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This World Has Gone Crazy

Chapter 63 part2

Gu Bai immediately smiled and hugged him. “Do you still want to watch the movie?”

Qi Le nodded, gritted his teeth, grabbed Gu Bai and bit him several times before he slowly got up. Gu Bai had gotten a bargain and didn’t mind at all. He brought up the small table again and continued to watch the movie. Qi Le pointed to the screen and said, “He was put on drip. That idiot doctor wouldn’t inject me with strange drugs, would he?”

Gu Bai thought for a moment. “Drugs have better effects on common symptoms such as depression and anxiety, but they aren’t very helpful for dissociative diseases. I won’t let him use them.”

Qi Le muttered "Mmm," and asked, “Will he hypnotize me? With his intelligence... is he able to he hypnotize me?”

“It’s hard to say. Let’s have a good talk and see what he wants to do.”

Qi Le lamented, still worried about the idiot doctor. He thought, “Lu Yanbin knows about the transmigration. If we come clean with him there shouldn’t be a problem. He and Yu Mingjie are friends. Yu Mingjie should know more about the idiot than we do. Let him help come up with an idea to get the doctor on our side and pretend with me, so we can save the whole process of treatment and this whole mess of a matter. Do you think that’s feasible?”

“I don’t know,” Gu Bai told the truth, “It depends on how far Yu Mingjie and the doctor’s relationship have developed.”

Qi Le thought about it and said, “Then, let’s not come clean with Lu Yanbin first. We’ll say that we’re afraid that Wan Lei will pester me and want the doctor to help us.”

“Mmm... then you can go straight to the doctor.” 𝒊𝐧𝒏𝘳𝙚α𝙙. 𝘤𝗼𝐦

“No, I’m afraid he will reveal it sooner or later. I don’t want to tell him the truth. I want him to act it out with me without actually knowing the truth.”

Gu Bai felt his head ache. “...This is a bit difficult.”

“We can ask Yu Mingjie first. He might have an idea...” Qi Le looked through his cell phone as he spoke. “I almost forgot. I have his number.” He quickly dialed and got straight to the point. “How has things developed between you and your wife?”

Yu Mingjie said happily. “Very good.”

Qi Le blinked. “How good is ’good’?”

“I can hug and kiss him whenever I want to. Why?”

Qi Le pursed his lips. “Nothing... Just asking.” He hung up and looked at Gu Bai. “He’s not reliable. Let’s ask a third party.”

Gu Bai nodded. “Ask your brother-in-law or Lu Yanbin.”

“Let’s look for Lu Yanbin. He knows about the transmigration. My brother-in-law is such a big mouth. All the latest news comes from him.”

Gu Bai laughed. “Whatever you say then.”

Qi Le called Lu Yanbin. The man was in a meeting and didn’t have time to deal with him. He thought about it and felt that a few words weren’t enough to make things clear so he hung up and decided to go to his door for a chat. Then, they could go to the bar together.

He called the doctor and said that the phenomenon of his consciousness disappearing was more frequent recently so he wanted to consult him. The man was excited immediately. The two agreed on a time and hung up. Then, he dialed the idiot’s number and asked for Lu Yanbin’s address and the time he got off work. After that, he put his phone on the bedside table, wriggled around and found a comfortable position. He was obviously tired.

Gu Bai put away the table and computer, came back and took a nap with him. Then, he got up to cook and the two of them had a simple meal before they headed to Lu Yanbin’s apartment. Before entering the neighborhood, they saw Lu Yanbin’s car turning into it from a distance. Qi Le immediately instructed Gu Bai, “Hurry up. Just right, we can go upstairs with him.”

Gu Bai muttered "Mmm," and quickly caught up with him. He stopped in front of the apartment and asked his wife to get off to find Lu Yanbin first while he went to look for a parking space. He looked around. At the moment, it was just after rush hour. The nearby parking spaces were full. He drove for a while to look for an empty spot then backed up the car and stopped. He was just about to get off when he was suddenly surprised to see a car parked not far ahead. Most of the car’s body was hidden in the gap between two buildings with only a small part of it exposed outside. It was a black car and the number plate was blocked by mud. The last number, zero, was only faintly discernible. He squinted his eyes. If he wasn’t mistaken, that car was the same one that almost hit his wife and Yi Hang that day outside the bar.

He got down from the car and wanted to go have a look but before he could get close, the car suddenly started, quickly reversed and left through the gap and into the back lane. He didn’t expect there to be anyone on it. He paused and subconsciously frowned, then went to find his wife.

Qi Le was chatting with Lu Yanbin at the moment. The man looked at him and asked, “Why did you call me this afternoon?”

“Mmm, let’s go up and talk.”

Lu Yanbin nodded and said, “I heard that you guys have done threesomes recently. Is it true?”

“...” Qi Le said, “Please don’t be so nosy, thank you.”

Lu Yanbin’s face was calm. “I’m just curious.”

“You must remember this-curiosity killed the cat.”

Lu Yanbin made no comment. He stood silent for a moment and then asked, “Who is the man? Your new boyfriend? Are threesomes fun?”

“...You’re being nosy!”

Gu Bai happened to come over and was puzzled. “What threesome?”

Qi Le’s mouth twitched uncontrollably. “I’ll tell you when we get back.”

Lu Yanbin nodded secretly. Judging from Gu Bai’s reaction, the rumor about their threesome should be false. His thirst for gossip was slightly quenched. He invited them in and was about to open the door when he saw a three wheeler. A man had stopped nearby and started to make a phone call. He clearly heard the familiar name and couldn’t help but come forward. “Are you a courier?”

The courier looked at him and asked, “Are you Yi Hang?”

“No, but I live with him.” Lu Yanbin read out his phone number. “Give it to me and I’ll take it upstairs.”

The courier took the parcel on the right number and nodded. “Sign here.”

Lu Yanbin looked at the box in front of him and was somewhat surprised. “I seem to have seen this package before. What is it?”

“Blow-up doll,” explained the courier. “Our company delivers the goods ourselves. The quality is excellent.”

Lu Yanbin, “......”

Qi Le heard them clearly and had black lines all over his face. He thought, idiot, wait for death to come then. Gu Bai was also somewhat helpless as he stood beside looking at.

“Sign it,” said the courier.

Lu Yanbin was slightly distracted and was about to put pen to paper when he heard an excited voice coming from afar. “Oh, oh, oh, my goddess~~~”

Everyone looked over only to see the door of an apartment being pushed open with a loud bang, and a certain idiot came running over madly. “My goddess... I miss you so much ah!”

Lu Yanbin, “......”

Qi Le, “......”

Gu Bai, “...”

The idiot suddenly saw his acquaintances and immediately shut up. Seeing that Lu Yanbin was carrying the box, he looked at him calmly, then walked back silently. “I’m sorry, I was sleepwalking.”

Lu Yanbin threw the box into the vehicle. “Take it away. You’ve got the wrong person. If no one picks it up, throw it away.”

Yi Hang’s footsteps came to an abrupt stop before he came rushing back. “No, it’s mine! It costs thousands ah!”

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