking, he thought that the doctor would put away his notebook and felt pleased only to see the man shrink the hand that was holding the notebook under the table, obviously not intending to let go at all. He gently comforted, “Now, you can pretend it’s nonexistent.”

Qi Le, “......”

“Where were we? Oh yes,” the doctor looked at him. “Do you have any hobbies?”

“I like reading, taking walks, making friends and helping others.” Qi Le asked, “What about you?”

The doctor leaned back, looked down at his small notebook, and quickly scribbled. “I like to study strange things, read books related to my professional field, and increase my knowledge. Oh, I originally wanted to write an article for the newspaper but it’s a pity that wasn’t successful.”

“...” Qi Le asked, “Aren’t you a doctor? Why are you writing an article?”

“That was my previous plan. I had just started working in the hospital at the time and I heard a rumor, so I was curious.” The doctor explained briefly, “Later on, I talked about this with my high school classmate while we were having a meal together. He’s working as an editor in the newspaper and wanted me to help write the article. But I ended up not writing it. It’s really such a pity because I had already prepared the subject matter.”

Qi Le froze. “What is it?”

The doctor turned over to the front page of the small notebook. “Oh, found it. ’Transmigration is really taking place around us. Shen Ai Hospital-a paradise for transmigrators.’ What do you thing? Is the topic interesting enough?”

The people with knowledge of the matter, “......”

Gu Bai and Lu Yanbin had already learned of the heroic deeds of the Taoist priest from their wives. When the four of them heard this,the same thing flashed through their heads at the same time-fortunately, you didn’t write it. Otherwise, if you mistakenly turned the hospital into a tourist attraction and disturbed some God’s rest, you would surely be punished.

The doctor paused. “Why are you looking at me like this?” He looked at the other two and asked, “Is there a problem with the topic?”

Zhong Ruiyuan, who was still smiling, shook his head. “No, I think it’s quite good. If you write it, I will definitely support you and buy more copies to give away.”

Yu Mingjie followed suit and looked at his wife encouragingly. “If you need any information, I’ll help you.”

The doctor’s morale was raised to high heaven. “No need, I’ll slowly collect information and write it later on!”

The people with knowledge of the matter, “......”

Yi Hang quickly snapped out of it and patted him on the shoulder. “Keep it up. Tell me when you’re done writing, I’ll buy firecrackers.”

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